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10 Best Face Swapper App for Android

We went through that long, unamusing period in social media where people mainly just posted boring selfies. Thankfully, that is pretty much over, and a new era of face swapping has taken its place. Hilarity has ensued. However, it’s not enough to slap one’s face on a different body—many apps can do that.

The best face swapping Android apps morph faces into a somewhat convincing hybrid—allowing for blending—and they do it quickly. We have amassed a collection of these apps right here.

So get ready to be able to insert your face into that meme, swap grandma’s face with baby’s, and make fun of your pets and celebrities (neither are likely to know about it). These are the face swapping apps to download for endless and effortless entertainment.

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1. Face Swap

Weather Swap

I must admit, I was a little turned off initially when I saw that the creator of the app was Weather Radar Forecast (Face swapping and weather forecasting seem a little unrelated), but after using it I was pleasantly surprised. The app has a little something for everyone: whether you are going for cutesy, funny, or maybe even horrifying.

It offers real-time swapping, motion stickers, filters, themes, and retouch functionality. When you are done, compose your faces into a collage, or pick out a different background. With an average rating of 4.4 stars and up to an estimated 50 million downloads, users are mostly happy and engaged.

Download: Face Swap

2. Face Swap Booth—Face Changer

Minaj Swap

With one of the largest repositories of faces, Face Swap Booth also allows you to manually add more of your own using the app’s automatic face detection feature. And considering that some competitors’ apps have mistaken chocolate chip cookies for a face, a competent auto detect feature is nice to have.

The app also allows you to select only certain facial features to swap and overlay. So you can create a face using your eyes, a celebrity’s nose, a friend’s beard…your imagination is the only limit. Swap faces from different photos, blend faces together, and save your creations to use again later.

Face Swap Booth comes pre-loaded with lots of celebrity faces. You can also overlay any object into your photo. Even though this app may not have the most reviews or downloads, it’s still one of the best—even compared to some of the more popular apps.

For instance, we chose this app over the more widely known Face Swap app by Axhunter, because of better functionality, options, and fewer ads.

Download: Face Swap Booth – Face Changer

3. Face Swap

Face Swap

Microsoft just recently jumped on board with its own face-swapping app, but better late than never. Microsoft differentiated its app to stand out from others that have been in the game longer by adding some unique features and abilities.

This face-swapping app allows you to extract a face from one image to superimpose onto images from the web (with a search option provided by Bing) or from your own gallery. Additionally, the app sports some pretty awesome facial recognition technology.

So if you want to plaster your face onto the body of a bodybuilder you find online, you can. If you’ve always wanted to travel to France, but can’t afford to, you can at least make it look like you are standing by the Eiffel Tower. You can also use Face Swap to try out new hairstyles and outfits.

There are no ads, but some users have complained that the number of notifications is excessive.

Download: Face Swap

4. Face Swap – Photo Face Swap

Photo Swap

As long as the photos you are working with are halfway decent, this app is pretty easy to use because of its very simple user interface. This Face Swap app also comes with a few different special effects, such as the Face Bomb, which puts the same face on everyone in the photo.

It also affords the ability to swap multiple faces, save, and share to social media. Especially for a free app, Face Swap – Photo Face Swap works well and remains to the point. This, despite less than optimal handling of pictures with low lighting, keeps the app in the category of best Android faceswapper apps.

Download: Face Swap – Photo Face Swap


Facebook’s own face swapping app can transform the people in your photos into zombies, animals, witches, clowns, and more. If you’ve seen pictures of your friends with big doe eyes, floppy puppy dog ears, or a bushy fox tail, you’ve probably already seen the results of what MSQRD can do.

It’s free, but it’s not exactly a small app at 32 MB. The trade-off for that large size is that you can add filters in real time.

Many of MSQRD’s effects are animated, and can even be applied to videos. The features are similar to Snapchat’s filters and lenses. You can save your creations for later, or even broadcast them live. The MSQRD app can be used independently of the Facebook app, and can even be used offline.

Download: MSQRD

6. Face Swap Live

Many would say that this app is the best, hands down. And it has many of the appeals we’ve mentioned in certains apps thus far. Swap faces and body parts in real time. Search for celebrity pictures from the web to trade parts with.

It’s easy to use. But the app comes at a price, and we aren’t just talking storage space, but an actual dollar (or so). Still, sometimes the best things in life aren’t actually free, but you might want to figure out what features are most important to you before you purchase. For 99 cents, this app hits all of the high notes.

Download: Face Swap Live

7. Lip Swap

Lip Swap

Familiarity breeds contempt (or just gets boring), and when you’ve done the face swapping thing what seems like a thousand times, you’re going to be ready for a variation. Enter Lip Swap. The Lip Swap app gets specific and lets you trade out lips, eyes, etc. It also has video capability.

Download: Lip Swap

8. Animal Faces – Face Morphing

Animal Faces

Become one with your spirit animal. Choose from over 50 different kinds of animals. It’s free, capable of multiple effects, and can save and share your work. You can even add your own pets.

Download: Animal Faces – Face Morphing

9. MixBooth

Mix Booth

MixBooth gets its name from its ability to mix two faces into one, and it does this for free. The app does request your assistance in placing markers over the mouth, eyes, and chin. Ever wondered what the love child of you and a friend would look like?

Now you can find out. While not a face swapper app per se, it is one of the best face morphing apps on Android.

Download: MixBooth

10. Photo Face Swap – Face Camera

Face Camera

Take makeovers to another level with Photo Face Swap. Trade up to six faces between two photos. You can easily waste a lot of time experimenting with various stickers. Choose from in-app animals, movie themes, occupations, cartoons, famous characters, or use your own.

Download: Photo Face Swap – Face Camera


To be honest, I’ve often found face-swapped photos to be kind of weird. But sometimes weird can be wonderful. And it’s cheap entertainment. Give your photos some pizazz.

Let us know what you think of these apps. Do you have other favorites? Share with us in the comments.

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