Best Features on the Samsung Galaxy J3

12 Best Features on the Samsung Galaxy J3

The number of features, and the quality of them, is a large factor when considering a phone. The features one phone has over the other can even be a tipping point for a purchase. That’s why it’s important to learn what each of these features are, and what they can do for you as a user.

The Samsung Galaxy J3 has features that most Android and Samsung devices have when  running Lollipop. While most of these features won’t be key to the J3, and can be found elsewhere, it’s important to know which of these features made the cut.

1. Smart Alert

Let’s start with a feature most know about, but is always appreciated. Smart Alert can be found in your Motions and gestures, and makes your phone vibrate when picked up if you have any missed calls or messages.

j3-smart alert

This is very useful for determining if you’ve received a message/call notification by just picking up the device. There have been plenty of instances where I’ve picked up my phone to check a notification, expecting something, and saw that it wasn’t worth the look.

2. Multiple Camera Modes

The camera tacked to the back of the J3 won’t put the S6 to shame, but it does have a few tricks up its sleeve.


These modes are standard in most cases, but are a helpful addition to any Android phone camera, no matter the quality. One mode, Sound & shot, adds a few seconds of background audio to your pictures while taking them.

These modes won’t be something you’ll use each time you use your camera, but they’re useful on occasion.

3. Syncing Outlook Contacts with Smart Switch

This next feature is useful, but requires some outside help from Samsung Smart Switch. This can be done on PC or Mac to share your Outlook contacts with your device.

j3-smart switch

Outlook contacts isn’t the only information you can share between devices with Smart Switch, but it’s a big one to be able to share with a single click.

4. Smart Lock

Smart Lock is almost just what it sounds like, a smarter lock, but for your lock screen. With Smart Lock enabled on the Galaxy J3, you can bypass your lock screen under trusted conditions.


This can make it easier to access your phone, without needing to disable any additional security measures. Out of all of the trusted areas, I feel on-body detection is the safest and most convenient route.

5. Changing Lock Screen Notifications

Being able to see important notifications with a glance at your lock screen is an important feature for any smartphone. In your Galaxy J3 Settings, under Lock screen and security, you can set which apps are allowed to display notifications.


This is a very useful feature when dealing with apps that love to smother you with lock screen notifications, and with no good way to disable them.

6. Ultra Power Saving Mode

I usually have a hard time taking anything with “Ultra” in its name seriously, but Ultra Power Saving mode does its job very well. Under Settings, in Battery, is a mode that helps conserve as much battery power as possible to get you through the day.

j3 battery

There is a normal power saver that restricts less phone functions to operate, but that doesn’t sound nearly as effective as a method with “Ultra” in the title.

7. Removable Battery

This is a feature that is less common than it should be, and is appreciated here. The Galaxy J3’s battery can be removed as easily as most Samsung phones that have the feature. This means you can replace it quickly, and even swap it with a backup battery if needed.

8. TalkBack

TalkBack is a feature used to assist vision impaired or blind Android users, that when enabled, provides audio feedback during phone use.

j3-talk back

This can be found under Accessibility, in your Settings. Once toggled, you’ll be presented with some information, and a helpful tutorial if you’ve never used this feature before.

9. Safe Mode Troubleshooter

Being able to put your phone into Safe Mode is essential for certain types of troubleshooting. Thankfully, the J3 can enter Safe Mode easily on boot by holding down the Volume Down key after seeing the Samsung logo.

j3-safe mode

Safe Mode is an invaluable tool when your smartphone is under attack from malware or other malicious software bugs. Users may have troubles getting out of Safe Mode on other Android devices, but the J3 makes this information apparent on the lock screen.

10. Easy Mode

Easy Mode, unlike Safe Mode, doesn’t disable certain aspects of your device for troubleshooting. This mode makes the Galaxy J3 interface easier to digest, and understand, for Android users who are having trouble managing.

j3-safe mode

This feature will be applied across your entire phone, and explains what it does in your Settings, under Easy Mode.

11. Remote Lock and Factory Reset

This feature, and the next one, require your J3 to be linked with your Google Account. Once your phone is linked, you can use the Android Device Manager to lock or factory reset your phone from anywhere.

This can be enabled in your Security Settings, and is heavily recommended as an additional security measure. It will only take you a few moments, and could save you a headache down the road.

12. Remote Phone Tracking

This features requires the Android Device Manager again, because it uses the same basic idea. However, instead of locking or resetting your phone, this time you’re tracking it.

This feature can be found under your Security Settings, the same as the last feature. I cannot express how important enabling remote tracking is. This can be used as a security measure in case of theft, and a backup if you’ve lost your phone and can’t track it down.

If you take advantage of one feature on this list, make it this one.


For the cost, the Samsung Galaxy J3 still has plenty of features to make it worth more than the investment. As far as budget phones go, the Samsung Galaxy J3 is a decent contender for a top 10 spot.

If you’re a Galaxy J3 owner, plan to buy one, or still on the fence, why not leave a comment to share your experience or concerns?

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  1. I am so upset. I switched from a prevail. I miss a lot of calls and the Internet goes on and off whenever it gets ready. I don’t get the voicemails from the missed calls until days later.

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