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5 Best LG Watch W7 Watch Bands

Are you having a hard time showing your personality with your LG smartwatch? Well, we found a solution for you. We made a list of the best LG W7 Watch Bands that will show your uniqueness in style. Intrigued now, aren’t you? Then, read on.


We previously discussed the best LG watches and taught you the complete guide to these devices. But now, in this article, we will explore the best watch band options you have with one of the best LG watches.

But, before we go onto the list, we need to know the LG W7 Watch first.

The LG W7 is a smartwatch that got released by LG in October of 2018. Ever since the official announcement about this watch, it has been the talk of the tech community. This watch has features like the usual smartwatches. Of course, it tells you the time, lets you navigate, gets you to message and call your contacts, and more. And the Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 2100 chipset makes all the functionality speedy.

Still, the best part about this watch is the design.

LG W7 has a simple stainless steel design and customizable buttons. It has a 1.2 inches full-screen display for easy viewing. The black and white colorway of the device gives it a sophisticated look. And to make it better, the screen’s layout is customizable. So, you can change your watch’s design depending on your mood.

Here’s the thing though:

The watch only comes with a single watchband, and it only comes in black. So showing your personality with it might be hard. Therefore, we searched for a way to help you with this. And it’s to replace the default watch band with another one. Now, if you want to know the best LG W7 watch bands, then you can look at the list down below.

The Best LG Watch W7 Watch Bands

Best OverallKADES Watch Band
CheapestKingbaas Watch Band
Best Value for MoneyRitche Canvas Watch Band
Highly RecommendedArcher Watch Band
Runner UpBalerion Cuff Watch Band

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Must-Try LG W7 Watch Bands

We know that it’s quite hard to pick a single design for your watch. So, knowing that the LG W7 is compatible with 22mm watch bands, is a relief. This way, you can change your watch bands depending on your mood anytime and anywhere.

Now, without further ado, let’s look at the best LG W7 watch bands.

1. KADES Watch Band

KADES Watch Band
KADES Watch Band

The KADES watch band is a product made of durable, lightweight, and flexible band compatible with 22mm smartwatches. This is a strong sport band, yet it feels extremely soft. The material fits elegantly on anyone’s wrist and feels comfortable on the skin even if its made of fluoroelastomer material.

The design of the band is light and breathable perfect for outdoor and indoor sports activities. The holes give your wrist ventilation and reduce the watch’s weight. Also, the band is adjustable and fits 164mm to 211mm wrists. It has a pin and tuck closure that makes it easier for you to place it on your arm. And the placement of the band to the smartwatch is swift and easy with the quick release pin so you won’t need to use extra tools in doing so.

Buy KADES Watch Band on Amazon

Note: Comes in black/black, black/gray, black/pink, black/purple, black/yellow, black/red, navy blue/white, mint green/pink, red/black, white/black, and white/pink.

2. Ritche Canvas Watch Band

Balerion Cuff Watch Band
Ritche Canvas Watch Band

Are you looking for a simple canvas watchband? Then, the Ritche Canvas watchband is the one for you. This product has a simple design, and you have lots of colors to choose from. It also fits any 22mm smartwatches, and the length of the band fits 143mm to 198mm wrists.

The materials used for this item is cotton making it flexible, soft, durable, and breathable. Meanwhile, the embroidery added on the band elevates the style and design of the watch. It’s suitable for men and women of any age.

Buy Ritche Canvas Watch Band on Amazon

Note: Available in Army Green, Khaki, Black, Blue, Brown, Dark Brown, Navy Blue, and Smoke Gray.

3. Balerion Cuff Watch Band

Balerion Cuff Watch Band
Balerion Cuff Watch Band

The Balerion Cuff watch band is a 22mm band that is compatible with various smartwatches, including the LG W7. This item is 210mm long and is fit for wrist size: 175mm to 210mm. So you will not have to worry if you are not sure about your wrist size since the band is adjustable.

Now, with changing the band of your smartwatch, you might be worried that it will affect the smartwatch’s heart rate monitor performance. Well, you don’t have to be troubled, because the hole for the monitor is cut precisely. Also, sturdiness is not a concern since the materials used for this band are genuine leather and stainless buckles. The process of putting it on your watch is also simple and quick with the easy release spring pins.

Buy Balerion Cuff Watch Band on Amazon

Note: The watch is available in color coffee, brown, and black.

4. Kingbaas Watch Band

Balerion Cuff Watch Band
Kingbaas Watch Band

The Kingbaas band comes in two colors – black and silver. Its made of stainless steel and is compatible with any watch with 22mm slots. The band can fit 165mm to 230mm wrists. The connection of the band to the smartwatch is strong due to the magnetic clasp attached to it. But the attachment process is easy because of the quick-release spring bar.

The best part about this watchband is that it’s water-resistant. So if you are looking for a strap that you would like to attach to your smartwatch while going for a swim, then this is the best choice for you. You won’t need to take it off if you are also taking a shower.

Cool, right?

Buy Balerion Cuff Watch Band on Amazon

For a band that’s being sold at such an affordable price, this is quite the catch.

5. Archer Watch Band

Balerion Cuff Watch Band
Archer Watch Band

If you want your LG W7 to have a simple look, then this is the best watch strap for you. It has five types of width options and it fits the strap slot for the LG W7. You just have to make sure that you choose the right size for your smartwatch. The band has a quick-release lever making it fast and easy to attach this to the smartwatch. You won’t need any tools or expert skills required.

Buy Archer Watch Band on Amazon

This has a flexible fit for 140mm to 204mm wrist size. So you don’t have to worry whether you are a male or a female since it is adjustable. It’s also comfortable soft and since it is made of strong soft silicone material and stainless steel buckle. And the best part about this strap is that it comes in a variety of colors – black, graphite, white, British racing gray, cadet gray, midnight blue, Naples yellow, pale rose, platinum gray, portland orange, powder blue, sand, steel blue, tea green, and Venetian red. So if you want to try a more bold color or a minimalist one, then you have a few to choose from.


To Sum It All Up

We know how hard it can be to show your personality with the styles of smartwatches. This might also be a problem for LG W7 owners. So knowing that you can replace the default band is a great thing. But the thing is it might be hard to choose from all the options you have. Well, we want to help you, hence we made this list of the best LG W7 watch bands. Now, if you found the most suitable strap for you in this article, then share it with your friends and family.

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