Our Choices for the 10 Best Leather Cases for the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Best leather cases S6 Edge

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge may be 2015’s flagship, and a year is a long time when it comes to mobile tech. But, that doesn’t mean it’s obsolete in any way.

The S6 Edge began Samsung’s build material revolution, along with the Edge gimmick that we all know and love today. But, the glass and metal build may not be for everyone. That is why leather is still the most popular option.

1. SHIELDON Genuine Leather Case-$27.99


SHIELDON is a very well-known competitor in the case arena and they have been making quality cases for some time now and this time is no exception.

This particular case is made from genuine cowhide and is tough enough to offer some serious protection to your smartphone. They also claim that each case is unique. In the sense that each one has its own texture and patterns that make it truly yours.

The case also prides itself on being able to combine 3 features together. A wallet, a protective case, and a kickstand. The magnetic closure also allows for quick and easy installation.

Notable feature: The genuine cowhide is quite hard and has a true leather smell. It protects your phone quite well. Plus, it looks great too.

2. Caseology Envoy Series-$50

Caseology envoy

Caseology is well known for its cases, and the recent Envoy series for the Galaxy S6 Edge is a cherry on top. First, this case is unique because it’s not your regular ol’ folio type. It’s a snap on case and offers a great deal of protection.

It has a premium feel to it, and the design is luxurious and versatile as well. It is a hard case, which offers serious drop protection. The bumper is made from polycarbonate, while the exterior is a textured leather TPU.

Notable feature: It has a raised lip which protects the Edge screen from direct impact due to drops.

3. Benuo Leather Flip Case-$27


The leather cases manufactured Benuo are just plain brilliant. This time around, they’ve gained our trust with the Benuo leather case for the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.

The leather on the outside feels top-notch, while the inside is lined with microfiber to protect the smartphone while the case is in use. It has accurate and precise ports to use every feature of the smartphone unobstructed.

It also has conveniently placed speaker grills for the earpiece on top, which allows you to make phone calls when the case is in use.

Notable Feature: The case is ultra-thin and super slim, whilst allowing for a premium experience.

4. Verus Dandy Series-$19.49

Verus Dandy

Verus has been making quality cases for smartphones since forever, and this case for the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is a masterpiece. It’s made from PU leather which feels quite comfortable to touch. This case is your typical folio-style case, so it is quite convenient, practical, and functional.

All the ports have precise and accurate cutouts which let you use all of the smartphone’s features unhindered. It has a very slim form factor which makes it feel less bulky, while still remaining fully functional.

It offers a complete degree of protection, along with a raised lip to prevent direct contact with the ground. It also has a magnetic closure for additional security.

Notable feature: It includes 3 slots and an additional money slot to carry around your cards and cash as well.

5. Tridea Leather Case-$8.99


The Tridea leather case is made exclusively for the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and is quite unique. It’s a snap on case and is very well built. The exterior of the case is made from premium Korean PU which is quite soft to touch and offers much-needed grip for the Galaxy S6 Edge.

The bumper, on the other hand, is made from hard TPU which is both flexible and durable as well. It protects your smartphone from major drops with its shock absorbent property which is pretty convenient.

It also has precise cutouts which allow you to use your smartphone without any shortcomings. Unlike other cases on this list, the Tridea leather case is priced aggressively at $18.

Notable feature: It also comes in an eco-friendly package

6. Vakoo Premium Leather Case-$11.29


There’s only one word you need to describe this case and that word is robust.

The Vakoo leather case is premium to the touch. The synthetic leather exterior is quite comfortable to feel. This, coupled with the polycarbonate hard case exterior does a great job protecting your device.

The case is also extremely lightweight and exactly matches the S6 Edge’s already slim form factor. It also has numerous slots to store your cards, and a much larger slot to hold your cash, which is convenient.

The case is designed so your S6 Edge will look like a small book which is visually aesthetic. It also has a kickstand with varying degrees of measurement which gives you the perfect viewing angle for convenient media consumption.

Notable feature: It does not have a magnetic latch. This is not necessarily a disadvantage because it protects the magnetic stripe on your credit cards from damage.

7. Tauri Case-$9.99


The Tauri case can surely be complemented on its design. The premium PU leather used has a great feel and we wouldn’t be writing about it if it weren’t for the slots it integrates to store your cards and cash. Along with this, the case also has a kickstand feature for easily watching videos.

The case significantly protects your phone from dust, dirt or scratches. There are four available colors; Black, blue, hot pink and purple.

User reviews are generally quite positive, with people saying that the case is quite ideal, and the smartphone stays locked in really well.

Notable Feature: Though this case has a classic look, it is what we call, “a cheap and best” case. The case is a good bang for the buck at only $9.99 and can’t be discouraged on its quality.

8. Joopapa Case-$5.99


The Joopapa case is built from premium PU leather which defends the phone from everyday dangers.

The case has a lot of slots which makes it the perfect fit if you carry around a lot of business cards. It is possible for the plastic on the interior, clasping your phone, to break if you give much pressure to lock the device in place. You also might not want to risk putting too many cards in there as the magnet might lose its ability to seal tight.

The case will be a choice of six colors; black, blue, brown, pink, red and white.

Notable Feature: Overall the case is light, stylish and easy to handle, and average in cost.

9. Verus Crayon Diary-$15.99

Verus Crayon Diary

In my opinion, the Verus Crayon Diary is the aesthetic option if you’re chasing a good leather case for your Galaxy S6 Edge.

This folio-type case fully protects your Galaxy S6 Edge while remaining completely functional. It protects your case quite well by covering all four corners and including raised edges and a TPU lip to keep the screen from scratching or touching the ground.

Precise and accurate cutouts mean that you’re getting the most optimum experience with your smartphone whilst the case is in use. It also has a very slim form factor which makes quite unnoticeable in bulk.

Additionally, it has a number of slots to store some cards and cash as well.

Notable feature: The kickstand feature is also quite convenient.

10. HiLDA Case-$8.49


The HiLDA case for the Galaxy S6 Edge is a decent case when you take into account its price point. It is made from PU leather which feels quite soft and premium to the touch. It also integrates a magnetic closure for security reasons.

Like the myriad of other cases on this list, it also has a kickstand feature which makes it a lot easier for you to watch movies and attend video calls hands-free.

The case is available in six colors: Black, red, rose, brown, pure green and blue. All the buttons have been precisely cut. It is user-friendly and is also durable so it won’t get eroded in a months’ time.

Notable feature: It is super light and only costs $22.99.


Leather is a very interesting choice of build material which is only adopted by some smartphone manufacturers, like LG, for example. However, leather cases are the way to go if you want to give your smartphone another novel look.

Again, the cases on this list are purely arbitrary, so if you believe we have missed anything, give us your opinion using the comment section below.

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