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9 Best Grocery List Apps for Android to Stock the Fridge

If you are like me (a lazy, forgetful guy), you won’t remember to bring the cake from the baker or eggs for breakfast. The worst was when I forgot to bring chicken to the BBQ night…well after that I browsed multiple grocery list apps for Android and selected three. Just so this same thing doesn’t happen to you, I suggest you take a gander at the nice looking list of grocery list apps for Android. We’ve taken a look at the best to-do list apps, but these are more focused on buying food.

Note: All of the apps were run on a Samsung Galaxy S3 phone with a custom ROM on Android 4.4 Kit Kat. The apps performed fine and no problems were faced during testing.

1.  Our Groceries – Free and $4.99

Our Groceries Shopping List

Not mine…ours

1.A Free Version:

Our Groceries Shopping List is one of the very best grocery list apps for Android. That is because it is simple and to the point. You don’t need a fancy interface to store the boring list; you just need to get it over with. Contrary to common belief no one likes to makes lists, except that weird kid living down the road. Our Groceries Shopping List understands that and provides you with a feature set which makes it fast and easy to record a tangible list.


  • Can make multiple lists.
  • Easy to use and fast interface.
  • Can store recipes of food.

Notable Feature:

The best part of this app is that you can easily take a photo and make it a thumbnail image of an item. For example you can take a shot of the cheese wrapper to know exactly what brand your spouse needs.


1.B Paid Version:

The paid version of the app simply removes all the pesky ads from the free version. It is a key which still requires you to have the original app. I suggest that you try out the app first and if you like it, upgrade to the paid version. As no features are hidden behind a pay wall, it is a great deal.


2. Out of Milk – Free and $1.99

Out of Milk

Never again!

2.A Free Version:

“Honey we are out of milk again, did you bring it?” This is what we call a classical Oh crap moment. And it can be entirely avoided with a handy app called Out of Milk. This great looking app not only allows you to remember to bring milk home but also groceries and general stuff. You can make multiple lists and even include non-grocery stuff like dry cleaning. Grouping items into a category makes it easier for you to recall them in the time of need. One handy tip from a regular user of this app…listen to what your significant other wants and make a list so when the time arrives (birthday, anniversary) you will come out on top.


  • Simple and clean interface.
  • Add items with ease.
  • The grouping feature is a time saver.

Notable Feature:

The feature which makes it one of the best grocery list apps for Android is its ability to sync with multiple users. This means your mom can update a particular list and you will see real-time results on your list. This is especially great if you forget something and want to update a particular list.


2.B Paid Version:

The paid version of Out of Milk adds significant features to an already robust line. You will be able to select a look from multiple themes or even pick different fonts. You can customize the tap and long press actions of the app. There is also a crafty widget included in the fold.


3. Food Planner – Free and $3.99

Food Planner grocery list apps for Android

A great plan sir

3.A Free Version:

It is always great to have a plan, especially if it works. Food Planner is a must have app for those on a strict diet. The app allows you to keep a meal plan, grocery list, recipe collection and inventory all at one convenient place. Now you will whip out the app inside the grocery store and know exactly what you need to make that salad. This all-rounder app makes it easy to keep track of all the food you are planning to eat and categorically store all the ingredients required to make it.


  • Very pleasant to use UI.
  • Storing anything is seamless.
  • Makes good use of screen real estate.

Notable Feature:

Being able to plan breakfasts, lunches and dinners becomes very easy. This is a great app for those who are just starting to cook and need a little guidance.


3.B Paid Version:

Food Planner also has a paid version which removes the ads from the app. There are no further features added to the app though, so it is only a matter of supporting the developers and getting rid of the ads.


4. OI Shopping List – Free

OI Shopping List

OI get on with it!

One of the simplest grocery list apps for Android on the list, OI Shopping List makes a certain impression. This is the app you recommend to those who just need a list and nothing more. You can easily add items to the list and just as easily take them off. That’s not all though if you need a change of interface, the app has a lot of themes and fonts to entice you. I personally like the epic ink pen font on paper but the digital one comes in a close second.


