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6 Best Google Home Compatible TV

For Netflix buffs like us, we know the feeling of hearing our mother’s voice amidst the intense action – only to tell us to wash the dishes.

And what’s worse?

You have to grab the remote every now and then to pause the movie. And when you get back you’re too exhausted from moving about the house. In the end, you lose interest in what you were watching.

Most of us know where this goes when we hear another sound coming from the kitchen, but we’d rather skip the details.

If you’ve been through that, know that you’re not alone.

Just imagine this:

What if you had the power to reserve all your energy for the most intriguing part of the movie?

Not the powers in Harry Potter where you swing your wand so the dishes will magically wash by itself. But the superpower to control the TV with your voice – no remotes involved.

But even better, you can chew popcorns on your couch and command your TV to show Game of Thrones.

Google made our homes smarter when they made their first big splash here with Google Assistant. Thanks to Google, most Google Home compatible devices including TVs can work with Google Assistant technology.

We made a list of the best Google Home compatible TVs on Amazon and decide which one works for you.

Before we begin, you need a Google Chromecast to connect your Google Home with the TV.

The Best Google Home Compatible TV

Best OverallVIZIO P-Series Quantum X
CheapestLG 43UM7300PUA UHD TV
Best ValueVIZIO P-Series Quantum 75″
Highly RecommendedSamsung RU7300 Curved 65” UHD TV
Runner UpsSamsung RU7100 75” UHD TV

Google Chromecast

Best Google Home Compatible TV: Google Chromecast
Google’s streaming device

It’s designed in charcoal color with a single speaker.

It has a USB to USB A cable which you can connect to your TV’s USB port to power it. It also comes with a charging brick that you can connect to a wall outlet if you don’t want to charge it on your TV.

• Streams from phone to TV
• Works with streaming apps, for instance: Netflix, YouTube, Spotify, Prime Video and more
• Stream with your voice using Google Home
• Can stream from all your family’s devices


Google Chromecast expands your home entertainment and helps you perform simple tasks. When you plug it into any charging outlet, you can command the Google Home to turn the TV for you.

Top Google Home Compatible TV

With the need for homes to go smarter, TV manufacturers make voice compatibility a significant feature for their brands. Most brands today, have at least a voice assistant installed into its system.

Due to mass productions of these Google Home compatible TVs, it gets overwhelming for an average buyer to decide which ones would suit their needs. Features, price, and size are factors that affect design making when it comes to making the big purchase.

1. VIZIO P-Series Quantum X

Best Google Home Compatible TV/; VIZIO P-Series Quantum X
VIZIO P-Series Quantum X

Our best pick is the VIZIO P-Series Quantum X.

Smart platform: Vizio SmartCast with Chromecast built-in
High Dynamic Range: Dolby Vision, HDR 10, HLG
Color: Quantum color
Resolution: Ultra HD – 3840 x 2160
Processor: Octa-Core
Backlight: Full-Array LED

• Apple Airplay 2
• SmartCast 3.0
• Chromecast built-in
• Hands-Free TV
• 4K UHD and Dolby Vision HDR
• 384 Local Dimming Zones
• UltraBright 3000
• Quantum color

The VIZIO P-Series Quantum X wowed us in more ways than one, with the most colorful display and brightest picture that brings out the blacks with exceptional detail on our screens.

To top that off is the stunning performance of its sound system that makes you’re viewing experience more thrilling.

You can stream from Apple and Android devices and connect to thousands of apps at the tip of your finger.

With that being said, control whatever happens on the TV with Google Home voice control.


3. Samsung RU7300 Curved 65” UHD TV

Samsung RU7300 65 Curved UHD TV
Samsung RU7300 Curved 65” UHD TV

Processor: Quad-Core
Screen: Curved
Resolution: 3840 x 2160
Motion Rate: 120
Color: PurColor

• Slim design
• Auto Depth Enhancer
• Smart Hub and One Remote Function

The Samsung RU7300 comes with a curved modern designed inspired by nature that adds sophistication to your home. It can catch the eye of your new visitors.

Its slim and sleek design allows viewers to see crisp detailed imagery as if it were the real thing.

Its outstanding picture performance is thanks to its powerful Quad-Core processors that orchestrate color and optimizes its contrast ratios.

What’s even better?

It divides the screen into small blocks so that you can see more precise images.

Get access to all your favorite shows, movies, channels and even apps in one place. Use Google Home to seamlessly connect to this TV.


4. Samsung RU7100 75” UHD TV

Best Google Home Compatible TV: Samsung RU7100 UHD TV
Samsung RU7100 75” UHD TV

Processor: Quad-Core
Screen: Flat
Resolution: 3840 x 2160
Motion Rate: 120
Color: PurColor

• Slim and sleek design
• Smart Hub and One Remote Function
• Auto Depth Enhancer

The Samsung RU7100 has almost no difference with the RU7300 Curved TV except for its flat screen. Despite that slight difference, it is one of the best Google Home compatible TVs in the market.

It comes with a slim and sleek design that will fit the contours of your living space. Place it anywhere – whether it’s the bedroom or living room – and it will make space look posh.

It provides the best performance in terms of sound and imagery. If you want to get a present for your kids in the university, this might just put a smile on their faces.

Not only does it have great features but it comes at a fair price.



Best Google Home Compatible TV: LG C9 OLED TV

High Dynamic Range: Dolby Vision, HDR 10 Pro
Color: OLED Black
Resolution: 3840 x 2160
Processor: a9 Gen2 Intelligent

• Self-lighting Pixel
• AI Brightness
• AI Picture
• Picture cinema screen
• OLED 4K Panel

It comes with an a9 Gen2 processor that optimizes speed and graphics to enable breath-taking detailed imagery.

The LG C9 OLED TV has Dolby Vision and Atmos technology that transforms your home into a cinema. It delivers quality images with HDR formats.

With gamers in mind, the manufacturers of the LG C9 increased response time for their OLED TV at 1ms to deliver the best graphics with minimal stutter.

Are you wondering how this Google compatible TV will look in your home?

It has a gallery mode appearance that blends into the spaces of your minimalistic home. It comes with cable management that allows for a clean and clutter-free living room.


6. LG 43UM7300PUA UHD TV

Best Google Home Compatible TV: LG 43UM7300PUA UHD TV

Resolution: 3840 x 2160
Processor: Quad-Core

• 4K IPS Panel
• 4K Active HDR
• AI Launcher
• ThinQ AI
• HDR Dynamic Tone Mapping
• True Color Accuracy

It has a slim bezel and thick modern lines that enhance your space and viewing experience.

Even better

It comes with a DTS Virtual that delivers a rich and multi-dimensional sound that adds to your experience. Enjoy rich video content with its 4K HDR cinematic view.


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Share Your TV with Google Home

Viewing something on TV is amazing.

But even more thrilling is when you install Google Home installed on your TV.

Enjoy unlimited streaming of your favorite shows, movies, channels and give commands to your TV while you relax with a box of chocolate in your hands.

Our favorite pick was the VIZIO P-Series Quantum X. It had the best overall sound and picture performance. Plus, it supports Google Home.

What was your favorite pick from the list?

If have been using Google Home connected to your TV for a while now, we would love to hear your experience in the comment section below

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