8 Best Golf Apps for Android to Land it On the Fairway

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to monitor your golf performance on your Android devices? Well, we got the right apps for you, so read on to know the best golf apps for Android devices.

Here’s the thing:

Golf is one of the most calculated sports. Luckily, Android users can easily get help by downloading golf GPS apps that could double as a rangefinder, a digital scorecard, and a stat-reader.


It could be frustratingly hard to get the ball to land into the holes using only a few strokes especially if you aren’t familiar with the course or there are way too many hindrances on the way. But the versatility of Android has paved ways to help golfers improve. Keeping a handy golf app on your smartphone can dramatically redefine your gameplay experience.

Note: Some apps require an active internet connection to access their full features.

Best Golf Apps for Android (2019)

Google Play Store is a home for hundreds of golf apps that are available for download. To shorten the list, we have gathered the best free golf apps for Android you could bring on the course.

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1. Golf GPS by SwingU – Free with In-app Purchases

Golf GPS by SwingU was formerly known as SwingxSwing, so you probably have heard of it before.

Golf GPS User Interface

Golf GPS by SwingU is, by far, the best scorecard and golf rangefinder app we have tested. It includes almost every golf course in the world. Unlike most of the golf apps on the Google Play Store, Golf GPS could promptly recognize golf courses even if it is not very popular. This potential is impressive, and players will surely have a great time using this app.

It also comes with an amazing scorecard which enables you to keep notes of the scores for the entire foursome. You can even take pictures of the course and upload it to the dedicated website.

In-app Purchases: $0.99 – $99.99 per item


  • Graphs and stats for you to gauge your performance.
  • The app works for every golf course in the entire world.
  • Program NFC tags to do most of the round management.

Notable Feature:

The app displays wind speed, distance, elevation, and recommends clubs. This is the most important feature for newbies.

Google Play

2. Golf GPS Rangefinder: Golf Pad – Free with In-app Purchases

Golf GPS User Interface
Golf GPS User Interface

If you are looking for a remarkable rangefinder app, Golf GPS Rangefinder is the app you need. Sure, the number one app on the list also provides rangefinder services but this dedicated app goes deep.

Golf GPS Rangefinder is easy to use and comes with an intuitive interface. It is also is designed to take fewer tolls on system resources so you can rest easy while playing the actual game. It comes with more than 30,000 courses and more are added daily. The best thing about the app is that it requires no registration. This means you can start playing as soon as the app installs.

In-app Purchases: $0.99 – $19.99 per item


  • The app is accurate and reliable.
  • The graphical user interface is very pleasing.
  • The scorecard is of PGA quality and supports one to four players.

Notable Feature:

The app is compatible with Android Wear and even Pebble Smartwatch. Most sports lovers usually have a Smartwatch to pair with their Android device and this app allows you to add scores while the phone rests safely in your pocket.

Google Play

3. Zepp Golf – Free

Zepp Golf User Interface
Zepp Golf User Interface

Zepp Golf is one of the best free golf app available in the Google Play store.

If you are new to golf and can’t afford the outrageously expensive lessons from a tutor, this app will at least correct your swing. However, this app needs a motion sensor band to work at its full potential. Although buying one is not a requirement, having a motion sensor band can be a great addition. It is great for students and newbies because it could help you improve your swings.

If you have few bucks to spare, Zepp Golf 3D Swing Analyzer is a good sensor motion band which can track your club speed, hand path, backswing, and many more. You can even record your swings and the app will improve or downright correct them. Plus, it cost way less than actual physical lessons. Sure, it is not as accurate as an actual tutor, but it does help you improve your personal style.

Zepp Golf 3D Swing Analyzer
Zepp Golf 3D Swing Analyzer

Zepp Golf 3D Swing Analyzer is available at Amazon. You can order one on the link below.



  • Simple interface which does the job well.
  • Numbers are displayed in big font (great for elder users)
  • You can record HD videos of yourself.