  • Some really great themes.
  • The fonts do make a list seem less grim.
  • Add units, quantity and price to calculate automatically.

Notable feature:

You can add additional notes to an item on the list. For example the brand of beer or the color of carrot you always forget.


5. Mighty Shopping List – Free and $3.99

Mighty Shopping List

A mighty fine selection

5.A Free Version:

Mighty Shopping list ranks high on the grocery list apps for Android roundup due to its ability to run on almost any version of Android. It can on old phones with version 1.6 along with Android L. This means no one gets left behind, even your dad who refuses to upgrade a “perfectly fine” phone. The app has a meal planner, a pantry manager and to do lists as well. You can also make multiple grocery lists too. I’m not a big fan of the interface though.


  • Price, quantity and tax can be calculated.
  • Coupon indicated is included.
  • Configurable tabs make it easier to customize.

Notable Feature:

There is a built-in barcode scanner in this app. It comes in handy during shopping. You can also backup the lists to an SD card for safe keeping.


5.B Paid Version:

The paid version of this app allows you to sync shopping lists as well as back them up on the cloud. Photos of items, shopping lists and recipes can be used. Comparing store prices is also available for select regions.


6. Listonic – Free

Listonic grocery list apps for Android

List like a master

Listonic is clean and simple, that’s why it is on my smartphone. The app has the best interface in the grocery list apps for Android list because it is minimalistic and efficient. The shopping lists can easily be shared with family, friends and coworkers and any changes made are in real-time. You can use the keyboard for traditional entries on the list or go advanced with voice input.


  • Managing items on the list is easy.
  • Adding price to items is a piece of cake.
  • Sharing lists via email is convenient.

Notable Feature:

The lists are also available on the internet (on your personal account), so you can use a physical keyboard to make a list and then carry it on your smartphone to anywhere you want.


7. Evernote – Free and Premium


Note everything

Evernote has the tendency to pop up often in the lists I make, because it’s an awesome app. Sure it is not a dedicated grocery app but chances are you are already using it for various reasons. The reason I love Evernote is that it boots up almost instantly and allows you to scribble anything at a moment’s notice. The lists you make can be accessed from any other device which means when you update the list from home, your dad gets it in the office. Sharing ideas and resources works just as fine too. For detailed information about the premium features and pricing check out the official site at this LINK.


  • An incredible interface to work with.
  • Can take notes on anything.
  • The lists are great to look at.

Notable Feature:

The alarm system of the app makes sure you at least take a look at the list while driving home. This feature has saved my butt on countless occasions and is a must have for those who are constantly forgetting stuff.


8. Shopping List – Free and $2.00

 Shopping List

The easy list

8.A Free Version:

Shopping List aims to be straightforward and streamlined. Start the app, make the list and be done. The same goes for starting the app, checking the list, crossing off items and being done with it. The interface is no-nonsense and it works.


  • Straight, clean and simple.
  • The note pad look works wonders.
  • Can make multiple lists.

Notable Feature:

The app has an extensive database of common grocery items so you don’t need to type in each and everything. Select the item from the database and you are good to go.


8.B Paid Version:

The paid version comes with a widget and additional interface settings. You can also backup the database if you like too.


9. Shopping Grocery List – Free

Shopping Grocery List

Shopping for all

This is one of the easiest apps in the grocery list apps for Android list. The interface is simplified and so is the method to input items. The app requires minimal input so you have more time shopping than making lists. Sending lists via email, Bluetooth and hangouts is normal but this app can send them on Facebook and Skype too.


  • That math book interface is a nice touch.
  • Items shown in multiples right on the main screen.
  • Sharing lists is very easy.

Notable Feature:

You can strike items which you have already purchased, which is important if there are a million things on the list.



This concludes the best grocery list apps for Android roundup. I hope that one of these apps will become your shopping companion and help you save some time. Happy shopping folks!


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  1. I’m looking for an app that will allow me to make Master Lists for different stores of foods I buy there regularly & somehow check off items currently needed & then mark the items when bought and THEN somehow unmark them to have a fresh master list to reuse for next time… Plus a place for prices by items would be great! Which app do you recommend? Hope this makes sense…

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