Best Features of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

14 Best Features of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

The new Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge has a variety of great features on offer. It’s worth checking out this list if you’re interested in learning more about one of the hottest devices of 2016.

The S7 is a great phone, but what if you want to go one better? We’ll include some of the perks and features that set the Edge apart from it’s little brother.

1. The Edge Menu & Display


Let’s be honest. The Edge display is the reason why the device always gets a lot of attention, and it gives the phone a unique look and feel.

Edge Contacts

There’s a number of things you can do with the Edge screen, and it’s also bigger than the S6 Edge, so it’s a lot nicer to use while you’re browsing the internet or playing games.

Edge Screen

The screen comes in at 5.5 inches, and it’s crisp and responsive to the touch. If the side screen is the reason why you want to go for the Edge, you won’t be disappointed.

2. MicroSD Card Storage/Dual SIM

Micro SD

One of the most disappointing things about the older S6 models is Samsung dropped MicroSD card support, so it’s great to see you can now add up to 200GB of extra storage on the S7 Edge.

Instead of having tiers of models that go up in price when you want decent memory, you can now add as much as you need, and it’ll be a lot cheaper. The Edge comes with 32GB as standard.


The dual SIM feature is always important for a wide variety of users who use their device for business, so it’s good to hear that the S7 Edge comes with these capabilities.

3. Higher Capacity Batteries

S7 Stock

Battery life hasn’t been the greatest on previous models, so increasing the capacity makes sense to bring it in line with the competition. A larger battery obviously helps to keep your device on for longer between charges, and it means the S7 Edge should be able to keep going if you’re gaming or streaming videos.

Unfortunately, the battery isn’t removable. As you go through this list, though, you’ll see there are many improvements that help to extend the general battery life of the handset. You’ll be sure to see a difference if you’re making the jump over from the S6 Edge. The 3600mAh battery should provide enough power to keep you going throughout the day.

4. The Front & Rear Camera

Edge Cam

The front and rear cameras have received praise across the board, and they also have a few new features if you’re interested in taking high quality photos. While the number of megapixels has gone down, it has improved the camera in other ways.

There are lots of options depending on the environment, and it’ll also take great photos in low-light. The front camera is 5Mp, while the rear comes in at 12Mp.

5. Wireless Charging & Fast Charging

Wireless charging was one of the best things about the S6, and it’s also found on the new Galaxy handset. You just have to place your device on the charging pad, and it’ll get started straight away.

Despite not having a USB-C port, the S7 still supports fast charging, which should also help battery life when combined with all of the other features that we’ve already gone over.

Fast charging means that a device will regain power quickly while plugged in, so it’s good to see that the feature has been retained. It should take 100 minutes to get to 100%, while it’ll roughly take 150 minutes if you want to charge it wirelessly.

6. Water & Dust Resistant

Water Resist

The S7 Edge has an IP68 water resistance rating, which means it will stay safe up to just under five feet of water, for roughly half an hour.

If you’ve lost a phone to the toilet like me it’s a welcome addition, and it’s good to see that the handset was made with robustness in mind.

The device is also dust resistant, which means it’s a great option for the clumsier among us. Considering the size of the screen, it could still be worth investing in a new case to keep it protected.

7. Thermal Spreader

Thermal Spreader

Just what is a thermal spreader? It’s a small tube of water that turns to steam (not releasing the steam inside the phone), and it should work to cool down the processor as and when required to do so. It’ll help when gaming, or when you’re doing anything that causes the processor to get overheated. The spreader is also found on the normal S7.

8. Optimized for Gaming


For those of us that love gaming on the go, the S7 Edge is another Android device that makes me want to leave my PS Vita at home. It has a new Game Launcher, which you’ll find in the app drawer, as well as a number of settings and features to customize your experience, including battery saving modes to keep you going for longer.

It also comes with the ability to record gameplay, which is great for Twitch and YouTube;

Record Gameplay

The thermal spreader will help to run even more powerful games and emulators on your device, and it’s a move that was a key focus when Samsung first started marketing the device. The Edge is one of the best gaming devices available, so it’s good to hear that gaming was a key focus during the design phase.

9. Always-On Display

Always On Droid

This is a new feature that shows the time, as well as notifications without fully waking the screen. This should help to further conserve battery life, and it’s a nice touch.

It’ll display the time, date, weather and notifications, and you can choose just what you’re able to see from the menu’s if you’re worried about your privacy. It works by powering a small part of the screen instead of the entire thing. Since the Edge has such a large screen, it makes sense that this feature is important when it comes to saving battery power.

Here’s a video that shows off the Always-on display at work;

10. Marshmallow 6.0


Marshmallow 6.0 is the latest Android Operating System, (OS) and it comes pre-packaged with the S7 Edge. It has lots of new features, from battery saving options to app optimization.

Must Read: Android 6.0 Marshmallow’s Best Features

11. New Processors & More RAM

Edge Close

The S6 Edge wasn’t exactly slow, but the new processors will help if you always find your phone running hot when you’re pushing it to its limits. The 8-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 Processor should be able to handle nearly anything you throw at it.

The thermal spreader will be used to keep it nice and cool, and it’s likely to be meaty enough to deal with most available games and emulators.

As for RAM, the new model comes with 4GB, which will give you even faster speeds.

12. Faster 4G Download Speeds

If you’re just getting used to the superior speeds of 4G, you’ll be pleased to hear that the S7 Edge can get download speeds of up to 450Mbps and upload speeds of 50Mbps.

If you want a comparison, the S6 was only capable of 300Mbps downloads, so that’s a relatively large increase, and you’ll be sure to notice the difference if you have access to eye wateringly fast internet speeds.

13. The Design


Another important feature is the design. It’s more curved than older models, and it’s more comfortable to hold and use for long periods of time. It also looks similar to the older S6 models, which is no bad thing. It’s 7.7mm thick, so it isn’t too chunky, but it doesn’t feel flimsy either.

14. Samsung Pay

Samsung Pay

Samsung Pay is another new feature that will allow you to tap and pay with your mobile device. (As long as your card is compatible.) You can check the Samsung Pay Support page for more information.

It’s a great way to speed up day to day payments, and you can use your S7 Edge to make payments securely with a tap of your device.


The S7 Edge is an exciting handset, and the features we’ve discussed make it one of the best new phones on the market. It’s powerful, comfortable, and packed to the brim with features.

If you’re desperate for more on the flagship device, here’s the official introduction video from Samsung;

If we’ve missed a great feature on the S7 Edge, or you have general questions about the device, let us know in the comments below, or you can contact us via Facebook or Twitter.

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