Notable Feature:

The app allows you to compare your own swing with pros like Keegan Bradley in video and 3D formats. This will also allow you to perfect your own swings.

Google Play

4. mScorecard – Golf Scorecard – Free with in-app purchases

mScorecard Map
mScorecard Map

mScorecard will calculate your game scores, side games, handicaps, statistics, and Stableford point in an instant for up to 5 players. It will also let you track your strokes and putts and would enter score details.

It is a to-go app that will maintain all sorts of records while playing. It could store full game histories on your phone and post them on the app server to provide you with detailed analysis.

In-app Purchases: $2.33 – $21.97 per item


  • Full game history storage
  • In-app side games like Skins Nassau, Birdies etc.
  • Share scorecards on Facebook

Notable Feature:

Most players like the fact that they can share their scorecards via social media, and we love it too! Allowing you to track your strokes using a specific club and keeping track of your scores is absolutely great.

Google Play

5. V1 Golf – Free and Pro

V1 Golf User Interface
V1 Golf User Interface

V1 Golf offers both free and paid app.

Want to know how the pros play the game? V1 Golf will show you just that.

You can access over 50 swings from the top players in the business, but only two downloads are allowed on the free version. You can even record and import your own videos to the app. The videos can then be edited and trimmed for perfect viewing in frame-by-frame mode.

The interface could use a bit of polish, though, because it is not optimized for phablets. But when it comes to performance, it is more than satisfactory. The only downside is, you will have to register to access most of the features, but this is a norm these days.

V1 Gold Free
V1 Gold Free
Google Play
V1 Golf Pro
V1 Golf Pro
Google Play

The paid version of the app has all the features that the free version has, and it removes all ads. It will allow you to download an unlimited number of model videos and enables split screen comparison which is a great feature to improve your swings.


  • Importing videos is easy.
  • Model videos download very fast.
  • You can store your own swings in an online locker.

Notable Feature:

You can improve your swing by importing and analyzing your stance while comparing it to the pros.

6. Golfshot – Free with In-app Purchases

Golfshot User Interface
Golfshot User Interface

Golfshot sets itself apart from the rest because this is the that looks amazing on tablets. It might look a little clustered on the smartphone screen but the interface on the table is big and bright.

Golfshot is one of the most comprehensive free golf scorecards around. The app is augmented by GPS location and 3D aerial flyovers of each hole. The app supports more than 40,000 golf courses spread all over the world.

In-app Purchases: $1.99 – $29.99 per item


  • Real-time GPS distances are given.
  • Comes with Android wear support.
  • Easy to use scorecard which can be as detailed as you want.

Notable Feature:

You can share scorecards and photos with friends directly from the app. These social features give wind to healthy competition and mutual improvements.

Google Play

7. Hole19: Golf GPS App, Rangefinder & Scorecard – Free/Premium

Hole19 User Interface
Hole19 User Interface

Another best free golf Android app is Hole19.

Recommended by The New York Times, Hole19 provides with an accurate GPS distance. It’s like having a real-life caddie on the touch of a finger. It can even help you find courses, plan your rounds, and book your tee times.

It has tons of features to enjoy like distance tracker, auto-change hole, distance tracker, and more. You can even challenge your friends to a match game. Hole19 has high-resolution maps so you can see the course clearly.

Premium Version: $5.00


  • HD maps with Premium app
  • Plan and book your rounds
  • Summarizes your statistics in one place with Premium app

Notable Feature:

This app has an amazing distance tracker and will automatically change holes on the app.

Google Play

8. Golf Weather (WGT) – Free

Golf Weather User Interface
Golf Weather User Interface

If you don’t want to wet your new shoes, you need to consult Golf Weather before setting up a game. As the name states, the app gives you weather conditions of over more than 40,000 courses worldwide.

The thing which makes the app unique is that it calculates the weather data for the exact latitudinal and longitudinal location of each specific golf course. If you want another look at the weather, we recommend you install one of the best weather apps or even a good widget for quick cross-checking.


