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8 Best Hotspot Apps for Android in 2023

Can you live without Wi-Fi or an internet connection?

Well, of course, you can. However, in these modern times, having a WiFi or internet connection has become a necessity. So it can really be a hassle if you’re stuck without the internet. In times like these, using hotspot apps for Android can really be a lifesaver.

Most smartphones now come with a built-in hotspot feature. But don’t get your hopes too high. This in-mobile hotspot feature may not be good enough for some users.

Good thing there are mobile hotspot apps for Android that can make your life a lot easier. Aside from using a mobile hotspot app, you can also improve your internet connection using internet booster apps.

Setting up a hotspot can be a bit confusing, especially if you have an older Android smartphone. The apps are designed to be user-friendly. With just a touch or a few taps, you can easily share your mobile data with other devices such as laptops, tablets, or other smartphones.

Experiencing WiFi problems? Getting a WiFi authentication error? Check out these methods on how to solve WiFi problems on Android.

With the best hotspot apps for Android, you can distribute your internet or data to other users or with your other devices. Such apps will come in handy, especially for people who carry many devices with them. Now turn your smartphone into a portable hotspot.


8 Best Hotspot Apps for Android

Try these hotspot apps for Android and start sharing your internet connection with other devices.

  1. PdaNet+
  2. VPN Hotspot
  3. FoxFi
  4. Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot
  5. Wi-Fi Hotspot Portable
  6. Free WiFi Connection Anywhere
  7. Wi-Fi Tether Router
  8. Osmino: Share Wi-Fi Free

1. PdaNet+

PdaNet+ Hotspot app logo

PdaNet+ is one of the best mobile hotspot apps for Android available today. Its strongest feature perhaps is its Wi-Fi Direct Hotspot, which allows you to share Wi-Fi automatically and easily with all phones that run on Android 4.1 or later versions.


  • WiFi Direct Mode
  • USB Mode
  • Bluetooth Mode

Another great feature is the “USB Mode,” which lets users connect their mobile hotspot with Windows or Mac. Additionally, there’s a “Wi-Fi Share” option. With this, you can turn your Windows device into a Wifi hotspot to allow other users to share the internet connection with other users.

Note: The free version has a time usage limit.

2. VPN Hotspot


Nowadays, connecting VPN to your device is simple, and VPN Hotspot is one of the best choices of hotspot apps for Android. Since it has an open source connection and the app is used to connect things behind corporate firewalls that don’t support VPN, like Chromecast. 

You can simply share your VPN connection over a hotspot, or system tethering, but the app requires rooting. If you have rooted your device, it makes it a lot easier to connect to the home network without the hassle of VPN routers. 

VPN Hotspot becomes better and more secure with every update. According to some reviews, the app has not faced any issues even when it is on for a full day. This reliability is unbeatable compared with other networks. You can also run a VPN without being required to perform any extra steps to install the proxy on another system. 


  • Setting up gaps between firewalls.
  • Upstream network interface used to reroute traffic.
  • Users can use this app with a real VPN or socksifier.
  • Supports all devices, such as Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.

3. FoxFi


If you’re using PdaNet+, FoxFi is a part of it, which is now the top list of hotspot apps for Android downloaded by millions of users. It connects to multiple devices and other portable devices with a fast and reliable connection. FoxFi enables a WiFi hotspot on your Android devices, which does not require any tethering or rooting.

Android version 7.0 and later are no longer using the old legacy WiFi hotspot mode. The legacy WiFi hotspot solution remains in the FoxFi application. If your device still supports legacy and works on your Android device, it can be one of the best features and a good solution for sharing an internet connection through devices. There are no limits, no matter what kind of devices you connect with. 


  • No rooting required.
  • With each upgrade, it’s more safe and secure to use.
  • Supports multiple connections at same time.
  • Supports Wifi, USB, and Bluetooth modes.

4. Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot


Technically speaking every app is a portable version of something, like a standard map app for Android, would be technically portable. So this portable Wi-Fi hotspot is actually just a Wi-Fi hotspot with nothing new to offer.

All you need to do is press a button and it will turn on the “portable” Wi-Fi hotspot and that will be it. If you want to, you can change the name of the Wi-Fi hotspot so that it’s easier to find for others. You can also protect it with a password, this way no random person will connect and leech off your data.

The app is fairly simple and does what it is meant to do, there is nothing more here to see. The funny thing is, it actually uses the built-in hotspot feature of your phone and simply turns it on.

