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5 Fun Android Apps to Pass Time

As with anything with a screen, Android is also an excellent device to kill time. Normally, people would just simply boot up a great videogame on their device. But there are times when you need some fun and time passing apps on Android to properly kill some time.

There are times in a day when you simply cannot dedicate your full attention to the videogame you like. Whether you are in a meeting, in class, in transit or even on a lunch break, it is hard to dedicate both hands to a single task. This is exactly where these great time pass apps for Android come in handy.

I have to warn you, though, each of these apps have the potential to make you an un-efficient and lazy worker. How do I know that? Well, I have been caught using one of these apps almost everywhere. I was once at a wedding where the groom was taking way too long to deliver his vows, so naturally I booted up an app to pass the time.

You will not believe how many people glared at me angrily that day and all because I forgot to mute my smartphone. So heed my words, use these apps at your own risk and most of all try not to run them during an office meeting, especially when you are the presenter.

Note: The 5 fun and time pass apps on Android were tested on a Sony Xperia Z smartphone and Samsung Galaxy Note III. All of the apps preformed fine and there were no problems faced during testing. Almost all of the apps in the list will require an active Internet connection to work properly.

1. 9GAG

This app started as a website that evolved into something big. Have been a fan of the website for quite a while now, and it was fun checking out the app they released. Usually, apps for websites are quite useless, as you already have a browser installed on your Android.

However, this one tried to be different and succeeded in actually providing a substantial incentive to use the app. Even if you have one of the best browsers on Android, it is still better if you use the app in this instance.

It is a fun app that provides you countless images to scroll through. Images range from memes to rage comics and from funny GIFs to hilarious photos. The content is provided by the users themselves, and normally it would have been a bad thing but, in this case, there are thousands of users uploading pictures daily.

I have yet to see a day where this app didn’t provide me with new content to consume and enjoy. You can scroll through the app with one thumb and believe me; it is really hard to let go. I’m going to warn you about using the app in the bathroom; your device will run out of charge before you get up. Not to mention your significant other will be quite curious about your extended-stay.

Free Version

2. Tumblr

This is an extremely popular platform and has been going strong for some years now. Usually, this platform is associated with strong opinions and insights from individuals. However, that is not all the app has to offer. There is a great possibility that whatever you like doing, it is available on Tumblr.

Text, audio, videos and anything you want it will be available on this platform. A wide genre of topics is available from art to design and from philosophy to politics; everything is on this platform. I really love searching for new stuff by using the search option. But if you are in a hurry, you can check out what’s popular, interesting, wonderful and weird simply using the intuitive interface.

Free Version

3. StumbleUpon

StumbleUpon started life as a browser plug-in on the desktop. It was a neat little plug-in that allowed you to explore new websites that are in line with your own personal interests. I have used this software countless times on my PC browser and really enjoyed what it had to offer. Naturally, I was pleasantly surprised to find that there is an app on Android, which aims to provide you the same services.

Thankfully, the app was designed really well and delivered what it promised. Although it is a bit different from using it on the PC, the app still retains the essence of exploration which made the plug-in so endearing.

You can create lists of your favorite topics, and the app will deliver the content you love. The app also added the functionality of adding your friends and sharing your own discoveries. The only downside is that if you have narrow interests spectrum like me, the app tends to show some repeated content.

Free Version

4. 8CRAP

Just as the name suggests, this app comes with a lot of great crap you can read. Most of the cards are really funny and are fun to read. The app basically states overly obvious facts in a fun and easy to read manner.

The text is placed in front of a picture which is usually related to the fact. The cards are updated almost regularly, however; this is not a community driven app. This is the reason you will eventually run out of cards to read and enjoy. But the ride is extremely fun and entertaining so, it is a good idea to skim through the app for a while.

Free Version

5. Rage Comic Maker

If you want to become a rage comic artists, then this app is made just for you. Previously, I used to use MS Paint to make my own rage comics; then I started using Photoshop for a more professional look. Now, I use this great fun and time pass app on Android to make my own rage comics.

The app has a great design and allows you to make anything you want with ease. You can add images of the characters with extreme ease to the canvas and make them do or say anything you want. Making rage comics and memes has never been this easier. Simple, intuitive controls and easy to input text makes it a wholesome experience. It is not the best photo editor app for Android, but it does the job well.

Free Version


These were a few fun and time pass apps on Android, and I hope that they will keep you busy for a long while. Just make sure that you are not skipping on some real world responsibilities while browsing these apps. These apps have the potential to suck you in and keep you there for hours. I highly advise that you don’t “check” the apps while doing serious work, it took me 4x more time to complete this article just because of this.

So why do you want to kill time so badly? Are you a night time security guard at an abandoned mall? Do tell me your need to procrastinate everything in the comments below.

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