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5 Invaluable French Translator Apps for Android, Voyage Aller!

Are you finally going to Paris for vacation or perhaps for your honeymoon?

It never hurts to have the best French translator apps for Android preinstalled on your smartphone before you land. While it’s true many people in France can speak English, it is still better to have access to a competent translator.

These apps have ease and usability in mind when developed.  Meaning, their goal is to deliver fast and reliable translations above all else.

If you have your flight already booked to France, I’d recommend taking a look at the best travel apps for Android before you go. You’ll be able to get ideas for some sites to see off the beaten path.

Now let’s take a look at the French translating apps on Android and determine which one is the best for your needs. I’ll have to add that all the apps provide similar results and are very fast. There are very few differences between the Android French Translators so anyone of them will do the job well.

Note: The device used to test these French translator apps for Android is a Samsung Galaxy Note III smartphone. None of the apps encountered any problems, and all worked fine during testing. Also, many of the apps will require an active internet connection to work.

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1. French Translator / Dictionary

If you need only one translator for your Android smartphone, get French Translator. The app is remarkably broad and provides a quality service. The interface is clean and easy to use.

The app runs super-fast, and the translations instantly produce the most accurate result you could ever need. I really like how the app supports more than thirty languages right off the bat.

If you need to translate German to French, you will be able to do so with ease and without any additional downloads. Another indespensible feature is the automatic sentence correction that allows you to make sensible sentences.

Free Version

2. French – English Translator

The name says it all for this simple translator app for Android. The app has a simple interface that comprises of two evenly divided windows.

The first window is used to add the text you’d like translated and the second window displays the results.This 2 window system offers you very simple mechanics that works exceptionally well.

The translator functions can also work backward. For example if you need a French to English app for Android, you can use this one to translate French into English with ease.

A downfall of this app is it can, on occasion, take a little time while translating longer and complex sentences.

Free Version

3. French English Translator

Do you need a fast and reliable app for your daily translation needs? Then get this ultra-fast and smooth app. This app works as if it is completely offline which is especially surprising to me. I was expecting it to lag a bit, but the app was a real performer.

The app comes with a relatively standard interface, similar to what we’ve seen in other apps. There’s a window to enter the text to be translated; another window to receive the translations.

There is nothing sophisticated about this app. That’s why it’s a good choice for uncomplicated and fast translations on the go.

Free Version

4. Offline English French Dict.

There will be times when you need a translation but have no internet connectivity. For those desperate times, a simple dictionary can do the job well.

This app is an entirely offline English to French dictionary app for Android. That’s not all though, the app allows you to listen to the words you translate to give you a general idea of the pronunciation. The more you use this translator and learn to say the words and basic sentences, the less likely you’ll be to need to haul out your phone for elementary conversations.

This French translator app for Android also allows you to download a high-quality audio pack just to make the words more well defined when listening. Surprisingly the app is completely free. You can also check out more dictionaries on our free dictionary apps list.

Free Version

5. Google Translate

Here comes the obligatory entry in the best French translator apps for Android list. Google Translate has made a name for itself by providing some of the best features ever seen on a translating app.

This app ranked number one on our best translators for Android list and for good reason too. The app comes with a clean and clear interface as well as really fast translations.

You can select any language as your source and translate it into French with ease. You can even have a full-screen view of the translation which is great for communicating with the natives.

Free Version


Well, these are the only French translator apps you will ever need in your adventures. Whether you are travailing or just need some quick translations, these apps will do a remarkable job.

If you want to learn French, I recommend taking a look at the best language learning apps for Android list. You may find something great in there as well. Or if you want to translate Spanish, we have made a list for that too.

Visiting a country where you don’t speak the native language almost always leads to a funny story or two.

Do you have a funny story about your trip?

Share your translation mishap with us in the comments below.

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