6 Best Huawei GT and Huawei GT2 Smartwatch Bands

Do you wish you could give your Huawei GT and Huawei GT2 smartwatch a makeover?

Wish granted! With the help of new watch bands, it’s super easy to give your smartwatch a new look.

Let’s admit this:

No matter how gorgeous your smartwatch is, you’ll eventually get bored with its appearance if you wear it every day.

And I bet, your watchband often clashes with your outfit! Yikes!

Now, here’s the thing:

Unlike jewelry that only has an aesthetic or sentimental value, your smartwatch is more than just a plain accessory. It has practical value because of its essential features such as telling the time. And with the advancement of technology, smartwatches can now function as your personal trainer or GPS guide when you’re traveling.

One of the best smartwatches out there is the Huawei Watch.

Your Huawei Watch GT or GT2 can also serve as your daily assistant by monitoring your heart rate, recording your fitness progress, and sending you notifications of calls and text messages when paired with your Android smartphone. And of course, it can tell the time too.

The Best Huawei GT and Huawei GT2 Smartwatch Bands

Best OverallLeafBoat Stainless Steel Band for Huawei GT Smartwatch
CheapestCoholl Fit Band for Huawei GT Smartwatch
Best ValueMoKo 3-PACK Bands for Huawei GT & Huawei GT 2 Smartwatch
Highly RecommendedHATALKIN Stainless Steel Band for Huawei GT2 Smartwatch
Runner UpTeaBoy Leather & Silicone Band for Huawei GT2 Smartwatch
 Abanen Waterproof Silicone Band for Huawei GT Smartwatch

Why would you stick to the same boring smartwatch look every day when you can spice up your watch’s appearance?Just because your smartwatch is a functional accessory, it doesn’t mean it can’t be a fashion accessory as well.

A quick, convenient way to give your Huawei GT and Huawei GT2 smartwatch a fresh look is by getting new watch bands! Now, we took the pain of searching the best watchbands in the market and compiled it on this list just for you!

Without further ado, let’s dig into our list!

Best Huawei GT and Huawei GT2 Smartwatch Bands

1. LeafBoat Stainless Steel Band for Huawei GT Smartwatch: Timeless & Classic

The 22mm LeafBoat stainless steel band

Do you want to wear your smartwatch to a formal party? The LeafBoat Stainless Steel Band can transform your casual Huawei GT smartwatch into a classic one that will seamlessly blend in with your formal attire.

At first glance, the 22mm LeafBoat band looks as if it was made for a traditional vintage watch instead of a modern smartwatch.

This adjustable wristband can add a touch of sophistication to your smartwatch, thanks to its gleaming stainless steel material and its timeless design.

While it is gorgeous enough to wear to formal occasions, this band is surprisingly sturdy enough for you to wear even when you are playing sports.

Just don’t forget to regularly wipe the surface of the wristband clean in order to keep the band in good condition.

The LeafBoard wristband is compatible with the Huawei GT smartwatch. It fits a wrist size of 145mm -210mm. You have two color options to choose from: Silver and Black.

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2. MoKo 3-PACK Bands for Huawei GT & Huawei GT 2 Smartwatch: Fun & Varied

The MoKo 3-PACK Band comes in a variety of colors which can add a fun, fresh vibe to your smartwatch.

Do you easily get bored with the looks of your Huawei GT and Huawei GT 2 smartwatch? Add a touch of variety to your tech fashion statement with the help of MoKo 3-PACK bands.

You can flaunt a different color each day since each pack comes in three different colors.

You can choose a pack that combines Lake Blue (to be honest, it looks more like light mint green to me), Light Pink & White if you like cheerful, happy pastel colors.

If you prefer basic, neutral colors, you can go for the Black, White & Midnight Blue pack instead.

You can also select the Gray, Army Green & Lime pack in case you want an army-inspired color palette.

In spite of its color varieties, MoKo band is not just about fun, but about comfort as well.

Each MoKo band is made out of soft silicone. You can wear it during your fitness activities since the band is lightweight, flexible and water-resistant.

The MoKo 3-PACK Band is compatible with Huawei GT Smartwatch (46mm) and Huawei GT 2 Smartwatch (46mm).  It fits a wrist size of 155mm-220mm.