  • A 7-day detailed forecast.
  • A summary of the next week.
  • You can save favorite courses.

Notable Feature:

Finally, an app which allows you to toggle between metric and imperial units, Golf Weather is a relief. This means American golfers won’t have to convert and vice versa.

Google Play


Do golf GPS apps use data?

Yes. Golf GPS apps use data. Most of these apps need data so that the GPS feature can work much better.

What is the best free golf GPS app for Android?

We found the Golf GPS by SwingU to be the best golf GPS app for Android devices. This is because of all the available features the app offers. But in the end, you are the one that is going to choose which app is most suitable for you. So, we want you to check out the apps on our list so you’ll know which app is the best for you.

Final Thoughts…

Callaway Men’s Strata

These are the best Golf apps for Android which can and will help you during your game. To top your golfing experience, make sure that you have the best set of golf clubs to bring to the course.

Callaway Men’s Strata offers a full titanium club set for both the right and the left-handed golf players and enthusiasts. Its precise face milling is designed for an accurate shot to help you get more putts.


These best Android golf apps are the best accompaniment for caddies, amateurs, and pros. If you have any suggestions or preferred apps you think deserve to be mentioned, feel free to drop a comment below.

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  2. Cool! I didn’t know you could use your phone for this. With the spring weather arriving, I was shopping for a dedicated device – but now I know I can just use an app. Thanks for the tip!

    1. Hi Marge,
      You are most welcome and if you don´t want to miss out on even more useful Android tips, don´t forget that you can always sign up for our daily or weekly eMail subscription.

  3. Seem like Golf GPS & Scorecard was outperformed another apps. I’ll try it when I play golf next weekend. Thanks for your reviews.

    1. Glauco, Glad to help. However I suggest that you take another app with you on the tour 🙂 Better to have two than one.

    1. Hey John,

      I haven’t tried that app yet. I moved quite a distance away from the local golf course but will try out the app on the course soon.

  4. Great Blog. This blog is fully helpful for golfers and especially for those golfers who always love to buy and try latest golf accessories of golf sport. Everyone can easily collect the full information about latest golf products here. Thanks for this blog.

    1. Hi James,
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  5. Any chance you could do an update to this article for golf season 2017? Would love to 18Birdies, Mobizen, Golfler reviews too!

  6. Golf GPS & Scorecard (Swing by Swing) have just updated the App and on my phone Samsung Galaxy S6 running Nougat is unstable and have little issues like only a small area on the OK button is active. Previous version was nice and stable.

    Have reported all these issues including it locking up last time I played and here is the response….

    “Please go to the app settings, scroll down to clear cache, tap it and try again. If this fails, then please log off and log back in, some phones will not retain the round so, please write down your score and putts, then reenter them and save, If this does not work then please uninstall the app, shut down the phone and restart and reinstall the app.

    Thank you for contacting us”

    Great, I usually play competition golf and this is the last thing I would want to do.

    My suggestion – FIX THE APP.

  7. I use the Hole19 app and I find it to be pretty great in terms of UI, the fact you can view your rounds through the web outside of the app, and it is not very intrusive to your round (I book my tee times direct from the app). Quick and easy to enter shots with details so you can get some good stats at the end of your round (also, they have just introduced the No Scoring mode so you can play your round without keeping score).

    *I especially like the GPS distance measuring feature. You should try it!!!

  8. Just checked the app on Google Play, in app prices ranging from £3.79 – £179.99 !!!

    Seriously One Hundred and Seventy Nine Pounds ….. for an in app purchase !!! Id be currious to know what your paying for !!?

    1. Hi Shim! One hundred and seventy-nine pounds do sound like a lot eh? Unfortunately, I don’t have that kind of money to spend on an in-app purchase. Plus, I wouldn’t spend that much money on an in-app purchase. 🙁

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