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8 Best File Manager for Android to Go Deep

The real charm of Android is its ability to open everything up. By theory, you can fully explore the storage of your device by using the best file manager for Android. In practice, this is slightly complicated. You can explore every location which is deemed safe easily but to reach the far-fetched locations, you will need to root your device.

However, if you are only looking for a reliable & best file manager for Android devices, this list will provide you with some of the best ones available in the Google Play Store. Usually, your device will ship with a pretty basic and simple file manager. But you know how we like to swap out default apps with awesome ones; Now that you are here, we’re willing to bet that you don’t like that basic file manager either.


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Best file manager for Android – A comprehensive list

We have curated a list of our 9 top picks for the best file manager for Android here. Do check them out.

  1. Amaze File Manager
  2. Astro File Manager
  3. FX File Explorer
  4. MiXplorer Silver
  5. Total Commander
  6. X-plore File Manager
  7. Root Explorer
  8. Solid Explorer
  9. File Commander Cloud & File Manager

Now let us check each one of them out in detail here.

1. Amaze File Manager – Free with In-App Purchases

Amaze File Manager Logo best file manager for androi
Amaze Àpp Logo-Best File Manager for Android

This app is one of the completely free file managers for Android. Amaze File Manager comes with a minimalistic interface that shows everything you need to see on the main screen. The app is open source and is extremely light on resources – mainly because it is an open-source app, aiming to offer a lighter experience.


  • Root Explorer
  • Open-source
  • Browsing History

The app runs amazingly smooth, even on older devices. The basic functions which are frequently used are readily available on the screen. Accessing history and bookmarks is also quite easy. It has a lot of useful features, without feeling bloated. There are some in-app purchases available if you want to support the funding for this app. Overall this is easily one of the best file managers for Android.

Google Play

2. FX File Explorer – Free with In-App Purchases

FX File Explorer Logo
FX App Logo-Best File Manager for Android

If you are in the market for a good-looking yet capable file manager, File Explorer fits the bill perfectly. The app is simple in nature, but dig a little deeper and you will find robust features ready to be explored. It is safe to say that this app can do all that you could expect from a file manager, from the basic various functions for your files to support encrypted archived files.


  • NFC supported
  • Multiple window support
  • Networked access
Google Play

There are a lot of features for seasoned Android users, especially those who have a rooted device. One of the best things about the app is its pinch to zoom-in feature. On any screen, you can zoom in to see additional information about the files with ease. It claims not to track your devices, and it also doesn’t have any ads, so this is a good choice for more advanced Android users.

3. MiXplorer Silver – $4.50

mixplorer silver logo
MiXplorer App Logo-Best File Manager for Android

The feature list on MiXplorer Silver is something, even if it costs a little. Of course, you get the usual features like file browsing, cloud storage, archive support, and so on. But there are some extra characteristics like EPub support, file encryption, PDF reader, to name a few.

Also, if you feel like it doesn’t have all the functionalities that you need, there are lots of plug-ins from the same developer to help you. However, there is no free version of the app, so be sure to try it and make sure you like it before the refund time is over.

Google Play

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4. Total Commander – Free

total commander logo
Total Commander App Logo

Total Commander, as the name suggests, gives you total command of your Android device. You can access almost every location on your storage with ease. The search functions are one of the best there is, it can even detect text. Selecting a group of files is very easy and streamlined.


  • Advanced Search Function
  • Bookmarks
  • SuperUser for Rooted Devices

There are around three plugins available on the Google Play store which further enhances the file manager. LAN access, FTP client and even WebDAV can be utilized. Even if the design is not the best one there is, considering the many features it provides for free, it’s hard to say no to this app.

Google Play

5. X-plore File Manager – Free with In-App Purchases

x-plore file manager
X-plore App Logo

If you are looking for a deep and expanded file manager app for Android, look no further. But if you are a casual user who becomes scared at the thought of juggling new and unique interfaces, this app is not for you. The sliding interface of the app can be or shall we say, will be confusing for a lot of people.


  • Dual-pane tree view
  • Cloud Storage Access
  • Built-in Viewers

At first, we were taken aback by the craziness of seeing a sliding/swiping interface on the app. Use the app a little and you will come to greatly appreciate the unique dynamic. Copy-pasting stuff has never been this fast and easy.

Google Play

6. Root Explorer – $3.34

root explorer logo
Root Explorer App Logo

While this file explorer doesn’t come with an excellent design, it compensates with frequent updates. They bring newer interfaces, even more, features and, of course, better stability. As the name suggests, this is a file explorer that is best used with rooted devices.


  • Network and cloud support
  • Multiple tabs
  • Archiving support

There is also a free version of the app, simply called Explorer, but it is for truly typical use and it doesn’t stand out to the other ones on the list. If you feel like Root Explorer is for you, they have a 24 hours refund policy, so you can try the app and see for yourself, before committing to it.

Google Play

7. Solid Explorer – Free

solid explorer logo
Solid Explorer App Logo

A good interface is the best way to gain fans, Solid Explorer proves that. Even though the app offers a short trial, there are a lot of people who love the app very much. That is understandable because this file manager app for Android does come with a lot of features.


  • Rich customization options
  • Cloud file manager
  • Root access

One of the features is the ability to stream media to Chromecast with ease, this feature is really important for Chromecast lovers. Combine the standard file managing with good sharing features and you have the perfect file manager app. This is only a 2 weeks trial, after which, if you like the app, you’ll have to pay a little.

Google Play

8. File Commander Cloud & File Manager – Free with In-App Purchases

file commander logo
File Commander App Logo

This sleek-looking file manager for Android works just as well too. File Commander comes with great features which allow you to fully explore all the files on your Android device. The app has dedicated libraries for your pictures, videos, and music.

The app can also sort the files with ease and make them easily accessible. If you want to delete large files, this app makes it easier to locate the big ones.

Google Play

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best Android File Manager?

Even if each and every one of the apps listed above has its strong and weak points, we’ll go with Total Commander for being the best one, because it truly gives you all the control you could ever need over your Android Device.

Why use an Android File Manager?

While stock file managers are good, they are pretty basic. We’d recommend you use a third-party file manager because it brings along multiple useful features, something that the built-in ones don’t.

Are Android File Managers Safe?

Yes. Most of them declare that they don’t track your activity and neither do they store your files somewhere else than your own storage. However, as a general word of caution, you should pay attention to the permission your apps ask for and see if they have an actual reason to ask for them.

Best File Manager for Android – Explore Your Device

Well these are the best file manager for Android available on the Google Play Store. Some other apps will offer better media streaming options or better app managing features, so you can always try all the apps and select the one which best suits your needs. Now that we are discussing managers, we have also listed the best password manager apps and best app managers too.

So what apps did you try? What was your experience? Or do you have any app suggestions to Please let us know in the comments below!

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