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3. Abanen Waterproof Silicone Band for Huawei GT Smartwatch: Sporty & Vibrant

This 22mm Abanen soft silicone band

Are you an athletic person who primarily uses your Huawei GT Smartwatch when you play sports? The Abanen waterproof wristband will definitely fit your active lifestyle.

This 22mm Abanen band is made out of soft silicone so it is flexible and comfortable. The band is designed to be breathable: It has perforated holes that help minimize dampness on your wrist even when you are sweating because of your physical activities. It’s a relief to wear this band when you are biking, swimming, dancing, running, jogging, and more.

This sporty band comes in a vibrant orange color that matches your energetic vibe.

The Abanen wristband is compatible with the Huawei GT Smartwatch. It fits a wrist size of 160mm-200mm.

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4. TeaBoy Leather & Silicone Band for Huawei GT2 Smartwatch: Classy & Convenient

The TeaBoy band

Are you having a hard time choosing between a leather band and a silicone band for your Huawei GT2 Smartwatch? I understand your dilemma since both materials have their advantages.

Thankfully, TeaBoy innovatively combines the rugged classiness of leather and the convenience of silicone in its 22mm wristband.

On one hand, the leather gives the band a distinguished appearance, whether you choose the brown leather or its black counterpart.

On the other hand, the silicone material improves the airflow and keeps the band comfortable to wear.

It gives versatility to your smartwatch, making it suitable to wear to your dressy casual events and to your rugged outings as well.

The TeaBoy wristband is compatible with the Huawei Watch GT2 (46mm). The band has a length of 220mm.

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5. Coholl Fit Band for Huawei GT Smartwatch: Bold & Modern

The Coholl Fit band

Do you want your Huawei GT smartwatch to reflect your modern personality? Make a bold fashion statement by wearing a Coholl Fit band with a striking red-and-black color combination.

It transforms your smartwatch into a sleek, stylish accessory that will level up your look during parties, night outs, and even casual business events.

This 22mm wristband is made out of environmental-friendly silicone material. It is both comfortable and durable, making it a great choice for active people who enjoy sports activities. You can even swim while wearing this band.

If you prefer subtler color combinations, you also have the option to get this wristband in black-and-green or black-and-grey.

The Coholl Fit band is compatible with the Huawei GT Smartwatch (46mm). Its straps have a length of 88mm+115mm.

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6. HATALKIN Stainless Steel Band for Huawei GT2 Smartwatch: Classic & Refined

The HATALKIN stainless steel band

Do you own a Huawei GT2? You can also give your smartwatch the appearance of a classic vintage watch, just like Huawei GT users.

The HATALKIN band is made out of smooth stainless steel that lends an air of refinement to your watch. Thanks to this band’s elegant design, you can confidently wear your smartwatch to formal social gatherings.

However, this band is not all about looks. You can wear it even during fitness activities and sports events, as long as you remember to wipe it clean after in order to keep it in good condition.

The HATALKIN band is compatible with the Huawei GT2 Smartwatch (42mm). You can choose between two color options: Rose Gold or Black. It fits a wrist size of 145mm -210mm.

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Important Reminders & Tips Before You Choose a Smartwatch Band

Before you whip out your credit card and buy a smartwatch band online, I want to share a few reminders and tips with you first to help you make the right choice.

An important reminder: Make sure that the band you want to order is compatible with your smartwatch! While there are some bands that will work for both Huawei GT and GT2 smartwatches, not all bands for the GT is compatible with the GT2 and vice versa.

In connection to this, you also have to check if the band will fit your smartwatch in terms of size. Some bands are meant for 46mm watches, while others are meant for 42mm watches. Read the specs carefully in order to ensure that you choose a band you can actually use with your own smartwatch.

Here’s a final tip: After you finally order and receive your new band, make the most out of it by customizing the watch face of your Huawei Watch GT or GT2.

Did you know that you can actually choose from different traditional or modern digital watch faces? Maximize your smartwatch’s makeover by selecting a watch face that matches the design of your new band.

Which of the Huawei GT and Huawei GT2 Smartwatch bands do you want to get for your smartwatch? Which bands have you already tried using? Feel free to share your thoughts and feedback in the comment section below. We’re excited to hear from fellow smartwatch lovers like you!

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