4 Games with Great Graphics on Android

Android, as a platform, has evolved amazingly and so did the GPUs within the devices. And we all know with great power comes great graphics. Here are some games with great graphics on Android which impressed us with great visuals. Keep in mind that Android is usually a handheld platform so we cannot really compare it with home gaming consoles and certainly not with PC. That being said, I was really blown away with the detail some of the games packed, despite using very low power.

We have listed some beautiful games for Android in past lists, those involved visually stunning titles. However, this list will solely look for games with 3D environments and beautiful atmosphere. This will be an ongoing list, updated yearly with new and amazing titles. Exciting times are ahead for Android as a gaming platform, and we would love to play amazing new games with even more graphical magic.

Note: The games with great graphics on Android were tested on a Samsung Galaxy Note III smartphone. The games ran fine on the devices, and no problems were faced during the testing phase. Some of the apps require an active internet connection to enable full features.

The games were also very taxing on the aging hardware of the old smartphone. As a result, the battery was drained very fast. I would recommend that you keep a power source ready when aiming for long gaming sessions. The games are in no special order, and all of them are graphically impressive.

1. Walking War Robots

This one was a late addition to the list and I almost glossed over it. But I’m mighty glad that the game caught my eye because it is one of the best ones I have played this year. It’s no wonder that the developer has gained the Top Developer badge on the Google Play Store.

Walking War Robots as the name suggests is a game about walking war robots because Metal Gear Solid Online was taken. That is right; the game involves bipedal armored giant robots that need to kill other robots for some reason. That’s not why this game is impressive, though, it’s the amount of detail the game has on screen at a time that makes it amazing.

The robot models are designed really well and while the textures are a little on the lower side, they still manage to look remarkable. The game also has a great multiplayer that pits a team against another team of robots. The controls are great and I didn’t experience any lags in the gameplay. It is one of the best multiplayer games for Android.

2. Brothers in Arms 3

Brothers in Arms is a celebrated series from the developer who brought us games like Asphalt 8 and Modern Combat. It is what we call an on rails shooter but borrows heavily from a lot of different genres. It is not a completely guided experience, though, you are still free to make tactical decisions and move around the level freely.

The game, however, is a linear tunnel shooter through and through. The game allows you to take cover and move around a “tunnel” like environment but you are not allowed to roam freely. Because the game is fairly linear, this allows the developer to divert the extra horsepower towards making the game look really pretty. I especially loved how the game rendered the headshots.

Aiming the gun and shooting someone on the head never felt so satisfying in an Android game. Some of the dust and particle effects used in the game are also really impressive. It is one of the best third person shooters on Android for sure.

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3. Dead Trigger 2

Dead Trigger has been listed on a ton of game lists I have made over the last year. It was in the best shooter games for Android list and also made the best zombie games for Android list as well. This is one of the best games on Android and if I ever made the best games on Android of all time list, this will be in the top 10 games.

Dead Trigger 2 has satisfying gameplay, but the graphics department is where the title really shines. The game has almost console quality graphics and if you compare graphics from the Xbox 360 or PS3, you can easily see how amazing this game is.

The FPS nature of the game is the only hindrance in my opinions, and that is only because I suck at aiming with touch screens. Thankfully the game is compatible with gamepads. I would recommend that you use a gamepad for this game as sometimes the action can become fanatic.

The environments are lush and detailed, you can see light seeping through openings and the dribble of water in the rain. The developer has done an amazing job in making this game a must have for anyone who likes to brag about graphics. I for one install this game on any new smartphone to test it.

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4. Real Racing 3

If you are looking for an amazing driving experience that is more towards simulation and less about arcade shenanigans, then Real Racing 3 is what you need. The game has some of the best looking car models I have ever seen on an Android videogame.

EA has truly outdone themselves on this fantastic title. The cars are all fully licensed real world ones and are detailed incredibly. The gameplay can be as hard as you want and as easy as you feel comfortable with.

This game has almost every control scheme coded in and it pays off big time. Playing with assists can help you win races with ease. The only downside is that there is no live multiplayer component in the game.

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These were some of the games with great graphics on Android. As new games with amazing visuals come out, we will update this list to accommodate latest titles and phase out old ones yearly. I would also like to mention the best RPG Games on Android and action games for pushing the boundaries of what is possible on Android.

Are graphics important on a mobile game? Or you prefer the gameplay to be amazing while the visuals ride in the back seat? Do tell us your opinions in the comments below.

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