10 Free best Family Locator App on Android (Top Downloads)

Here’s the thing:

We all need to know that your family is safe at all times.

And, we can’t deny that…. The best way to go about this keeping track of their location using the best family locator app on the market.

It’s a never-ending battle between granting freedom to your loved ones and wanting them to always be at your line of sight. This is why family locator apps are very essential when tracking your loved ones’ whereabouts.

Odds are, if you have teenagers, they could be carrying around a mobile phone with them all the time. Sometimes, you might wish they’d put it down and engage with the world around them more. If your adolescents are too hooked up, why not use this for everyone’s advantage?


Track a cell phone location

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All thanks to the newest technology!

Android already has the capability to find a device and locate another mobile phone.

All you need to have is a locator app. But with so many family tracking apps available, it could be confusing to find the right one for you. To help you decide, we’ve gathered the best family locator apps for Android that you could choose from.

Without further ado, let’s dig into our list!

Best Family Locator Apps for Android

These are our top picks when it comes to reliable best family locator app available on the Google play Store.

  1. mSpy Phone Location Tracker
  2. Life360 – Family Locator, GPS Tracker – Free with In-App Purchases
  3. Find My Friends
  4. Family Locator – Free with In-App Purchases
  5. Family Locator by ZoeMob – Free
  6. Glympse – Share GPS location – Free
  7. Foursquare Swarm: Check-In – Free
  8. Verizon FamilyBase (Best Family Locator App on Verizon)-Free
  9. Sprint Family Locator (Best Family Locator App on Sprint) – Free
  10. T-Mobile FamilyWhere (Best Family Locator App on T-Mobile) – Free
  11. AT&T FamilyMap (Best Family Locator App on AT&T) – Free

1. mSpy Phone Location Tracker

Parenthood nowadays comes with a lot of challenges. One of the most difficult things is ensuring that kids are safe even when they are away from you. This task is made much easier with the mSpy GPS tracker.
But how, you might ask? Well, you won’t find another monitoring app with such plethora of features. Check it out for yourself –
You can detect keyboard strokes on your child’s phone, record their phone screen remotely, track their phone’s real-time location, etc. 
What’s more interesting is, unlike other apps, you can hide the icon of mSpy. In case, you are doubtful whether this app will fulfill all your requirements, you can also test all the features provided for absolutely nothing by accessing the demo version.

2. Life360 – Family Locator, GPS Tracker – Free with In-App Purchases

Family Tracker Life360 best family locator app
Family Tracker Life360 Logo

This world can be a scary place. Thankfully, there are apps like Life360’s, Family Locator – GPS Tracker. This app allows you to track your family members in real-time.

Family Locator can be set up to notify you when someone checks in at a certain location, like school or work. This can be handy for keeping track of more forgetful family members since it sends an automatic notification rather than relying on them to remember.

You can plot the location of your connections on a map, but it does allow those connections (and you) to control who can find him or her. A private chat is also provided, where you can exchange text messages or photos.

Life360’s Family Locator can also be used to track down your Android phone if it gets lost. Additional safety features include driving safety tips and a Crash Detection service.

Life360’s Family Locator is, by far, the most stable family locator apps for Android.

Google Play

2. Find My Friends

App Logo

Yes, Find My Friend is now available on Android.

Find My Friends is different than the identically named iOS app. First, it uses Google Maps to provide its plotted mapping. What is good about Google Maps is that it displays fire departments, police stations, and hospitals by default, which allows kids to find someone else who can help them if their parents aren’t around.

Find My Friends

Find My Friends could potentially come to your aid in an emergency with its option to broadcast your whereabouts. It also provides a forum for messages. Find My Friends is free, but you do have the option to try a free trial and then upgrade to the premium version.

For a monthly fee of about $5, the app will offer a more detailed location history, provide services even when your phone isn’t a smartphone, and roadside assistance.

Google Play

3. Family Locator – Free with In-App Purchases

App Logo

This app is a real-time family locator with some handy unique features.

If there is somewhere you specifically don’t want your child to go, you can set up an unsafe zone. You will be notified if your child crosses these boundaries. On the other hand, if your child gets lost, all they must do is press the SOS button to give you their exact location.

Sygic Family Locator
Google Play

The premium version allows you to see location history for the past week, so you don’t have to constantly check your phone. It provides additional details such as a full address, date, and time.

4. Family Locator by ZoeMob – Free

App Logo

ZoeMob takes on a more holistic approach when it comes to your family—instead of focusing solely on-location services, the app also strives to be your assistant when it comes to family communication, organization, and planning.

