5 Best Distance Measuring Apps for Android

Now, come to think of it.

Have you ever wondered how far a place is to another? I mean, in terms of yards, feet, meters, kilometers, or even miles?

Well, I bet you did.

Obviously, we can’t take a jog or run to manually measure it via GPS all the time. But thankfully, there are distance measuring apps for android available on the play store.


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Now, I know what you’re thinking.

“Are distance measuring apps true and accurate?” The answer is non-other than a big yes! These distance measuring apps for android could definitely tell you distance; some apps listed here can even tell you the area of a lot!

And the best part, of course, is that it can fit in your pockets! Convenient, isn’t it?

5 Most Accurate distance measuring Apps for android

These are our top picks for the top 5 distance measuring apps for android available on the market. Please check them out first hand.

  1. Maps by Google
  2. Maps Distance Calculator
  3. GPS Fields Area Measure
  4. Distance & Area Measure
  5. Area Calculator & Distance Measurement

So without further ado, let’s look in detail about the best distance measuring apps for android for you!

1. Maps by Google

Best Distance Measurement App - Google Maps
Maps by Google

It’s not a surprise that Google Maps topped our list when it comes to the best distance measuring apps.

As we all know, measuring the distance between places is an understatement of what this app could really do. It offers us routes, traffic information, approximate time of arrival based on the traffic situation, how to commute to places, and so much more.

Google Maps Features
Some of Google Maps’ Useful Features

But, that’s not all.

This app also gives us an actual street view. You might’ve encountered a car that says Google strolling around. Well, that’s how they give us a street view in their app. Cool, right?

With all this being said, what I love most about this app is that the distance of places to one another is accurate. It’s safe to say that I really do trust this app in terms of its functionalities and also that it one of the best distance measuring apps for android.

It is accurateNeeds internet connection
Offers a lot more than measuring distance 
Provides actual path between places 
User-friendly UI 

JOA Rating: ★★★★★ (5.0 Stars)

Google Play

2. Maps Distance Calculator

Best Distance Measurement App - Maps Distance Calculator
Maps Distance Calculator

Next on our list is the Maps Distance Calculator.

Unlike Google Maps, this app only allows you to measure the distance between two places. However, it doesn’t mean that this app isn’t a good competitor in terms of calculating distances.

Distance Calculator Path Drawing
Draw a path using the Maps Distance Calculator

You might think that Google Maps have it all but wait until you download this app. Maps Distance Calculator allows you to draw the path between the locations. Amazing, right?!

For me, it would be so helpful if you know some shortcuts around some areas. For example, if you are to direct a friend to your house, letting them know a shortcut would be greatly appreciated.

Distance Calculator Save Path
Saving a path is easy as pie

You can also choose from different units of measurement and save the path and distance which makes the app great!

It allows you to draw a pathIt doesn’t come with directions or pop-up guides
It has normal, satellite, terrain, and hybrid map modesIt’s not that user-friendly. It might be hard for others to navigate through some features
You can save the calculated distanceThe UI isn’t the best

JOA Rating: ★★★★✰ (4.0 Stars)

Google Play

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3. GPS Fields Area Measure

Best Distance Measurement App - GPS Fields Area Measure
GPS Fields Area Measure

You might think that you have seen it all…

But, the GPS Fields Area Measure app has more to offer for you. As its name states, this app could not only measure distance but it could also calculate the area of a lot.

How cool is that?

Fields Area Measure Free Features
Measure not only the distance but also the area

Now, this app allows you to measure by either GPS measuring or manual measuring.

To explain more about that, manual measuring will let you calculate the distance or area by simply plotting the points on the map. On the other hand, the GPS measuring will calculate the distance or area as you run or walk through a path.

Fields Area Measure Free Manual GPS Measure
Choose from Manual or GPS Measuring
Great UI and User-friendlyYou can’t calculate the actual path
Can measure areaYou can only measure the distance of two locations by a straight line
Lines can be curved to have a more accurate calculationNo search bar for locations
Can also be used as GPS 

JOA Rating: ★★★★✰ (4.0 Stars)

Google Play

4. Distance & Area Measure

Best Distance Measurement App - Distance and Area Measure
Distance and Area Measure

The Distance and Area Measure app is most likely similar to the previous one. It can measure not only the distance of two places but also compute for the area by simply pinning points to the map.

Distance & Area Measure Places
Measure distance and area easily

I must admit.

This app has the best graphics. You can choose between three different map modes namely: satellite, 2D, and 3D.

The app is easy to navigate and sleek. You can also easily measure the distance of two countries or continents with this app because of its zoom out feature.

Distance & Area Measure Countries
Measure the distance between countries, states or even continents

Now, you might be thinking about why I put it in 4th place despite its great features.

Well, the answer is simple. Aside from not having a search bar to easily locate the places, it also has no GPS measuring features which made it fall short for 3rd place.

Incredible UI & GraphicsDoesn’t have GPS measuring
Easy to useYou can only measure the distance of two locations by a straight line
Can calculate not only distance but also areaLines of measurement cannot be curved to fit the path

JOA Rating: ★★★✯✰ (3.5 Stars)

Google Play

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5. Area Calculator & Distance Measurement

Best Distance Measurement App - Area Calculator Distance Measurement
Area Calculator Distance Measurement

The Area Calculator Distance Measurement app might be last in this list but it doesn’t mean that it’s not a good app.

Frankly speaking, it’s a lot better than most distance measuring apps available in the Play Store, considering how many distance measuring apps for android are in there. This app is definitely a top-tier.

Now, let’s get it straight.

This app does a really great job of measuring distance and calculating the area. It basically works for what it claims to do and I pretty much can say that it is accurate.

Area Calculator & Distance Measurement App UI
App UI

However, the downfall of this app is caused mainly by its UI and graphics. Unlike the previous apps that were all groomed, this app isn’t much like that.

You might be wondering why this app made it to the list.

Well, surprise, surprise, because this app has a feature that no other app in this list offers.

The multiple location distance. Basically, calculating the distance of not only 2 places but more than that! Perfect for stopovers and rests while running.

Area Calculator & Distance Measurement App Features
Plot multiple locations
Can calculate the distance between 2 or more placesNot so great UI
Can measure areaNot so good graphics
User-friendlyToo many ads
You can calculate the actual path 

JOA Rating: ★★★✰✰ (3.0 Stars)

Google Play

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People Also Ask

What app can measure distance?

There’s a lot of apps that can measure distance, not to mention, they are easily downloadable through Google Play Store. Here are some of them:
– Maps by Google
– Maps Distance Calculator
– GPS Fields Area Measure
– Distance & Area Measure
– Area Calculator & Distance Measurement

Are there apps that measure distance in feet or meters?

Thankfully, yes! Most of the apps listed here allow you to choose a specific unit of measurement that you like.

Are there apps that measure distance on a map?

Of course! Most distance measuring apps allow you to plot two locations on a map and instantly calculate the distance.


I think we can all agree when I say that technology is unstoppable. It’s everywhere!

These apps that measure distance are reliable and accurate enough. To be sure, I suggest that you download Google Maps on top of another app from this list.

At the end of the day, having multiple apps for one purpose wouldn’t hurt.

What distance measuring app are you using? Let us know in the comments section below!

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