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10 Best Dual Sim Android Phones

Are you feeling annoyed at the fact that you only have one SIM slot? Let’s help you avoid having to deal with this problem by looking at our list of best Dual Sim Android phones!

It’s hard having two lines and only one SIM card slot, right? A lot of us have experienced this problem, and a lot of us have wished that we should’ve done more research before buying a phone.

I used to have two SIM cards, a postpaid line, and a prepaid one.

I used to have a device with only one SIM card slot.

And I kept on thinking to myself that I should’ve bought a dual sim phone for practicality, but instead, I bought what looked more aesthetic.

Now that’s not a big problem, because I did enjoy that phone and I used it until I needed a new one.

So it was never really a significant loss.

But it was a big hassle changing the SIM card every time I needed to use my Prepaid card.

Are you looking for the best dual sim Android phones?

Let’s face it; you’re here because you need a dual sim phone, right?

If so, rest assured that we have you covered.

You’re probably annoyed by the fact that your phone only has a single SIM card slot, right?

Or maybe you just want a new phone, and you want a dual sim phone for practicality’s sake.

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So that if you need it in the future, you won’t have to worry.

You can just insert the SIM card you need anytime without having to remove your original SIM.

In any case…

We’ve listed down the best and the latest dual sim Android phones that you can choose from.

Go ahead and check out our curated list below!

Best Dual Sim Android Phones

Best Over AllSamsung Galaxy S20 
CheapestXiaomi Mi 9
Highly RecommendedHuawei Nova 5T
Best ValueAsus ROG Phone
Runner UpsRealme X2 Pro
 Asus Zenfone 6
 Samsung Galaxy A51
 OnePlus 7T
 Huawei P30 Lite
 Huawei P30 Pro

The Best Dual Sim Android Phones in 2020

You can never go wrong with double-checking and reviewing devices before you buy your new phone, and we’re here to help you with that!

We’ve listed down the best Dual SIM Android phones on the market.

Check out our list below and find the right phone for you!

1. Huawei P30 Pro

Looking for the best dual sim android phones? check out Huawei P30 Pro!
The Huawei P30 Pro

The great thing about Huawei is the fact that they make high-quality phones.

To emphasize this…

I’ve had a Huawei P9 phone that I’ve been using up until now, with its revolutionary camera and impressive specs.

It was undoubtedly a revolutionary phone when it came out, and it still works perfectly.

Up until today, Huawei still makes phones on par with those that tech behemoths such as Samsung, release, at a lower cost.

Looking for the best dual sim android phones? Check out Huawei P30 Pro
Huawei P30 Pro Specs

The Huawei P30 Pro, with its superb Quad rear-50x zoom camera and 4200 mAh battery, stands toe-to-toe with Samsung’s flagship phones.

If you prefer having a powerful flagship phone that prioritizes its camera, at a price point slightly lower than its other variants, with excellent specs…

Then the Huawei P30 would be the right choice for you.

Check out the complete specs of the device on Amazon!

2. Huawei P30 Lite

Looking for the best dual sim android phones? check out the huawei p30 lite!
The Huawei P30 Lite

If you want a cheaper, more affordable version of the Huawei P30 Pro, without sacrificing its powerful specs, then the Huawei P30 Lite would be the right choice for you.

The P30 Lite is more than just a Lite version of a flagship phone. It’s an excellent mid-tier device.

Looking for the best dual sim android phones? Go for the Huawei P30 Lite
Huawei P30 Lite Specs

At half the price of the flagship variant, you can have a Dual Sim phone that is more than capable of fulfilling your

The device is powerful in its own right, but don’t expect it to be close to the flagship variant, especially with the price difference.

Check out the Huawei P30 Lite on Amazon!

3. OnePlus 7T

Looking for the best dual sim android phones? Check out OnePlus 7T!
Never settle! Choose the best for you!

OnePlus is known to make affordable flagship phones. They release powerful devices on par with Samsung’s or Huawei’s.

With their most recent release being the OnePlus 7T, which boasts an octa-core processor, a curved LCD, and an automatic “pop-up” selfie cam, the device is comparable to the best ones on the market all at a lower price.

Looking for the best dual sim android phones? Check out OnePlus 7T!
Rear Camera

The OnePlus 7T doesn’t have wireless charging or an incredible Quad rear camera, but it is, in fact, affordable, especially with the specs it has.

If you want an affordable Dual SIM powerhouse, then this is a great choice indeed.

Check out the OnePlus 7T on Amazon!

4. Samsung Galaxy S20

Lookin for the best dual sim android phones on the market? Try the Samsung Galaxy S20
The S20 and its impeccable display

The Samsung S20 features a new bezel-less pinhole design.

As you’d expect with Samsung and their elegant phones, as well as having the best specs around…

Their flagship phones will always be powerhouses and will always be at the top of their game.

With a beautiful AMOLED screen running at 120Hz, intelligent battery usage, super-fast wired and wireless charging, water resistance, and a camera on par and maybe even more significant than the ones on the list.

Looking for the best dual sim android phones? Go for Samsung Galaxy S20!
Front and Back of the S20

This device is undoubtedly one of the most powerful Dual SIM phones on this list.

Find out more about the Samsung S20 on Amazon!

5. Huawei Nova 5T

Looking for the best dual sim phones? Try out Nova 5T
The Nova 5T

Being another Huawei entry on this list, this phone boasts its incredible 48 MP Quad cams, as well as its specs.

It also has a fast-charging capability and a non-removable 3750 mAh battery.

