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Best K-Drama App in 2021

Looking for the best K-drama app? Well, you are in the right place!

The mass appeal of everything about Korean entertainment has long been there. But, the Korean fever or more known as the Hallyu wave has even gained more traction because of the lockdown.

Netflix confirmed that the viewership of K-dramas boosted up to 4 times in 2020 compared to its numbers in 2019. This streaming platform even invested around 500 million USD into creating Korean content.

And that is just K-dramas! Imagine the pool of other Korean content such as K-music. Korean pop culture is surely one of the most profitable markets today.

With that, the industry of platforms that offer different K-content is now very in demand. Specifically, the list of K-drama app available today is endless. It may be hard to choose one K-drama app to subscribe to as they offer different varieties of K-dramas and at different rates.

When choosing the best K-drama app, always remember that they don’t usually offer this content for free. You either have to watch it with advertisements or pay a subscription fee.

 So, making the most out of your subscription by making sure that the app offers the best features at friendly prices is important. 

To save you the time and money in trying these different apps, we’ve listed down the best K-drama app in 2021.

Let’s dive in and start binge-watching those Korean dramas!

K-Drama Apps to Try

  1. Netflix
  2. Viu
  3. KBS World TV
  4. WeTV
  5. iQIYI
  6. Viki Rakuten

These are just a few of the K-drama apps that you can download on your Android phone to enjoy your favorite Korean content.

1. Netflix

The first on the list of our best K-drama app is Netflix. This is arguably one of the most popular streaming platforms today. Netflix offers subscription-based streaming which would give you access to different genres of movies, tv-series, and even documentaries. 

This K-drama platform is available on an Android phone or devices with a Windows OS.

And, as mentioned above, Netflix has actually invested in creating their own K-content. Talk about the best K-drama app!

There are over 40 K-dramas that are owned by Netflix. A few of which is Kingdom, Crash Landing on You, and two recent crowd-favorites — Nevertheless and Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha. What’s amazing about these K-dramas is that they are composed of the biggest Korean actors and actresses of our time. 

This K-drama app also hosts around 200 other classic and new K-dramas movies and series. Further, Netflix allows viewers to choose from different subtitle options, making it more accessible for foreign viewers. 

Netflix offers different subscription rates that are for your budget. You can choose from 4 different plans below:

One of the most noticeable differences in these plans is the availability of high-definition videos. The basic plan does not support streaming in HD. While the standard plan does, a better quality video can be enjoyed in the premium plan where ultra HD is available. 

2. Viu

Another popular K-drama app is Viu. What sets Viu aside is it offers mainly Asian-related films and tv series. So, aside from K-dramas, it also has Chinese, Japanese, and even Filipino content.

Viu offers content with English subtitles, so, worry not about not being able to enjoy your favorite K-drama. More than the K-dramas, Viu also offers the most popular K-variety shows like Street Woman Fighter.

What users like about Viu is that it allows them to watch their content for free. That is something that we don’t usually get these days.

With free membership, you get to enjoy your K-drama content by just watching through a few ads. But, if you want to jump right into the movie or series, then the premium subscription is for you. 

Premium subscription in this K-drama app allows users to watch without having paid ads. In addition, users will be able to download the content they like and watch it any time anywhere without the need for an internet connection.

Viu premium subscriptions can be availed at 1USD for the first three months. Succeeding rates are at 3USD a month. 

Image from Viu

You can get and download Viu in your Android phone through this link:

3. KBS World TV

KBS World is a television channel provided by KBS or the Korean Broadcasting System. It targets the international audience by offering Korean content with English subtitles.

This company offers live TV broadcasts about Korean content such as news and entertainment. Their mobile application is available on Android phones and is free to download. So, it is not a surprise that users consider it as one of the best K-drama app today.

KBS World requires users to sign in before usage. Once a user has an account they can enjoy the latest Korean news, and KBS-produced movies, and tv series. Two of their most popular drama include Descendants of the Sun and Good Doctor. 

And as most of you all know, the popular music show – Music Bank is also produced by KBS World. Further, KBS also creates documentaries that highlight popular Korean acts today. 

4. WeTV

A relatively new K-drama app to consider is WeTV. This app also offers a wide variety of shows beyond the Korean ones. Its website is only user-friendly and can be used in different languages.

Recently it has incorporated new updates such as a new UI interface for both online and offline experience. It also now added more speed options such as 3x, and 0.75x. The quality of videos can also be adjusted based on your preferences and connection. 

Those who are currently using cellular data can opt to watch videos in 360P to be able to save. A blu-ray quality or full high-definition picture is also available. 

WeTV also makes it easier for users to navigate their selection as content is categorized into different pages. For example, all movies are in a separate row than tv series. This would make it easier for subscribers to find what they are looking for.

5. iQIYI

Another highly recommended K-drama app is iQIYI. This app also has a free feature where you can watch their content for free. However, your streaming experience would be interrupted by a paid advertisement.

This app offers not just K-dramas but a whole lot of other Asian content such as animes. This app also provides multilingual support to help users from anywhere in the world have a smooth experience.

Even if this K-drama app allows free use, there are features that you will not be able to access. So, what can you enjoy if you are a premium subscriber?

For the standard monthly subscription, users can log in to up to two devices and enjoy Blu-ray quality videos. Users will also be allowed to view iQIYI content in advance and download VIP content. You can save up if you subscribe to their yearly standard plan which gives the same access.

If you want more allowed devices, you can upgrade to their monthly premium subscription. This type of plan allows up to 4 devices to log in.  

6. Viki Rakuten

Another crowd-favorite K-drama app is Viki. Just like any other app, its services include English subtitles and HD videos. Its content comes from different Asian countries such as Korea, China, Taiwan, and Japan.

It also offers free streaming but with advertisement interruption. You can watch smoothly by subscribing or buying a Viki Pass. With his pass, you can enjoy HD content and ad-free streaming.

Its selection includes popular K-dramas such as Hotel Del Luna and What’s Wrong Wirth Secretary Kim. It also offers KPOP videos from popular groups such as Blackpink and EXO.

This app provides inclusivity to its users as they allow contributors when it comes to translations. Through the QC feature or qualified contributors, users can help in accurately translating the content. 


Do I have to get a premium subscription to watch?

No. Some of the K-drama apps available offer free services. However, free subscriptions mean there will be ad plays before you can fully watch the content. Paid subscriptions ensure an ad-free experience and access to exclusive content.

Where can I watch K-dramas with English subtitles?

All mobile applications above provide English subtitles to your favorite K-dramas. So, you can watch Korean content with English subtitles by downloading the ones mentioned above.


K-dramas are even better with a user-friendly and budget-friendly app. So, maximize your viewer experience by downloading these apps on your Android phone. 

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