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The Best Dungeons and Dragons Apps 2023

Want to play and install Dungeons and Dragons apps on your Android devices? We got the right Dungeons and Dragons apps for you, so read on.

Dungeons and Dragons apps, also known as D&D, is a game that was first created by two people named Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson. They were able to make a role-playing game using a map placed on a tabletop and characters for each player. Now that technology is advancing, we are now witnessing this tabletop game being transported into the digital world. But how do you play these D&D types of games?

Well, D&D is mainly composed of a story. The players tell the stories of their characters as they do quests to find treasures, rescue allies, and more. And the best part about this game is you can explore different realms by using different maps.

It’s not new to learn that D&D games are available for Android devices, but do you know which of these apps are must-tries? Well, we also want to know, so we went ahead and checked out the current D&D games available in the market. Now, we want to share what we found with you. So if you are also looking for dungeons and dragons apps that are worth a look, then let’s get to it.

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The Best Dungeons and Dragons Apps for Android

Tabletop games are a staple to any household. Playing them is a great way to bond with family and friends. But, there are times that you might wish to play those dungeon games digitally so that you can play with friends that are far from you.

The dungeons and dragons apps game is one of these many tabletop games. And if you are a fan of it, the great news is that it’s available as an app for Android devices. So, if you want to know the best dungeons and dragons apps for your Android gadgets, then let’s get to it.

1. D&D Lords of Waterdeep

D&D Lords of Waterdeep
App Logo

D&D Lords of Waterdeep is a dungeons and dragons apps for games that even you can find on mobile made by Playdek Inc. This smartphone game is compatible with most Android devices, as long as the device runs on Android 4.1 and up. Also, this app only takes up 29MB of memory.

This is a turn-based strategy game. The game is composed of eight rounds. These rounds are played by the player with an AI or five other players. The players will have to take turns assigning their characters what actions they should take. They can choose if they want their characters to buy anything or recruit new allies.

dungeons and dragons app on android
Home Screen of the App

Depending on the results of the choices the player makes, they will earn points and resources. When a character completes a quest or constructs new buildings, rewards are also given to them. If the eight rounds are done, bonus points are given to the players. Once the players’ points are computed the one with the highest score wins.

The reviews for this app are great. Users liked that the game can be played on a smartphone, tablet, and PC. So, if they are playing on the desktop and have to go AFK, they can still pay on their mobile. Cool, right?

But, the bad thing about this app is it’s not free. You have to pay $3.99 for the game. Now, you might think that that amount might be too much for a game that you don’t know if you will enjoy or not. However, the app’s graphics, storyline, and accuracy are worth that price.

dungeons and dragons app on android
View of the Map on the App
download dungeons and dragons on google play

2. D &D Beyond

D &D Beyond app
D &D Beyond app

D &D Beyond is a dungeons and dragons apps game from Wizards of the Coast LLC. It was released in 2010, yet it has been gaining lots of traction lately. This is because of the excellent graphics and storyline it offers.

In this game, the user will choose a team of heroes. The user can choose from human wizards, rangers, warlocks, and more. These heroes collect powerful weapons and equipment to help them with their quests and challenges. And to protect the Waterdeep city, the team battles with monsters and dragons.

D&D beyond character
D&D Beyond character

It is available for download for free. For a game that offers so many perks, it’s an incredible thing that it’s free. Now, this game contains in-app purchases. Still, you can choose to not buy these items, if you don’t want to spend.

download dungeons and dragons on google play

3. D&D Style Medieval Fantasy RPG

D&D Lords of Waterdeep
D&D Lords of Waterdeep App

Delight Games also joined in the dungeons and dragons apps train by releasing a choices game in D&D style. This game is a text adventure game you can do on your smart devices. It’s a simple, yet addictive game for the masses that are available for free.

If you are a fan of the original D&D tabletop game, then this is the mobile app for you. The app lets you go on an adventure using your chosen character. You can play as a wizard, a rogue, a ranger, and a succubus to uncover all the quests and beat all the challenges in this game. As you make choices, your character’s venture will change.

The gameplay of this app is simple to learn. You only need to read the text, and then make choices that will have consequences that might disadvantage or benefit you. It’s like reading an epic novel, but you get to decide what the character does and how the story will end. Cool, right?

dungeons and dragons app on android
Sample Episode of the App

Give your character a happy ending by putting yourself in their shoes. In this game, you don’t necessarily choose the normal thing to do. You have to choose the option that would be best for your character. Using logic and empathy is the key to mastering this game.

The game is totally free. You don’t have to pay a single penny for your story to move along. But you might be wondering how the app earns. Well, you can choose to watch rewarded ad videos on this game. Still, the game developer is not requiring you to spend a few seconds watching ads. Although, it will be a great help for him if you do so.

dungeons and dragons app on android
Achievement Unlocked Page of App
download dungeons and dragons on google play

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best Dungeons and Dragons apps for Android devices?

Well, in our case, we liked the D&D Style Medieval Fantasy RPG by Delights Games. It is a fact that their game is unlike other D&D games wherein the characters’ graphics are moving, but the game is so much like the table-top D&D game. It brings back the kind of fun you can only experience when playing the original game. It’s like reading a fantasy novel that ends the way you choose it to. Also, this app is available for free.
But, in the end, you are the one who is going to choose which is the best D&D game for yourself. You might be more inclined to buy a game with amazing graphics, and there’s nothing wrong with that. So, we suggest that you try and check for yourself which of the D&D games on this list is the most suitable for you

How long does a single game of Dungeons and Dragons apps last?

A single game of Dungeons and Dragons apps usually takes an hour or two. Some games might take longer, and this is because the game’s speed is dependent on how the player wants to play the game.

Can you play a one-on-one game on Dungeons and Dragons apps?

Yes. You can play the Dungeons and Dragons apps game with only two players. Having only two players might be too intimate, but it is a great way to start playing, especially if you are a beginner.

To Sum It All Up

Dungeons and Dragons apps is a classic tabletop game played by many since they were kids. So, knowing that the D&D game is now playable on Android devices is a piece of amazing news. But, with how great D&D is, it’s no wonder that there are lots of Android games based on it. So, it might be hard for you to choose which is the best D&D game for yourself. To help you with that, we made this list. Now, if this list helped you in your search for the best D&D game, then share it with your friends and family.

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