Note: Before running the app, make sure that you do the following: Go to Settings, then More, then Tethering & portable hotspot, and then set up Wi-Fi hotspot.

5. Wi-Fi Hotspot Portable

WiFi Portable Hotspot app

This is a relatively well-designed app and allows you to only access hotspot related features right on one screen. There is a huge Wi-Fi button that you can press to turn on the hotspot right on the main screen.

Below that, you can change the network name, select the type of security you want for the connection, and even set up a password. The app developer has offered a show password feature, which is quite useful in the long run.

With just a touch, you can share your WiFi connection with your family, friends, business partners, and others with their WLAN-compatible devices.

6. Free WiFi Connection Anywhere

Free WiFi Connection Anywhere

This app is true to its name; it allows you to get a free WiFi connection anywhere. It works by turning your phone into a Wi-Fi connector manager.  It allows you to connect to different WiFi networks across the globe.

Aside from showing wireless networks nearby, it also monitors less crowded WiFi channels, channel graphs, signal strength, and channel interference. You can save data usage as well.

free wifi connection anywhere hotspot app for android
Turn your phone into a WiFi connector manager-Hotspot Apps for Android


  • Signal level history graph
  • Supports MBPS/KBPS
  • Compare cell speed tests
  • Show WiFi and SSID Password
  • Tablet and Mobile support

This app has a SpeedTest Plus option too. With this, you can check the speed of your connection. Test speed not only for WiFi, but also for 2G, 3G, 4G, GPRS, and ADSL. On top of all these, you can tether the hotspot from your phone at high speed.

7. Wi-Fi Tether Router

Wi-Fi Tether Router

Wi-Fi Tether Router available hotspot apps for Android. It is a paid application that belongs to the category of communication. It is recommended for root users alone. This app is used like the tethering app using Bluetooth and money saver.

Most cellular providers charge a huge amount of money on your smartphone plan for the usage of tethering or hotspot. You can connect to the Internet through another WiFi-enabled device with the help of the plan that you have for your phone. Wondering how it is possible, this is through WiFi Tether Router.

You need not worry about the compatibility of this device. This device is compatible with most smartphones and other portable devices. This device is compatible with Android 4.0, 4.1, and 4.2. The language that is supported is English, Italian, and French.

This is a simple app to use. All you need is to simply configure your hotspot by naming your personal network. This name will be available in “Configure WiFi Router.” After this, you need to “Enable WiFi router” and begin using the Internet from a secondary device or PC.

8. Osmino: Share Wi-Fi Free

Osmino Share WiFi Free

Osmino WiFi network manager for hotspot apps for Android helps you to identify the free WiFi networks around you. While waiting at the bus station, grocery store, or restaurant, and if there is a WiFi network available, this application will identify it easily and let you know.

This network manager will be able to tell you the speed of your current WiFi network both the download and the uploading speed. This will be of great use if you pay for your WiFi network based on speed. 

One of the interesting features of this WiFi network manager is that it will let you know the list of information that is accessed by various WiFi networks. The virtual reality option of the network manager will help point the Android camera in the direction of the available WiFi networks.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any free hotspot apps for Android?

FoxFi is a free hotspot app for Android devices that do not require rooting. This app allows you to make your phone a portable WiFi hotspot and share your internet connection through many devices, including PdaNet, USB, and Bluetooth modes.

Are mobile hotspots secure?

Yes, mobile hotspots are secure. They’re not perfect or infallible security-wise, but they are fairly secure.

How do mobile hotspots work?

Basically, a mobile hotspot works by tapping into 3G, 4G, or other cellular networks, and then sharing that connection with other nearby devices via WiFi.

Will mobile hotspot apps for Android work anywhere?

No, mobile hotspots will not work anywhere. You need to be in an area with at least a 3G or 4G connection.

Start Sharing Your Connection

There are not many hotspot apps for Android out there. Sometimes even in the Android world, there are certain categories that are not populated enough and this is certainly one of those categories. This may be because smartphones now come with a useful built-in hotspot feature.

Nevertheless, the in-mobile feature may not be enough. The third-party apps offer other features than just being a portable hotspot. They’re easier to use as well. Thus, making your life a lot easier.

So if you always carry around different devices with you and you’d like to share your connection from your phone to your other devices, then you’d definitely need more than just a built-in hotspot. Try any of the apps featured here and share away.

We may have missed some of the hotspot apps that you find helpful and essential. So feel free to tell us what other hotspot apps you’d like other users to try. Leave your comments or suggestions below.

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