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4 Best Handwriting to Text App For Happy Texting

Imagine this: You are in class, where do you write your notes? When you are in bed and you are having late-night thoughts, where do you scribble it?

So, what’s the answer? Handwriting to text app.

Does that ring a bell?

A handwriting to text app is a convenient way to store all the idea and information into your phone.

Here’s the deal, you only need your phone whenever you are in an important meeting or having a fleeting inspiration. We know the feeling, bringing notebooks and planners are bulky and are prone to lose. It couldn’t be easier without the app.

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The app is equivalent to notepads, all you have to do is scribble your notes on the device screen. Sounds easy, right?

Do you want to know the best part? The app can easily convert the handwritten notes into text. More so, your notes can be synced in the cloud and other multiple devices. Each app has overwhelming arrays of apps to make note-taking convenient, interactive, and informational.

What are you waiting for?

Read on to find out the right handwriting to text app for you and your device!

Top Picks for the Best Handwriting to Text App

These are our top picks for the best handwriting to text app available on the Google Play Store. Check each of them out or read on for more details.

  1. MyScript Nebo
  2. FiiNote – FREE
  3. Google Handwriting Input – FREE
  4. RoWrite – FREE

1. MyScript Nebo

Handwriting to Text Apps - Nebo App Logo
Nebo App Logo-Handwriting to Text App

MyScript helps students and professionals to take down their notes swiftly through handwriting. Nebo is designed for Android tablets and iPads. The app is incorporated with MyScript Interactive Ink technology that allows you to write, edit, and remove contents using your stylus pen. More so, you can easily switch your preference from keyboard to stylus pen.

When you are writing for reports, note management is not a problem. You can even make it more interactive by drawing sketches, annotating pictures, or provide diagrams. If you need to look for something, you can search for the handwritten text or diagram. Freely sketch or write in your note.

Once you are done with your work, you can save it as a Word Document, PDF, or an HTML file. More so, you can sync your document to Dropbox, iCloud, or Google Drive. MyScript Nebo is helpful for professionals and students with its features, but in spite of all of its features, it would be better if it is a free app. You can download MyScript Nebo at Google Play Store for $11.33!

Feature List of MyScript Nebo:

  • Write, remove, and edit with your stylus pen
  • Easy switch between keyboard and pen
  • Copy and paste external texts
  • Search bar
  • Publish pages
  • Sync and share

2. FiiNote – FREE

Handwriting to Text Apps - FiiNote App Logo
FiiNote App Logo-Handwriting to Text App

FiiNote is a must-have application as it offers ease out of taking down notes on an Android phone or tablet. It is perfect for students who are note-taking a discussion because of its fast interface. Most complain about handwriting to text apps is their slow recognition of the text. But, with FiiNote, it can easily recognize the handwritten text or art which encourages you to keep on writing.

The app has a grid background for handwriting or drawing support. It helps you come up with interactive notes as it supports annotating calendars, images, and diagrams. With this, FiiNote is perfect for doodles, sketches, and note-taking. After you saved your document, you can sync it to your cloud. Download the app for FREE at Google Play Store.

Handwriting to Text Apps - FiiNote Sample
FiiNote Sample

Feature List of FiiNote:

  • Uniquely combined handwriting and keyboard functionality
  • Interactive sketches and diagrams
  • Annotate images, calendars, to-do list
  • Supports archive and trash box
  • Sync to cloud

3. Google Handwriting Input – FREE

Handwriting to Text Apps - Google Handwriting Input App Logo
Google Handwriting Input App Logo-Handwriting to Text App

Will the handwriting to text app list be complete without a Google application being mentioned? I guess not! However, Google Handwriting Input is different from the others. It is a standalone keyboard app that can recognize handwriting and converts it to text. The app supports Android tablets with or without a stylus pen.

The app is not only useful and exclusive to a single application. You can use it in Messaging, Contacts, WhatsApp, and other applications that use a keyboard. More so, it is useful for languages that are hard to type through a standard keyboard. If you have an Android phone or tablet, it needs to be Android 4.0.3 and later.

Handwriting to Text Apps - Google Handwriting Input Sample
Google Handwriting Input Sample

Feature List of Google Handwriting Input:

  • Complements voice input and text typing
  • Supports drawing
  • Compatible with different languages

4. RoWrite – FREE

Handwriting to Text Apps - RoWrite App Logo
RoWrite App Logo

RoWrite converts handwritten notes and drawn sketches digitally. Each stroke or writing you make in the RoWrite app will be digitally converted on the paper page you created. The RoWrite Smart Writing Pad has a sensitive ballpoint pressure and its standard paper size is A5. More so, you can create lively sketches with the 20 digital ink colors available.

What is more interesting is you can convert your sketches and handwritten notes to digital text. You only need to press the convert to text button. All your works will be saved in the internal memory of RoWrite and you can share it with your colleagues or sync it to your cloud. It is an advantage of having this feature to avoid losing valuable information. More so, you can easily review and edit further your works.

Feature List of RoWrite:

  • Realtime Edit and Review
  • Convert to Text
  • Sync and Share
Google Play

Bonus : Rotibox Universal Digital Stylus Pen

Handwriting Apps Rotibox Digital Pen
Rotibox Universal Stylus Pen In Black

Write your hearts out with the Rotibox Universal Digital Style pen! It is suitable for any stylus-enabled device, may it be running on Android, iOS, Windows, and more!

Not only that.

It is accurate and rechargeable. Additionally, the battery life lasts a good amount of time!

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People May Ask About

Which tablet is best for handwritten notes?

Most students and professionals prefer to express their work, ideas, and take down notes on their tablets. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 with S Pen is a recommendable tablet. Aside from its generous screen display, it has a precise, convenient, and multifunctional S Pen. You can download the handwriting to text apps easily.

Is handwriting to text premium apps worth?

It is hard to justify whether paying a premium for handwriting to text apps is worth it. Premium accounts may offer additional features, but it is in the individual’s preference whether the app satisfies her.

Is digital handwriting helpful?

Yes, they are easy and convenient to access when notetaking is needed. Digital writing only requires your phone or any device. Thus, with digital handwriting, you can completely rely on your device without having the worries of misreading your sloppy handwriting.

Can I convert handwriting to text in Word?

You can scan handwritten documents to transfer them to your smartphone where they can be converted to text. Use Microsoft OneNote to record the words after scanning the paper as a PDF to convert handwriting to text. Then select Copy Text From Picture after opening the PDF.


There is a lot of handwriting to text apps out there, but we chose the best ones for you. With the recommendations we have given, choose on any of the apps that fit your preferences and needs. We hope the list will help you decide which app is helpful for you. If you find this article useful, share this article with your friends and colleagues. More so, we encourage you to drop your suggestions in the comment section below.

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