Best Guitar Tuner Apps for Android

7 Best Android Guitar Tuner Apps for Android Guitarists

Do you agree when I say:

If you can play the guitar, you instantly seem 100% cooler.

This is a sound fact unless your guitar is out of tune. Now, that’s not so cool. Yikes!

You see…

An out of tune guitar just sounds horrible. If you play an electric guitar and punch in a power chord, everyone will immediately notice that something is terribly, terribly off.

That’s where this guide comes into play.

This list of the 7 best guitar tuner apps for Android can really help you improve your skills.

Acoustic guitar tuner
Acoustic Guitar Tuner

The best guitar tuner apps for Android will help you not just with tuning your guitar, but also with improving your skills.


If you tune your guitar before every jam, it will boost your hearing skills faster and eventually, you’ll be able to reliably tune your guitar by ear.

Cool, right?!

Of course, it’s still usually easier to tune with an app, so whether you are a newbie or a seasoned professional, it’s better to always keep an Android guitar tuner app handy.

Note: I’m not a musician by any means and I barely play any instrument, but all the apps we listed here are recommended by actual musicians. We visited the National College of Arts for the 10 best guitar apps list a few years back and thankfully, we still have the numbers saved.

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Best Guitar Tuner Apps for Android

The following apps list is “composed” of the top guitar tuner apps for Android that are free to download from the Google Play Store.

  1. Free Guitar Tuner – Fender Tune
  2. Roadie Tuner – Free Guitar Tuner & Bass Tuner App
  3. GuitarTuna – Tuner for Guitar Ukulele Bass & more!
  4. Chromatic Guitar Tuner Free: Ukulele, Bass, Violin
  5. Tuner – gStrings Free
  6. Pro Guitar Tuner
  7. Pano Tuner – Chromatic Tuner

1. Free Guitar Tuner – Fender Tune

Fender Tune app logo
Fender Tune App Logo

Making this list is a product of one of the most notable musical instruments manufacturer in the world, Fender. The guitar maker created a guitar tuner app, Fender Tune, a free guitar tuner app that guides beginners and pro guitarists alike in accurately tuning stringed instruments such as guitar, bass, and ukulele.

Living up to the company’s standards, the Fender Tune guitar tuner app for Android flaunts a simple and user-friendly interface without compromising its exceptional functionality like the DSP technology that detects low-frequency pitches.

Fender Tune guitar tuner
Tune Accurately with Fender Tune

It offers a variety of tuning modes for acoustic, bass, ukulele, and electric guitars: The Auto-Tune Mode that hears the note and guides you to a perfect pitch, the Manual Mode that gives you tone samples and lets you tune by ear, and the Chromatic Mode which lets you tune to any note on the scale.

In-App Purchases: None


  • Comes with a slew of functionality.
  • Has Auto-Tune Mode as well as Manual Mode.
  • Features 22 different tunings.
  • Supports acoustic, bass, ukulele and electric guitars.

Notable Feature:

As what was mentioned above, the Fender’s DSP algorithm can detect low-frequency pitches faster than other guitar tuner apps for Android. It means that the Fender Tune can also make it easier for beginners to get in tune and hence takes the top position in our list of the best guitar tuner apps for android.

Google Play

2. Roadie Tuner – Free Guitar Tuner & Bass Tuner App

Roadie Tuner app logo
Roadie Tuner App Logo

The Roadie Tuner is a manual guitar tuner app for Android that’s made specifically for physical Roadie Tuners. It acts as a control center for your tuning experience and a repository for all your instruments’ profiles whether it’s an acoustic, bass, classical, or electric guitar.

Roadie Tuner guitar tuner app
One App for All Your Roadie Instruments

Boasting a minimal but intuitive interface, the Roadie Tuner lets you tune your guitar on the go and keeps you updated with all the Roadie offerings as well as the latest music news and tips on how to improve your performance.

You can choose from a bunch of custom tunings for your instruments and you can also opt to create your own tunings according to your liking. You can also turn Roadie’s beep and vibration function on or off and switch to left-handed mode anytime.

In-app Purchases: up to $4.99 per item*


  • Specialized in manual tuning mode.
  • Syncs with Roadie’s physical tuners.
  • Gives the latest updates, music news, and tips on how to improve your guitar skills.
  • Create and stores profiles for all your different instruments.

Notable Features:

Considering that the guitar tuner app is created by Roadie, it can easily sync with others in the company’s product lineup. If you own a Roadie instrument, the Roadie guitar tuner app is the best one to download.

Google Play

3. GuitarTuna – Tuner for Guitar Ukulele Bass & more!

GuitarTuna tuning app logo
GuitarTuna App Logo

Downloaded over 90 million times, GuitarTuna is probably the best amongst guitar tuner apps for android. Right off the bat, the app is made to impress you with its interface and utility. The developers have outdone themselves with the easy to use interface. The way you can seamlessly change things within the app is the result of good app design.

GuitarTuna tuner app
Play Games and Improve Your Skills

The app was recommended by a music professor at the college because it comes with some advanced features for expert players. The app comes with professional accuracy which can be turned on in the settings tab.

The app is actually recommended by guitar teachers as well as beginners. From alternative tuning sets to mini-games which allow you to learn guitar, GuitarTuna is the real rockstar of this list.

