The 5 Best Internet Booster Apps for Android in 2023

It’s true! Slow internet is a bummer!

Picture this:

You’re ready to watch a YouTube video clip and you wait for about 3 seconds for it to load. It plays fine for about 30 seconds or so. Then suddenly it stops, buffers, and plays every 2 seconds. The 2-minute video now becomes an excruciating 5-minute nightmare.


We start to lose interest in what we’re doing because of this frequent internet interruption. But why do we experience this even if we are subscribed to an expensive and high-Mbps plan?

We’ll find ourselves asking “Why is the internet so slow?”

Even though our connection is determined by our Internet Service Provider (ISP),  there will be times when the connection fluctuates. This could be due to incorrect router configuration, signal hindrances, and/or malware infection. But getting low bandwidths, especially if you are connected to a sharing connection such as WiFi, is normal.


There are other issues that could affect your connection too. These are low RAM, multiple applications running in the background that are using your internet connection, full internal storage, and junk files.

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The good news is…

Internet booster apps can speed up your connection whether you are connected to WiFi or your mobile network. This article will help you find the best Internet Booster Apps for Android phones.

Best Internet Booster Apps

1. Internet Booster & Optimizer – Free with ads

 Internet Booster Apps for Android

Google Playstore Rating: 4.5 stars

Size: 3.72 MB (latest version)

Total No. of Downloads to date: 5M+

Internet Booster Optimizer
Internet Booster Optimizer interface

Internet Booster & Optimizer promises to enhance your internet browsing experience by automatically putting your browser as the top priority on your Android system. It optimizes commands to get the most out of your ISP’s internet speed.

Although you can optimize your device’s command manually, it takes a while to do. Internet Booster & Optimizer takes care of all these technicalities once you install the app. This works for rooted and unrooted phone and 2g/3g/4g/LTE connections. It cleans your phone’s RAM, clears caches, and pauses unnecessary processes.

After installation, you will be asked to verify whether your Android device is rooted or not. It also has an ‘I Don’t Know’ selection, for those who aren’t sure. It then asks you to tap the center button to start optimizing your device and launches your browser.

It does have a disclaimer which states that the functionalities of this app may vary in your phone’s Android version and settings. It could also limit your maximum transmission unit if you are connected to a router.

Important reminders: This app was previously available in Google Play but was recently removed. Download at your own risk!

Download it here!

2. Connection Stabilizer Booster – Free with Ads and In-app Purchase

Connection Stabilizer Booster logo

Google Playstore Rating: 4.3 stars

Size: 3MB

Total No. of Downloads to date: 5M+

Connection Stabilizer Booster
Connection Stabilizer Booster User interface

Connection Stabilizer Booster works with both rooted and unrooted Android phones. This app ensures that your connection is flawless and stable.

It has 2 options; Active Keep Alive and Active Reconnect.

Active Keep Alive keeps your connection going even if there are periods of inactivity. It stabilizes the traffic between your phone and your ISP servers.

It also prioritizes your Android device to keep your internet experience at its peak. Use this feature if your connection is slow or if it freezes from time to time.

Active Reconnect, on the other hand, restores your connection if it drops. This usually happens when there is a large volume of users.

You can get ‘kicked out’ of the connection causing you to be disconnected from the server. Active Reconnect makes sure that, when this happens, you will be automatically back “in.”

Connection Stabilizer Booster also has a Force Connect feature where you can push your way through congested networks.

Google Play

3. Network Signal Booster – Free with In-app Purchases

Cellular repeater

Google Playstore Rating: 4.4 stars


Total No. of Downloads to date: 1M+

Network Signal Booster
Network Signal Booster User Interface

Weak signal is no match for Network Signal Booster. It has a simple user interface that is very user-friendly. This apps instantly boosts your connection once launched and you can enjoy streaming movies or video clips on apps or on your browser. It works on both cellular data or WiFi connection.

I have tried this internet booster in Google Chrome to stream a movie and it really does wonders. Once the movie was loaded, it automatically played without buffering or lagging even if I skipped to the middle of the movie. It then took about 2 seconds to adjust and continue on with the streaming.

Upon start-up, you’ll need to give it a few minutes to connect. Network Signal Booster refreshes your current connection by switching it off temporarily and then turning it back on. Once it’s done, you can enjoy a faster connection.

4. Speedify – Bonding VPN – Free with In-app Purchases

Speedify - Bonding VPN

Google Playstore Rating: 4 stars

Size: Varies with the device

Total No. of Downloads to date: 1M+

Speedify User Interface

Speedify works better as an internet booster than a VPN. It uses a technology called ‘Channel Bonding’ which increases your device’s bandwidth by simultaneously using an unlimited number of internet connections all at once. As long as they’re identified correctly by the operating system, whether it be a tethering device, WiFi, or ethernet; even if you are connected to a slower connection, you’ll be seamlessly transitioned to a faster one.

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Speedify uses its connection to the global networks of VPN to distribute online traffic to all available internet connections. In turn, your downloads and online streams will not be interrupted. It can also work with just one connection – it’s a great fix for high packet loss

Speedify boasts an extensive server list that will let you access all websites wherever you are. And because it doubly works as a VPN, you can browse safely and securely; It protects sensitive information while running in the background.

Note: Speedify needs at least 2 connections to function and the free version is limited to 1GB of free data per month.

Google Play

5. WiFi Booster – WiFi Enhancer – Free with Ads

Wifi Booster - Wifi enhancer

Google Playstore Rating: 4.3 stars

Size: 5.4MB

Total No. of Downloads to date: 100k+

Wifi Booster
Wifi Booster User Interface

What is good about the WiFi Booster is not only does it boost your connectivity, it also shows how many devices are sharing the connection. It does a safety check on the WiFi that you are currently on and it also cleans your caches and optimized 3G,4G and Wifi connections.

Clicking the Boost icon will display how many applications are running and needing to be optimized. It will also show how much higher (in percentage) your network can be boosted.

The user interface of this app is simple. It doesn’t have so many buttons that can tend to confuse the users. Additionally, it supports all versions of Android and resolves DNS server issues, latency, overlapping etc.

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Do WiFi or internet booster apps work?

Yes. As long as you are properly connected to the internet and the connection is strong enough. However, the results may vary.

Your Thoughts?

All the apps listed above are rated 4 stars and above, so you can be sure that you’re not installing an application that won’t work. These internet boosting apps are guaranteed to maximize your online experience.

Have you tried any of these applications?

What are the usual problems that you encounter when connecting to the internet? Share your thoughts on the comments section below.

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  1. How about a program that uses phone hardware to act as a literal signal amplifyer – if possible, one that you can turn on off or control the gain so as to save battery. And something that comes at modest cost with a code that you pay once and own it, including if you restore the phone and reload it. Pitty I wasnt a programmer.
    David Jackson.

  2. Hi Rose.

    Thanks for the useful info. Unfortunately, the link to the first app in your list isn’t working. I realize this was posted several months ago, but would you mind providing the publisher or the website for the Internet Booster & Optimizer app you were referring to here? I can’t seem to find one in the Google Play Store with the same icon shown in your post.

    Thanks in advance for your help!

    1. Hello! Thank you for noticing that. Unfortunately, the app was banned from the Google Play Store recently. However, we updated this article and provided an alternative link for the app.

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