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5 Instant Messaging Apps on Android to Chat All Day

Curious about the best instant messaging apps for Android devices? Well, read on, to know the must-try instant messengers for your smart gadgets.

You have to admit:

In this modern-day and age, we tend to use the smart part of our smartphone more than the phone part. It’s because the Internet has become very accessible and is readily available at cheap rates. This is exactly why instant messaging apps on Android are all in rage. I find myself texting over the Internet more than I have used the actual cellular text.

Why are these apps such a must-have?

Well, they are great ways to stay in contact with people and have a lot of fun. With 4G Internet on our fingertips, there is no reason to actually use a phone these days. To be honest, I would rather chat with a friend via a good video chat app than a phone call.

You see…

There used to be an urgency to see someone actually calling you on your phone. Sometimes you actually felt excited when my phone rang back in the days. However, these days I just put my phone upside down and concentrate on the work of video games. Instant messaging apps on Android have made me more accessible to people without bothering me with unnecessarily long calls.

I have to admit:

I’m one of those people who are amazing in real life situations but are stumped when it comes to talking on the phone. These great IM apps for Android makes it easier to get to the point and still remain polite. One of the best ways to talk in this day and age is not to talk at all. Nifty, right?

Note: The five reliable instant messaging apps on Android were tested on numerous Android devices. Almost all of the apps are in regular usage and have never been problematic for me. I have used all of these apps on at least four different smartphones and tablets. The apps are not in any particular order, and all are great in sending instant messages.

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1. Skype

Skype may not be an amazing instant messaging app on Android but it is still one of the most reliable ones around. Skype is an overall experience that allows you to make video calls, voice calls as well as send text messages to your friends and family. However, I really like the simple interface of the app and how remarkably stable it is.

I have conversed with friends for hours on this app and it has never failed to deliver. Sending instant messages is painless and you can also send creative emojis to your friends. Skype has evolved over the years and the company has innovated the back end code to be more stable than it was ever before. Whether you are making video calls or sending simple texts, Skype will deliver at all times.

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2. Whatsapp


I wasn’t too big on using this app when it first launched because I found it a little lackluster. However, over the years, the developer has refined this instant messaging app for Android and made it a force to be reckoned with. Now, it’s a must use app to send texts to my friends.

The interface is simple, the app runs on almost any smartphone you can get your hands on and it is highly stable now. The developer has also added voice calling features to this app and it takes surprisingly well. The app is being constantly updated and new features are added at a very fast pace.

The developers listen to the feedback and further evolve this instant messenger on Android constantly. They recently added around hundred new emoji to the app as well as the ability to back up your messages to Google drive.

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3. Viber

If you are looking for a messenger that can send texts as well as provide great voice quality calls, then Viber is perfect for you. Also, if you are into sending long texts to friends you will be surprised how limited other messaging apps are in this regard. I once tried to send a full article to my buddy over another messenger app but it failed because the text was too long.

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This instant messaging app for Android, however, delivered the whole 5000-word article in one go which is really remarkable. If you’re into making groups with your buddies and chatting with all of them at once, this app allows you to create groups of up to 200 friends. I don’t recommend that you do so as it will get annoying really fast but the option is there if you want it. The app is also famous for its HD quality phone calls over Wi-Fi or 3G so if you want the talk-to ability there is a quality service available.

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4. Hangouts

If you are into official apps for your beloved Android smartphone or tablet, then Hangouts is as official as it gets. This app is made by the same company that provided the operating system for your device and it shows. Hangouts is simple and easy to use instant messaging app on Android and sometimes it is a default messaging app on some smartphones.

Google has kept the footprint to a minimum here and the app works just as intended without taking up too many resources. There is a voice calling feature, a video calling feature, as well as text feature. You will also be able to make groups with your buddies and chat with all of them at once. Sending pictures and videos is also made fairly easy.

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5. Messenger

Almost everyone is on Facebook by now and it makes more sense to use those contacts to connect with them. I don’t want to give my number to some people who are on my Facebook and there are a ton of people who think like this. For those people, sending text messages or using any other app may mean compromising their personal information like email address or phone number which they want to keep a secret.

I know, Facebook is one of the most powerful social media apps for Android and is quite public but you still have the option to hide your email address and phone number there. For good reason, phone numbers should not be shared with everyone. This messenger basically allows you to send text messages to people who are on your friends list on Facebook. It also allows you to make voice calls which are of surprisingly good quality.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are instant messaging apps?

Instant messaging apps are made to let users communicate with other users digitally. It gives people a chance to talk with people from the other side of the globe. Messaging, calling, and video chatting are some of the main features these apps offer.

What is the difference between texting and instant messaging?

Texting is a cellphone service that lets people message other people. This service is usually limited to 160 characters for every use. Meanwhile, instant messaging is done using apps on Android devices or websites. And with instant messaging, there are no character limits.


These were a few great and reliable instant messaging apps on Android that will help you stay connected with your friends without talking to them. Some people are not comfortable talking to other people on phones which is entirely understandable. For those people, these apps are a godsend as you will be able to stay in contact without even uttering a word.

So what do you think about this list? Are there any apps missing that should be on here? Do voice your suggestions or opinions in the comments below.

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