The device is cheaper than the brand’s flagship but also stands proud as a capable device in its own right.

Looking for the best dual sim andoird phones? Check out the Nova 5T
Front and Back

The only downside to this device, in my opinion, is the display which isn’t as good as the previous entries on this list.

Nevertheless, it is still affordable and worth the investment.

If you want an affordable Dual SIM smartphone with an excellent camera and powerful specs, then this device is just right for you!

Check out its full specs on Amazon!

6. Xiaomi Mi 9

Looking for the best dual sim android phones out there? Try the Xiaomi Mi 9!
The Xiaomi Mi9 and its pop-up camera

Xiaomi isn’t a novice at producing affordable powerhouses, and they’ve been doing it for a while now.

The Xiaomi Mi 9 with its great value is a device to be reckoned with.

At half the price of the flagship phones on this list, the Xiaomi Mi 9 shows the power and specs that can rival even those at the higher price points.

It has a gorgeous AMOLED screen, a 48 MP pop-up camera, and a 4000 mAh battery.

Looking for the best dual sim android phones? Try the Xiaomi Mi 9
The Xiaomi Mi 9 and its powerful 48MP camera

With its specs and affordability, it is truly one of the best mid-tier Dual SIM phones on this list.

Check out the Xiaomi Mi 9 on Amazon

7. Asus ROG Phone

searching for the best dual sim android phones? Check out the Asus ROG phone!
The Super-Powerful Asus ROG Phone

As the only gaming dedicated smartphone on this list, this device certainly packs quite the punch.

Asus ROG is a known gaming laptop brand, and for them to bring their craft to the mobile world is indeed a great surprise.

The phone is mighty with its 12GB RAM, which more than enough, especially for a smartphone. It also has a gigantic 6000 mAh battery cell and a 120Hz refresh rate OLED screen.

It also features ultrasonic air triggers to further your gaming experience.

Looking for the best dual-sim android phones? Try the Asus ROG Phone!
The Ultrasonic Airtriggers

This device is the only Dual SIM Android phone dedicated for gaming featured on this list.

If you’re a gamer and you want to invest in a Dual SIM phone, then this would surely be an excellent investment for you.

Check out this powerhouse on Amazon!

8. Realme X2 Pro

Are you looking for the best dual sim android phones? Try the Realme X2 Pro
The Realme X2 Pro

With the Realme being a brand focused on the budget, you’d expect a phone that isn’t as powerful but is capable of doing what it has to do.


Looking for the best dual sim android phone
Choose your Realme X2 Pro!

That isn’t the case. The Realme X2 Pro is a well-made phone. It has a sizeable 90Hz display at 6.5-inches, 8Gb of RAM (with a 12Gb variety), and a Quad Rear camera.

It also has an in-display fingerprint scanner and a 4000 mAh battery.

It’s a powerful device that isn’t too expensive as well.

It is one of the best Dual SIM smartphones out there in the market today.

Check out this amazing device on Amazon today!

9. Asus Zenfone 6

Looking for the best dual sim android phones? check out the Asus Zenfone 6
The Zenfone 6’s Sleek Design

Zenfone has been a known name in the industry; they have been releasing decent and

The Asus Zenfone 6 is a great mid-tier contender. With specs more than enough to run all of your favorite games and apps.

It has 6Gb of RAM, which ensures that your phone would be able to perform fast enough for future use.

It has a decent battery life with its 5000 mAh battery.

check out the best dual sim android phones! Try the ASUS Zenfone 6!
The ASUS Zenfone 6’s Camera

The main spectacle, however, is its flip camera that supports free angle shooting and an auto panorama feature.

If you want a great mid-range phone that could perfectly entertain your Dual SIM needs, while having functionality that rivals its contemporaries, then this phone would be the right choice.

Check out the Asus Zenfone 6 on Amazon!

10. Samsung Galaxy A51

Searching for the best dual sim android phones? Try out the Samsung Galaxy A51!
The Samsung Galaxy A51

The Samsung Galaxy A51 is more or less an affordable version of the Samsung Galaxy S20+

It showcases the new bezel-less screen format, in an elegant design that simulates that of the flagship models, all for a lower price.

It features an FHD+ AMOLED display, a Quad Rear camera, and an octa-core processor.

Even at a lower price point, it still offers a significant amount of power.

If you’re an avid Samsung fan and you want affordability and power, then this device would be the right choice for you.

Check out the device on Amazon!


What are the disadvantages of a Dual Sim Android Phone?

Being a Dual Sim phone, it burns more of your battery life than usual. Users of Dual Sim Phones have also reported network problems with two SIM cards.

Can you have two different networks on a Dual Sim Phone?

Yes, as long as the phone isn’t SIM locked to a network, you can have to different networks on one phone, which is also a big advantage to many.

Are Dual Sim Phones worth it?

That depends on how you would use it. When using to SIM cards, your battery drains much faster, but if you need the extra SIM slot, then it’s convenient.

Which one to choose?

Don’t just choose the best looking one, or the one with unique features.

Choose a phone that can balance the tasks you’re giving it.

If you’re heavily reliant on having two SIM cards, choose a phone with a bigger battery.

If you’re not that much dependent on using two SIM cards, then choose functionality.

It all boils down to your preference and how you would use your chosen phone.

Also, remember that price doesn’t necessarily matter; what matters is if you’ll be able to use the smartphone you’re eyeing to its maximum potential.

If you have any comments or suggestions, let us know in the comments section below!

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