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7 Best Furniture Design Apps for Android

Are you having a hard time starting the redecorating your home with pieces of furniture?

Worry no more.

We have got the best Android applications just for you. And they are called furniture design apps.

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Here’s the thing:

Decorating a house with some nifty furniture is both fun and troublesome. Giving your home a makeover is enjoyable, especially if you buy new tables, chairs, rugs, and more. Also, most people find it relaxing while they customize their homes.


The process of redecoration is so time-consuming and difficult. And, the hardest part of it all is the start of the process. This is because most people do not know where to begin and what to do first.

So, we are here to suggest some Android applications that you can use to know where to start. These applications are called furniture design apps.

But, what exactly are these furniture design apps?

Furniture design applications are apps that help users envision how the furniture they are eyeing will look like inside their home. They can import images of the items they are thinking of buying and place it on the image of the part of their home they wish to enhance.

Now, you can download these apps on your Android devices from the Google Play Store. So, if you want to know the best furniture design applications, then let’s get started.

Note: The items we listed in this article are in no particular order.

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Top 7 Furniture Design Apps for Home Decoration

1. RoomIe 3D & AR Room Planner

furniture design apps roomIe
App Logo

RoomIe is an Android app that lets users have a view of how their newly bought furniture will look like at placed inside their homes. The app also allows users to view the results in 2D, 3D, AR, and VR.

furniture design apps roomIe 1
3D Mode and 2D Mode

How cool is that?

With this app, you can choose the furniture you are eyeing from IKEA, Vitra, USM, and more. Then, you can have a look at how you could place these items inside your house. It’s a great app to have a jump start with the room makeover you are planning.

furniture design apps roomIe 2
Furniture Products Page
download furniture design app on google play

2. Room Planner: Home Interior & Floorplan Design 3D

furniture design apps room planner
App Logo

Visualize how a piece of furniture you have seen in department stores would look like in your room using this app we found.

Room Planner is an app that gives users a chance to design a virtual room according to how they want their actual room to look like. Users can specify the walls, floors, doors, and windows of the room they want to decorate.

furniture design apps room planner 1
2D Mode and 3D Mode

After finishing the floorplan of the room, they can decorate it with pieces of furniture they prefer. Users can choose from a catalog inside the app that showcases actual items that can be purchased in online and physical stores.

download furniture design app on google play

3. Planner 5D – Home & Interior Design Creator

furniture design apps 5D Planner
App Logo

Planner 5D is an app that lets users design their house and the interior of it.

Most people prefer to use this app since they can easily decorate their houses with furniture using it. The tutorials offered by the app are easy to follow, and every feature is explained well.

furniture design apps 5D Planner 1
2D Mode and 3D Mode

And the best part about this app is the 2D, 3D, and VR views you can choose from. Meaning you get to see not only the outline of the home you designed and decorated, but you also get to see how it would look like in real life.

download furniture design app on google play

4. Homestyler – Interior Design & Decorating Ideas

furniture design apps homestyler
App Logo

Make your house into a home using this app we found. If you are currently rebuilding your house and you want to find an app that can help you with it, then Homestyler is the app for you.

It’s an application that lets you essentially decorate your rooms with furniture like sofas, beds, chairs, cabinets, and more. Homestyler gives you a chance to see if a product you are eyeing will fit in blank spaces in your rooms.

furniture design apps homestyler 1
Placing a Sofa in the App

Also, you can converse with professional home designers that can help you with your home redecoration. Now, if you want to download this app, go ahead and press the button we placed.

download furniture design app on google play

5. Houzz – Home Design & Remodel

furniture design apps houzz
App Logo

Houzz is a furniture design app that lets users find, view, and purchase products from various brands and designers.

Just like the previous applications that we have mentioned in this list, Houzz is also a way to design a house by placing virtual furniture in them. But, what makes this app unique is that you can buy the actual products you liked in it.

furniture design apps houzz 1
Furniture Page

But the best part?

You can even hire and collaborate with professional home renovators to help you design the house you want to have.

furniture design apps houzz 2
Placing a Couch in the App
download furniture design app on google play

6. Palette Home

furniture design apps palette home
App Logo

Palette Home is an application offered by PaletteCAD GmbH to users that want to try designing a home by decorating a virtual home with virtual furniture.

Users can draw their house in the app by placing walls and floors. They can even specify the colors of the virtual house by giving a wide material and color selection. After setting up the room you like within the app, you can now redecorate it with furniture.

furniture design apps palette home 1
2D Mode and 3D Mode

Also, you can view the rooms you designed in 2D and 3D mode. What’s more, the designs you have finished can be saved in your Android devices. This way, you can view all of your plans again and again anytime.

download furniture design app on google play

7. Myty AR

furniture design apps Myty
App Logo

If you are looking for an app that can give you a more realistic view of the furniture inside your homes, then you should give this app a try.

furniture design apps myty 1

Myty is an app offered by Ar-Ty that gives users a view of how certain furniture would look like when placed in a room. The application can do this since it has an augmented reality feature.

Looking for furniture is also easy since there is a brands and designers page that gives you a look at the items you can place in your home.

download furniture design app on google play

Other Questions about Furniture Design Apps

Easy Redecoration on the Palm of Your Hands

Decorating a house to make it more homely is fun, but we have to admit that it is also troublesome. It involves so much process, so if you are a beginner in this area, you might have a hard time starting.


That is why we wanted to recommend some great applications we found in the Play Store. These furniture design apps will surely help you begin the home makeover you are planning to do.

Did this article help you in finding out the best furniture design app for yourself? Let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment down below.

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