HDR Camera Apps for Android

Top 5 HDR Camera Apps for Android for Vivid Pics

There are a ton of HDR camera apps on Google Play Store which claim to take HDR photos. Unfortunately most of them are lying. You see HDR or high dynamic range is not a filter or effect. Real HDR photos which are taken with DSLR cameras are the result of at least two photos taken at different exposures and combining them. This is a concept which a ton of camera developers have missed when making claims of HDR photos.

Thankfully there are some apps which do take correct HDR photos by taking two or three pictures and combining them. You may be thinking, “So what’s so special about HDR dude?” Well HDR photos makes pictures taken, a shade clearer and make the light source bearable. For example the subject is sitting under a tree and there is sun shining too. A HDR photo will make your subject clear and threshold the sunlight to a pleasant level.

Note: The best HDR Camera apps for Android were tested on a Samsung Galaxy Note III smartphone. The apps performed fine during testing. One of the apps is not actually a real HDR camera, but it comes extremely close in results. The apps are ranked simply by their ability to take HDR photos, nothing else. If you are looking for a great camera app, check out our best cameras on Android list.

Recommendation: I recommend that you take a look at the camera which comes with your Android device. Usually there is the HDR option available there and it will perform better than any of the apps. Samsung, LG, HTC and Sony all provide this option in their new devices. I suggest you try that app out before considering any of these Android HDR cameras.

Tip: For better results, try not to shake your camera while the pictures are being taken. For extremely optimal results use a tripod.

1. Camera HDR Studio

HDR Camera Icon 1

Camera HRD Studio is a very capable HDR camera for Android. Although there are several quirks with the interface, the end result is very pleasing. I’ll be honest here; this camera will not rival pictures taken by a dedicated DSLR, but it does deliver some good looking pictures.

The interface elements are of seriously low resolution, it becomes glaringly obvious on high resolution devices. Other than that, there are a ton of post processing filters to play around with and add more personal touches to your pictures.

Free Version 

2. A Better Camera

A Better Camera Icon 2

A Better Camera is indeed a better camera for HDR photos. The camera app is capable of taking rich details and bright colors with ease. The resulting HDR photos look almost professional. But that’s not all though, the camera comes with some great shooting modes as well.

You can take multiple shots in an instant and then remove unwanted objects with ease. Burst and expo-bracketing features are also available.

Free Version 

3. Camera360 Ultimate

Camera360 Ultimate Icon 3

Camera360 Ultimate does not take what I call traditional HDR photos. But it can replicate the effect with extremely believable accuracy. The mid tone contrast and sharpness makes any image look HDR. Then there is the remarkable interface which just makes everything fun to use.

The camera comes with a dedicated selfie mode which makes your face look brighter and without any marks. It is not as great as dedicated selfie apps for Android but hey, it’s a good plus. This is one of the best hdr camera apps for free download.

Free Version

4. HDR Camera

HDR Camera Icon 4

HDR Camera is kind of weird. The camera itself is very capable of taking real, authentic HD pictures. But the app constantly pushes you to try A better Camera.

Sure the developers are the same and “A Better Camera” is a new app but this one is still getting updated. Apart from the confusing scenario, HDR Camera takes good quality pictures.

Free Version 


HDR HQ Icon 5

This HDR Android camera does not take actual HDR photos. But the in-app algorithm can make regular photos look HDR with no problems. The editor is the real meat of the app and it shows. The interface is very user friendly.

The app runs in a matter of seconds and most of the major features are completely free. The only problems here are the rampant ads. I can endure a consistent banner but showing ads on the viewfinder? And pop them up randomly during usage makes this app hard to recommend.

Free Version

This concludes the best HDR camera apps for Android list. Android has come a long way since its introduction. Naturally the hardware is also constantly improving and bringing in new features. HDR works best if the hardware supports it, but it can also be replicated with ease.

Taking multiple pictures at different exposures and combining them seems like a simple task. But it can be hard if your hands are shaking. I would personally never use a mobile camera for serious photography, especially if I need to take HDR images. Try out these apps and do share your experiences with me in the comments below.

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