5 Stunning Gun Apps for Android to Practice Shooting

Guns are fascinating inventions, they are empowering as well as dangerous if not handled with care. I have fired some hunting rifles and pistols at a special occasion, a sniper rifle, those were some memorable experiences. These best gun apps for Android are not going to magically sell you firearms nor will they provide you home deliveries of ammo. They will however try to capture the feel of firing a real firearm and that too with the comfort and safety of your home.

Gun Apps for Android

I am personally not against keeping a defensive firearm at home. The robbers and thieves never follow gun laws and until our planet becomes magically gun free, I see no other choice to keep a berretta handgun handy. But of course you will need to keep the gun away from children or adults who act like children.

I also for some reason like the sound of a firearm going off. A trip to the local shooting range is an occasional deal for a person who is a student so I keep myself busy with the best gun apps for Android.

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Note: The best gun apps for Android were tested on a Samsung Galaxy Note III smartphone. All of the apps worked remarkably well. I would also recommend a headphone for the optimal sound quality as not many Android devices come with great speakers. Joy of Android urges you to use better judgment when using one of these apps in public; no one likes a gun related prank. The apps are in no particular order.

1. Gun Sound – Free

Gun Sound

Shoot n Toot

The name says it all with this app. It is a gun app for Android which allows you to hear how a gun sounds. The sounds are authentic and very close to the real deal. There are a lot of guns to choose from too. So if you like a particular gun, there is a high chance it will be there on the list.

The interface is extremely simple and simply shows a gun on screen. Once you have selected the gun you want to fire, you will simply need to touch anywhere on the screen to activate it. Just for fun I attached my phone to a sound system and the result was marvelous, the guns sounded really authentic.


  • A lot of guns to fire around.
  • Easy to use with simple controls.
  • No restrictions on usage.

Notable Feature:

The app comes with brief description of the gun you are using at the moment. This is a great way to learn names of the guns.


2. Guns – Free


Sounds Awesome

The Guns has the most boring looking interface among the best gun apps for Android list. The interface is quiet bland and is sometimes confusing. However the actual guns are highly detailed, these are unfortunately just pictures of the actual guns. So why is it on the list? The gunshots are really loud.

I was surprised that the small internal speaker was able to replicate the boom of a shotgun so perfectly. What I’m trying to say is that, this Android gun app, somehow produces awesome surrounding bass from the guns. This gives real heft to actually firing one.


  • Guns are highly detailed and accurate.
  • A wide variety of guns to choose from.
  • The target mode is a nice addition.

Notable Feature:

Tap on the screen or shake the device to fire a gun. This makes the app highly suitable for shootouts among friends. It may not be as satisfying as beating your friend in a multiplayer game on Android; it is still a fun experience.


3. Weaphones – Free


Reloaded Fun

Weaphones effectively turns your phone into a weapon. This is as realistic as you can get to actually holding a gun without, you know, actually holding a gun. The app features some of the most detailed guns I have seen but that is not why this app made the best gun apps for Android list.

The reason for it being on the list is that it comes with realistic features like actually reloading the gun, cocking a revolver, turning off safety and firing. All of the guns functions need to be performed before you get to the actually shooting; this makes the game a delightful experience for those who are looking for realism.


  • Comes with a lot of guns.
  • Reloading a weapon was never this fun.
  • Gives you a sense of realism.

Notable Feature:

The downside is you may have to pay to unlock some weapons. Thankfully the app makes one weapon free for a day so you can get a taste of what kind of guns there are in the world.


4. iGun Pro – Free with In-app Purchases

iGun Pro

Know the Weapon

This is one of the first gun apps on the Play Store and actually comes with realistic firing animations. There is the muzzle flash, the light, the smoke and the empty shells when firing a weapon. This makes the free gun app for Android a pleasure to use.

The best thing about the app is that it comes with a lot of guns which are all detailed very nicely. I really had a fun time just examining how the guns fire. If you are more into the mechanisms of how a gun ejects its empty shells, this is the best app for you.

In-app Purchases: $0.99 – $39.99 per item


  • Comes with over 200 guns.
  • Comes with a great gun wall.
  • You can customize the shooting experience even add slow motion.

Notable Feature:

Want to know the complete details of a weapon? Get this app on your Android device. The app gives you a full charge sheet of a gun with each and every aspect of it listed. This is not a halfhearted Wikipedia copy paste job; the app really dives deep into details.


5. Gun Builder Elite – Free with In-app Purchases

Gun Builder Elite

Build Em Up

If I had to select one best gun app, this would be it. The app comes with fully detailed 3D models of guns which you can customize to your heart’s content. The gun models are truly amazing looking can be examined from any angle you like; there is even a rotation button on the top left corner. The best part is that you can attach a number of gun attachments to the weapons too and truly make it your own.

I really love changing the camouflage color, adding custom scopes, adding extended magazines, attaching powerful barrels and adding personalized stocks to guns. This free Android gun app also comes with a neat little zombie game to test the guns.

In-app Purchases: $0.99 – $2.99 per item


  • Fully realized 3D models.
  • There are a lot of attachments to use.
  • You can aim down the sights too.

Notable Feature:

The gun crafting is not just for show either, you can just as easily hop into a shooting range and test them out. The best part is you get to see the attachments in action too. For example if you attach a scope, you will be able to use it effectively.



These were the 5 best gun apps for Android. The Google Play Store has a lot of them but most of them are clones of each other. I know I have listed three apps which only fire guns but they vary in experiences and offerings. If you love shooting stuff legally, check out the best hunting apps list as well, there are some great apps on it. If you have suggestions or think I have made a mess somewhere, feel free to call on that, just don’t tell our staff member Dani about it!

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