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Best File Sharing Apps for Android

Back in the days when you had to share a file with a friend, you had to place your phones together and try to align the infrared blasters. These days, thankfully, you can simply use a great file sharing app for Android and share files at a blistering speed.

I’m an old guy and I remember the pain of sharing tiny files with a friend over infrared or, a little bit later, Bluetooth. It was an excruciating experience: we would place our smartphones together in my backpack and forget about them for the whole duration of a class to simply transfer a few songs. These days, however, you can easily share files over 2 GB in just minutes with anyone using one of the best file sharing apps for Android.

Note: The best file sharing apps for Android were tested on a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge smartphone. Apps worked perfectly fine while transferring a 1 GB 4K video file and no disconnection was experienced. An important point to note here is that both the sender and the receiver must have the app installed in order to share files. No Internet access is needed and we recommend that you turn off mobile data before starting the file transfer.

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1. ShareIt – Transfer & Share

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ShareIt is one of the most popular file sharing apps for Android and there are several good reasons behind its success. One of the most important things is its interface: while it can be a little bit cluttered, it still provides a fast way to transfer files without having to fiddle around any menu.

All you need to do is simply launch the app, choose the files you want to share, connect with the other device, and that’s it. It’s a simple process that only involves connecting and sharing, and at incredibly fast speeds. Another great thing about almost every file sharing app for Android is the ability to share all types of files without any restrictions.

ShareIt also comes with some additional benefits like a video player, a trending music discovery section, a music player, and a wallpaper section. While these are not completely necessary to share files, they are quite handy if you need a singular solution to all your video and music playing problems.

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2. Zapya

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Zapya was at one point perhaps the first popular file sharing app on Android and became huge after its launch. I myself have used it for about 2 years and still enjoy the experience a lot. There are over 500 million users worldwide that use Zapya for their file sharing needs not only on Android but also on iPhones, iPads, phones, PCs, Macs, and even Tizen.

The file sharing app allows you to share files up to 200 times faster than Bluetooth, the number may be exaggerated a little bit but it is definitely fast in real world use as well. One of the best features of this file sharing app is the ability to share multiple formats in one go. You can easily select multiple videos, pictures, and audio files and share them without having to run back and forth between phones.

Another great feature of Zapya is the ability to share files with multiple friends simultaneously. You can connect up to 4 devices and share files with ease. This feature comes in really handy when you’re sharing large video files of an event you attended; I have personally shared wedding videos with my friends and family by using this great tool.

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3. Xender – File Transfer & Share

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Xender is a clever name for a file transfer and sharing app and the cleverness continues in design and uses as well. The app is really well-designed and has an organized layout with easily accessible tabs. The app allows you to share any kind of file without any restrictions, you can easily send large files to your friends without having to worry about connectivity issues.

The file transfer speed is remarkably fast, especially when you compare it against other sharing methods like Bluetooth. While the app claims that file speeds can reach up to 40 Mb/s, in my experience it was around 15, which is still quite fast. Sharing music, videos, documents, and photos is as simple as selecting and sending. You can also send apps to your friend if there is a need, it basically sends the APK file for installation.

Another great feature of this file transfer app for Android is the ability to replicate a smartphone. For example, if you want to get all the data from your old phone to your new one, you can do so with ease. It can easily send contacts, pictures, music, games, game saves, and SMS messages to your new phone.

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4. XShare – File Fast Transfer

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This app is relatively new to the play store but it caught my attention because of its design. One of the first things that impress everyone is a great design and XShare certainly has that quality. There are no additional features in this app like a dedicated music player or advanced Bluetooth detection systems. However, it does provide you a simple and easy way to share large files with ease.

I really like the QR code fast matching system XShare employs. All you need to do is select the files you want to share and press on the share button. QR code will be displayed on your screen that can be scanned by your friend to enable fast pairing and easier data transfers.

The file sharing app also takes very little space on your storage, boots up remarkably fast, and transfers data at a rapid speed. The app does allow you to easily install multiple apps that you’ve received by enabling the quick install option that skips all frequent confirmations. This makes it very easy to install your favorite apps on your new device.

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Sharing Some Last Thoughts

These were some of the best file sharing apps for Android and in all fairness; all of them are identical when it comes to sharing large files. This is because all of them use Wi-Fi to do the actual transfers. If you have Wi-Fi direct on your smartphone and there is a high chance that you do have that, it basically uses that to streamline the transfer process. If you’re going to share only one file, I highly recommend that you try Wi-Fi direct because it is basically the same thing.

Just like always, if you have questions, suggestions, or opinions, drop them in the comments below. We do love to hear from you.

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