ZoeMob offers the same location services as the first 3 apps; real-time location monitoring and history. But what sets Zoemob apart is the additional feature that allows permissions for children (such as, “Is it cool if I play this game a little bit longer?”), a family calendar, and shared annotations.

It even allows you to check nitty-gritty details like whether your child (or their school bus driver) is going the speed limit. All the detail might drive some teenagers insane, but the extra planning and organization features that help keep everyone in the loop may be worth it.

Google Play

5. Glympse – Share GPS location – Free

App Logo

Glympse is a free family locator app that works on any web-enabled device.

Glympse users get a say in who gets to track his/her information and for how long. This information is sent via text, email, or social network.

Google Play

Users have the discretion of whether they want to broadcast their location and ETA. This option could be a major downside because the location notifications aren’t automatic, and the location can’t be freely accessed by other family members. It requires your kids to remember to send you updates every so often, and you can’t track them in real-time.

6. Foursquare Swarm: Check-In – Free

App Logo

If you want an app that will appeal to your kids instead of making them feel resentful, this could be it. Like Foursquare City, Swarm allows you to compete for points by checking into places.

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You could turn to rack up points into a family game or offer incentives for earning points to get your kids to participate. Kids may also like that they can use Swarm to message friends that check-in at a location, provided that those friends also have the app.

However, Foursquare City provides no real-time tracking, and that the emphasis of the app may shift more to your kids and their friends’ goals, rather than your own.

Google Play

7. Verizon FamilyBase (Best Family Locator App on Verizon)-Free

App Logo

Verizon FamilyBaseOne thing to love about Verizon FamilyBase app is that it will show you the directions to get to your loved ones’ current locations. This is a handy feature especially if you have to pick them up somewhere both of you aren’t familiar with or respond to an emergency.

It does stand out from the other apps we’ve discussed thus far in that it offers many parental control features, including childproofing your internet, blocking unwanted contacts, and accessing your kid’s call and text histories.

While the app itself is free, it’s designed for Verizon subscribers who have paid for the Family Locator Service which costs $4.99 a month.

Google Play

8. Sprint Family Locator (Best Family Locator App on Sprint) – Free

App Logo

The Sprint Family Locator plan will locate up to four phones, perform check-ins by default, offers text and website support, and time stamping, all without even requiring that you download its app. Downsides include the limit on devices, a lack of accuracy at times, and a cost of around $6.00/month after your free trial ends.

Sprint Family Locator
Sprint Family Locator
Google Play

9. T-Mobile FamilyWhere (Best Family Locator App on T-Mobile) – Free

App Logo

T-Mobile offers a free check-in app, with a premium version for $10/month. Unless you truly need all the extra perks – which you can try during a 30-day trial – the free version will suffice.

The paid version does seek to make the process more fun and less of a chore for your kids, with options like emoticons, but that might be more effective for younger children than teenagers.

Google Play

10. AT&T FamilyMap (Best Family Locator App on AT&T) – Free

App Logo

AT&T offers a trial and subsequent price identical to that of T-Mobile’s with 30 trial version, with a succeeding $10/month for up to 10 lines.

AT&T’s plan is available on any device. It provides scheduled check-ins, a map of safe places, and easy correspondence by text or email. You can add contacts, as well as the places they frequent.

This is one of the best family locator apps, but it doesn’t come cheap. You may, however, find that your peace of mind is worth it.

Google Play

What Other People Ask

How Does a Family Locator App Work?

A family locator app finds another phone based on an aerial map. It looks up another phone’s location through GPS. This technology is a simple way to help you and your loved ones locate each other’s phones in real-time.

How Do I Use a Family Locator App?

Using a family locator app is as easy as tying your shoelace. You can actually use your phone’s built-in GPS together with the Find My Phone feature of your Android device. But if in case you don’t want to share your Google ID, you can use a lot of alternative apps readily available on the Google Play store.

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Best Family Locator – Get Some Peace of Mind

You can’t always be with every member of your family. But with these apps, you can at least keep tabs and know they’re safe.

Out of all these apps, Life360 stood out and is proven to be the most reliable while Find My Friends and Swarm are the apps that your children will naturally gravitate to. Sygic works well for parents of young children.

It will still be your discretion to pick the best family locator apps for Android because only you know your family’s unique needs.

Which ones have worked well for you and in what circumstances? Tell us about your experiences in the comments.

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  1. I use Life 360 and it does not keep up with location as you say it does. My husband is a trucker and I use it to see where he is and he uses it to know when I am away from home. It has NEVER been accurate by even 100 miles! Most often it hangs up and tells me he’s still at a location he was at a full 24 hours ago! Not really too happy with this app.

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