5 Best Leather Cases for Samsung Galaxy S5

5 Best Leather Cases for Samsung Galaxy S5

One thing every smartphone manufacturer caters to is variety. I mean, there is a wide variety of smartphones being released every year. From phablets to compacts, from mid-range to full-fledged flagships. You get the point.

Similarly, every consumer also has his own specific choice of the perfect smartphone. Particularly, the build materials. You can obviously see where I’m going with this.

Well, in the recent years, leather has been an interesting build material for many. A very prime example of this would be the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. The build material led it to become an interesting choice for many.

Unfortunately, the backside of the Samsung Galaxy S5 is made from plastic. Fortunately, you’re at the complete freedom to choose from the many materials that cases have to offer. However, it should be mentioned there is a variety of cases available for the S5.

Today, we’re discussing the best leather cases for the Samsung Galaxy S5.


Jopapa Magnet Wallet Case

Have too many credit cards in your wallet? This is going to be the case for you! It can hold up to 9 cards, and it also has a transparent sleeve to store your ID. It has two inner pockets where you can store more cards and some cash.

The case opens up by the detachable magnetic back cover. This case has quite a fashionable build.

It is scratch proof, wear resistant, it does not fade, and the company claims that the case is ‘anti-drop proof’ case, and I honestly don’t know how that’s supposed to prevent us from dropping the phone. Okay, maybe it adds some texture to the slippery phone.

It is precisely cut for the user to access all the functions on the phone. The case comes in a variety of colors like black, blue, brown, pink, red and white at the retail price of $19.99.

With a decent rating on Amazon, there are some complaints like: some people say that the case does not close securely, ironically, the company does not keep its word because the case starts to peel off after a week of use, and the cards do not hold in the pocket.

NOTABLE FEATURE: The ability to store up to 9 cards, and some cash as well.

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2. SAMSUNG S-VIEW –  $49.99

Samsung S-View Case

This is the official case from Samsung, and its main feature gives us the ability to view some data like the date, pedometer, and the weather through the S-View clear screen that is available on the case.

There is another feature on the S-View that allows you to accept calls or reject them by just a swipe, and you can reject calls using the preset messages. If the user of the phone misses any events, messages or calls, it will be displayed on the S-View screen so that the user could get back to what he was supposed to do.

The case is available in black, green, pink, white with standard packaging and copper gold, electric blue, rose gold with retail packaging and the price of this case is $49.99

With an average rating in Amazon, the complaints from the users are: that the case does not close completely and for some users it is annoying.

Some users say that the case is not used for protection as it does not do a good job of protecting the case, some users think that the cost is too much for what they were offered, and finally, some users wanted more functions to the S-View screen.

NOTABLE FEATURE: You can interact with the phone through the S-view clear skin.

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Debin Leather Belt Clip case

This case will be perfect if you don’t like putting your phone in their pockets. Additionally, if you want an easy access for your daily use, the holster for this case gets strapped on to your belt.

The company made this holster to be bigger so the phone will fit even if the phone is covered by a case. The case is equipped with one strong strap and two secure straps to manage the weight from the magnet that the case closes from.

The stylish leather on the outside gives an awesome entrance to your Samsung Galaxy S5, and the soft inner lining protects your S5 from scrapes and scratches. This case is one of the best belt clips for your Samsung Galaxy S5.

The case comes in only one color that is black with the retail price of $14.99.

With a good rating in Amazon there are some complaints, which are: the magnet in the case is weak that if the phone is kept inside the case the case does not close, the company said that the holster can fit the phone if a case is inserted but they were wrong.

NOTABLE FEATURE: A unique design compared to the other cases on this list.

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Shieldon Genuine Leather Case

The company claims that the case is made from genuine premium cowhide leather, and these hides are selected for strength and quality. The company is not lying as their case looks and feels very luxurious.

Every Case made by Shieldon is of good quality leather and the wallet in this case makes it more of a multi-function case. The case has three main slots to keep some credit cards and a side pocket to keep some amount of cash. The magnetic closure makes it easier for the user to close the case. The case will snap onto the phone, so it is also easier for the user to install it.

The case has beautiful and precise cutouts for the speaker, camera, volume rocker and the power button. The case comes in one color that is the brown cognac variant at the retail price of $99.99.

With an average rating in Amazon, there are some complaints, which are: the case does not close if the case is stacked with credit cards. Some users claim the case smells bad, one user complained that the case does not fit his phone.

NOTABLE FEATURE: The premium leather design looks and feels quite luxurious.

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Cell Bee Belt Clip Pouch Case

The packaging of this case comes with a metallic pen that is really cool. The pouch is specially designed for the Samsung Galaxy S5, S4, and S3.

Without any case on the phone, the phone will jump up and down if it is in the pouch, so the company provides a Cell Bee Armor Box case. The pouch is equipped with one strong belt clip and two additional belts for security reasons.

The pouch will close with a magnet in front, and the case has a stylish finish. It also has a soft inner lining to protect your Samsung Galaxy S5. The case only comes in premium black.

The case has two variants; one is in vertical mode, and the other one is in horizontal mode. The case comes with a one-year warranty.

It has a good rating in Amazon but, some complaints that are: one user claims that the pouch keeps falling off his belt, the pouch is too big for the phone just to fit.

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All in all, a leather case is a good choice for any smartphone. With all of the different styles out there, you should have enough variety in the leather cases out there for you to find something you like.

Do you think we left out any other leather cases on this list? If so, let us know in the comments below.

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