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5 Best Launchers for the Samsung Galaxy S5

No matter what version of Android you’re running, a custom launcher can provide a multitude of benefits, and there is thankfully a multitude of launchers to choose from. It’s hard to go wrong with any of the launchers in the list, and each of them has their unique features that set them apart.

Some of these launchers have pro versions as well as free version, and I can tell you that the pro version of a launcher is definitely worth the money. These aren’t ranked in any specific order and can be freely interchanged, so stay until the end to see which one you like the most.

1. Nova Launcher

I don’t have much to say about Nova Launcher that hasn’t already been said and explored, so if you already know a bit about it, and you’ve been on the fence over the price tag, do yourself a favor.

If you don’t know much about Nova Launcher, it’s a free–or a five dollar–launcher with many layers of customization under its hood, and above it. Nova can manage everything from custom gestures, an improved app drawer, and multiple home screens in a sleek package to make it one of the best launchers for the Galaxy S5.

Free Version

2. APUS Launcher

APUS is a launcher that’s been around for quite some time and is one we’ve already covered before. However, don’t let its age discourage you because APUS is one of the fastest, stress-free launchers on the Play Store. APUS is additionally my launcher of choice, and could be just what you want on the Samsung Galaxy S5.

If you’re still sporting TouchWiz and want to put less stress on your phone, APUS may be the way to go. What APUS may lack in flashiness it makes up for in substance. This launcher sports multiple home screens, and has extremely fast but traditional, transitions between them.

The only real downside to APUS is the amount of ads present in the launcher, and that there’s no way for you to turn them off. If you use quick charging through APUS, prepare to see an ad at the bottom of your lock screen. If the pros outweigh the cons in your book, APUS could be a good choice.

Free Version

3. Solo Launcher

Following on the heels of APUS, Solo Launcher is a custom launcher that is very resource light. We covered Solo Launcher here, where its tagline of Simple, Swift, Smart proves to be true.

This truth doesn’t shine any less brightly on the Samsung Galaxy S5, where Solo Launcher provides a clean experience that doesn’t drag down your processing speeds. This launcher has a multitude of themes to choose from, and will have a hard time ever letting you down.

Free Version

4. Go Launcher Prime

This next launcher is only a free trial of its Prime version, but maybe after you’ve had enough time with the trial, you might think the $5.99 is fair for what’s on offer. Go Launcher excels with customization, having thousands up thousands of themes available, and transitions, with a handful of 3D animations to choose.

These animations won’t rival the likes of the Next Launcher 3D, but for a fraction of Next Launcher 3D’s price, you may find these worth the money. There are even multi-touch gestures to take advantage of to access apps faster than ever.

Since the trial for Go Launcher Prime is free, there’s nothing to lose by trying this launcher on your Galaxy S5.

Free Version

5. Smart Launcher 3

Starting to round up the rear of the list, Smart Launcher 3 is a very speedy launcher that hopes to give you quick access to your favorite apps in as little time as ever. Smart Launcher 3 promotes up to nine pages of widget functionality and gestures like turning off the screen with just a double tap.

However, Smart Launcher isn’t just smart with gestures; security is also a big part of its third iteration. You can hide apps from the app grid normally, and secure apps individually with passwords for extra protection.

There are two versions of Smart Launcher available, and if you think you can enjoy enough of the features from the free version, it could be worth it to upgrade to Pro.

Free Version


When it comes to choosing a launcher for the Samsung Galaxy S5, there are plenty of choices available, and even a few that could work that aren’t mentioned here. It’s hard to go wrong with any of the launchers in this list without spending a cent, and if you decide to dip into your wallet a little, you won’t be disappointed.

Once you have your new launcher, there’s no need to stop there, we’ve covered plenty of icon packs to choose and apps that can help you edit them.

Do you have a favorite launcher for your S5 or even another Android phone you didn’t see on any of our lists? Feel free to tell us about it in the comments and why you decided to choose it.

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