In-app Purchases: up to $1.99 – $12.99 per item*


  • An incredible looking interface.
  • Comes with award-winning audio technology.
  • Includes Metronome and chord library.
  • Background noise cancellation technology

Notable Feature:

The app not only works for acoustic and electric guitars but also for other stringed instruments, like mandolin, violin, cello, balalaika, ukulele, and even banjo. This guitar tuner app for Android is a true string tuner and is free to download.

Google Play

4. Chromatic Guitar Tuner Free: Ukulele, Bass, Violin

Chromatic Tuner app logo
Chromatic Tuner App Logo

The Chromatic Guitar Tuner app allows you to tune your acoustic or electric guitar with a high level of ease and precision. The app doesn’t leave everything on you though; it can automatically determine the string deviation and tells you in which direction you need to tune it.

The app also comes with a tuning fork which can generate tones from 1 hertz to 22050 hertz.

Chromatic Guitar Tuner Free
Tune Using the Tuning Fork Feature

This is one of the best looking guitar tuner apps for Android and the quality doesn’t stop at visuals. If you’re just starting out, this is one fitting guitar tuner app for you.

In-App Purchases: None


  • A great looking home screen.
  • The directional instructions are a lifesaver.
  • The app can detect any pitch or

Notable Feature:

This is the only completely free guitar tuner app for Android. This means there are no ads whatsoever and the app doesn’t even come with any kind of in-app purchases. We highly recommend this app because it doesn’t bother you with pesky ads.

Google Play

5. Tuner – gStrings Free

gStrings tuner app logo
gStrings App Logo

Being one of the top guitar tuner app for Android, gStrings feels bland. The interface is just a simple one screen which fails to visually impress at any level, especially if you compare it to GuitarTuna.

But why did this app make it to the best guitar tuner for Android list? Well, it gets the job done really well. Using the microphone of your Android device, the app actually makes some really fine sounding tunes.

gStrings guitar tuner app
App Focuses on String Frequency

The team was impressed by how accurate the app was. GuitarTuna can sometimes register background noise and kind of mess the tunings (not that drastic though), but this app really went the extra mile in only focusing on the string frequency.

In-app Purchases: up to $3.00 per item*


  • Straightforward and serious interface.
  • Orchestra tuning is available.
  • Comes with a variable range nonlinear scale.

Notable Feature:

The app comes with a microphone sensitivity setup which can be accessed easily. This enables you to fine tune the microphone of your Android device. If it is too sensitive, tone it down a notch so that background noise is completely filtered.

One suggestion is that you keep your smartphone on a table and hold the guitar near the microphone. Not aggressively close, just close enough that the device has no trouble listening to it. If it is an electric guitar hold it a little further.

Google Play

6. Pro Guitar Tuner

Pro Guitar Tuner app logo
Pro Guitar Tuner App Logo

This app is originally an online guitar tuner that was later developed for Android phones. Same as the online tuner, the Pro Guitar Tuner app is a chromatic tuner app as well that supports several stringed instruments including mandolin, bass, guitar, violin, ukulele, and balalaika.

Pro Guitar Tuner app interface
Real-time Sound Analysis with the Built-in Mic

The app surfaces to the top in terms of accuracy and ease and boasts a decent interface.

In-app Purchases: up to $9.99 per item*


  • Supports most types of stringed instruments
  • Analyzes sound in real-time using built-in mic, headset, or guitar clip
  • Samples of real instruments in high-quality are included

Notable Features:

The app holds a dense library of different tunings for guitar, mandolin, bass, violin, and even balalaika.

Google Play

7. Pano Tuner – Chromatic Tuner

Pano Tuner app logo
Pano Tuner App Logo

Pano Tuner is also one of the highly ranked guitar tuners on Google Play. A simple and straightforward app, Pano Tuner is fast that it immediately tunes the frequency it hears upon opening.

Pano Tuner interface
Straightforward and Easy-to-Use Interface

This guitar tuner app has high sensitivity and is chromatic. It follows every pitch it hears that it even tunes instruments such as upright basses, trumpets, and piccolos.

In-app Purchases: up to $1.98 per item*


  • Wide range pitch sensors
  • Customizable sensitivity according to your instrument
  • Quick and easy to use

Notable Features:

Pano Tuner is a straightforward and easy to use app that lets you tune your guitar in a few seconds. Instruments can be tuned accurately through the offset and adjust the pitch you want to tune into.

Google Play

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Are guitar tuner apps for Android reliable?

Of course, they are! We should always consider the possibility that other apps might not work. But all the apps we listed here are tested and recommended by real musicians. Rest assured, all of them can help you tune your dearest guitar!

What are the best guitar tuner apps for Android?

— Fender Tune
— Roadle Tuner
— GuitarTuna
— Chromatic Guitar Tuner
— gStrings Free
— Pro Guitar Tuner
— Pano Tuner – Chromatic Tuner

Rock On! – Closing Notes

Now you know which apps will help you in tuning your guitar. This way you don’t have to find someone to tune it for you. By using the apps, you will begin to have a feel of your instrument.

These apps have made me excited to play my own guitar which I dusted off from the attic for this article. If you have any tips for a total newbie like me or any questions about these apps, please let me know in the comments below.

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  1. Really Helpful article. For a beginner, it’s very complicated to tune the guitar and without tuning guitar sound is worst. My favorite app for guitar tuning is GuitarTuna.

    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and favorite app with us Cristina. We’d be sure to take a look at it too.

  2. After reading your review I have to say you have not actually used ANY of these apps. ALL of these apps have In App Purchases and ALL of these apps have ads. Stop lying to these people.

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