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5 Best Event Planner Apps for Android

Planning an event is no small feat, the challenge is doubly hard if you are planning a wedding. Recently I had the experience of organizing a small bachelor party for my friend and it made me realize the importance of a companion app. I really wish I had known about these great event planner apps for Android before, it would have saved me a lot of pain and money. Thankfully, I will be listing these apps for you to reap the benefits and organize an awesome event yourself.

Before we start listing the best event planning apps on Android, I would like to recommend some other apps as well. While these apps are great for overall planning an execution, I would still recommend an online To-Do list app for Android for small tasks.

If you have people running errands for you, it would be great to have the option of micromanagement. There is a distinct lack of quality event planner apps on Android and it is a shame, these apps are good but are no way near a professional event planner. It is still advisable to hire an actual event planner for big events rather than making Cousin Joe in charge.

Note: The 5 best event planner apps for Android were tested on a Sony Xperia Z smartphone. The apps worked fine and no problems were faced during testing. Some features are accessible with an internet connection. The apps are not in any particular order here.

1. SquadUP

If you are aiming to organize a big gathering of friends, then SquadUP is one great option. The app is extremely new on the Google Play store, and usually, I would have overlooked it. Because there is a distinct lack of options on the Play Store when it comes to event planning apps, I had to test new and unproven apps as well. I’m pretty sure SquadUP will become one of the top event planning apps in the near future.

Everything about the app is designed really well. I love the light color scheme the app has going for it as well as clear and prominent user interface elements. With this app, you will be able to create and manage events right from your Android device. Sending invitations, tracking RSVPs and even selling tickets for the event is fairly easy.

Planning a huge party with tickets is very easy with this app as tracking and even scanning tickets can be done with the app. The only downside is that it is not tested by a large number of people so that some bugs may have not been discovered. The app worked well for me, but I’m just one guy.

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2. Planner – Calendar & Organizer

This is not an event planner through and through, but it does have the potential to become one of the better options. If you plan events with minute details handled and written down, this app is made for you. The app allows you to organize events with the each step explained with meticulous detail. The app supports sync with Google calendar and events.

Adding, editing and even deleting events is fairly easy. Supports for tasks and projects with sub-tasks makes the app highly customizable when it comes to adding additional information or special notes. One of the best things about the app is the system reminder for each task you make. For example, you would technically want to know about the lunch plans before the lunch and ideally not bunched together with other notifications.

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3. Guest List

Every event needs a guest list and this app delivers exactly that. The app can help not only small party organizers but also smart event professionals, exhibitors and PR agencies. Tracking who is coming and who is not, becomes a chore, especially if the event aims to house a large crowd.

The app requires no backend server and uses Excel or Google Sheets. The guest list will work offline as well, which is highly important. You won’t even need a paper guest list thanks to the easy check in features. Loading guests from Excel files means you can store everything locally. Adding or deleting guests on the fly is really easy as well.

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4. LadyMarry Wedding Planner

I’ll be honest here, I tried searching for another app called GentlemanMarry Wedding Planner but it was nowhere to be found. The app assumes that mostly women are interested in planning a wedding. Apart from the odd name, the app has one of the best interfaces I have seen on an event planning app for Android.

Customized wedding checklist allows you to compartmentalize the things to do and do them with ease and efficiency. The app also gives you the option of generating an automatic checklist based on time. There are handy tips for first-time planners that are a treat to read. One of the main features of the app is the wedding collaboration, you can invite your partner or your friends and make a team of workers.

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5. TimeTune Schedule Planner

This app is for those who just need a simple planner for anything in general. You can pair it with a good note taking app for Android to achieve better efficiency and get work done on time. The app has the best interface that makes everything extremely simple. If you have a few things to get done, there is no point in getting a fully featured event planner on your smartphone.

Time management based on your personal routines are suitable for people with short time or deadlines. You can even design and send schedules to other people. Usually when planning a wedding, you will have the aid of several other people. If you are the manager or head of the operation, this app will help you in collaborating with your team in a fast and easy manner.

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These were a few event planner apps for Android that can actually help you achieve a lot. I highly recommend that you take one app from the list and stick to it completely. I understand some of the apps may seem complicated at first glance but as you invest more time, they will start to make sense. If you are a professional event planner then you must already have a method you follow, these apps can integrate well into your current ecosystem.

Just like always, if you have any questions or concerns about the app feel free to comment below. Team JOA would love to help you out.

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