Leather Case for Nexus 5X

5 Great Leather Cases for the Nexus 5X to Keep Your Phone Wrapped in Luxury

Leather has a way of making everything look and feel premium. It is no surprise that many people would want to use that material on their smartphones. Enter the 5 best leather cases for Nexus 5X and check out some affordable yet premium looking cases for the smartphone. Google really hit the nail when they announced the smaller Nexus version last year, and many people adored the idea. A ton of people do not want anything to do with large phablet sized smartphones, and the Nexus 5X filled the void really well.

The LG-made smartphone comes with a unibody so you cannot install a leather back on it natively. Therefore, you will need to employ the services of the next best thing; leather cases for Nexus 5X. When I started researching for the best of the best leather cases for Nexus 5X, I was surprised to see there were not many genuine leather cases for the smartphone.

It was really disappointing to see this because I was also looking forward to gifting one to my dad. Amazon usually doesn’t disappoint but in this instance, there were no worthwhile genuine leather cases found for the smaller Nexus 5X. I guess as the smartphone is deemed a mid-class one, the makers were not really interested in making 100 dollar cases for a 300 dollar smartphone. While this is quite understandable as many people who opt for the lower-priced phone will have a tighter budget for accessories, it is still a little down putting. Thankfully, I found some amazing synthetic leather cases for LG Nexus 5X that look and feel almost the same with the added benefit of being inexpensive.

Tip: If you are more in to wallet cases for Nexus 5X, we have you covered there as well with the best wallet case for Nexus 5X article.

1. Cellto PU Leather Wallet

I’m a huge fan of plain colored cases and Cellto PU delivers exactly that. The case comes with a stylish wallet-style design and has some of the best-looking color variations available. For some reason, I gravitated towards the pink case with black accents, it is really odd for me to like that color. The aqua version is also really eye-catching.

The case comes with damage free lifetime warranty which is hardly seen on any cases these days. The case is made from synthetic leather and features a flexible crystal silicone TPU on the inner side. The double sided magnetic latch helps in containing the smartphone securely inside when not in use.

One great thing about this case is that it features a double-sided magnetic enclosure, this makes sure the flap is not sticking outside when you are using the smartphone. It’s a minor thing but it always annoys me a lot.

Notable Feature:

Comes with a great double sided magnetic area which latches the flap back when the phone is in usage.

2. Aomax Nexus 5X Case

This is another synthetic leather case for Nexus 5X and it comes with 4 different colors. The brown one closely resemble a true cow hide leather case and looks really amazing. It is a wallet style case that closes with a magnetic flap.

The case is made especially for the Google Nexus 5X and fits it perfectly. Every button and function of the phone is made accessible on this leather case. The edges of the case are all stitched, prolonging its life manifold.

The case also comes with three slots for credit cards and ID cards. The case also has an enclosure for some cash but I recommend that you only carry a small amount as the case will have a hard time closing.

Notable Feature:

The case has three separate slots for cards and the front one comes with a window.


3. iCoverCase Genuine Leather

This is a relatively inexpensive case that claims to be made up from genuine leather. The description describes the case as a wallet case for Nexus 5X which is made with second cowhide/split cow skin leather. I would have believed the description but it is hard to imagine a case made of genuine leather this cheap.

That being said, even if it is made of synthetic leather it has a very clean look to it. The wallet style case comes with built-in stand to assist in watching videos and movies. The style of case comes in really handy while having a cup of coffee and reading the news on the best news apps for Android. The case is also available in seven different colors which I believe are tanned.

Notable feature:

The built-in stand is a good addition to an already good-looking case.

4. Fintie Premium PU Case

No list is complete without an extremely inexpensive case. This premium looking case is one of the most inexpensive ones I have seen around. It is a case that is specifically designed forNexus 5X and is made of premium synthetic leather. The interior is made with soft non-scratch microfiber that will prevent the scratches, dirt and even fingerprints.

The case offers solid production and covers all four corners of the smartphone. The cover is designed in such a way to minimize thickness and yet giving full access to the ports. As a wallet style case comes with slots for cards and cash. There is also a kickstand feature which helps you in consuming video content.

Notable feature:

The texture of the case is very pleasing to the eyes.


These were a few leather cases forNexus 5X, I hope you find something to fancy your choice here. I know, there is a distinct lack of actual leather cases for the smartphone but the ones I have found do look amazing. If you are in the market for a great looking case with the added benefit of solid protection, these cases will serve you well and will not strain your pocket while doing so.

If you have any other case that you liked and want to share it with others feel free to recommend it in the comments below. I will definitely check it out and might include it in the list as well.

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