5 Best Lock Screen Apps for the best custom look and feel

4 Best Lock Screen Apps for the best custom look and feel

Screen locks is a security feature for your device that prevents unauthorized people from accessing your phone. All Android phones have them, and it is up to the user whether to use them or not.

Android has improved over the years, and with it, also comes the improvement of lock screens. With security as its primary purpose, most default lock screens aren’t customizable and don’t have many features.

If you want extra features in your smartphone when your phone is locked, you need the best lock screen apps for Android.


Creating a Custom Lock Screen for Android

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For those who don’t know:

Lock screen apps offer customizable screens for your smartphone. With such apps, you can add themes, wallpapers, and more security for your device.

Isn’t that amazing?

Lock screen apps offer you more functionalities even without unlocking your screen. With these apps, your lock screen can look beautiful and not as dull as before.

Also, some apps offer viewing messages and even send them while your phone is locked. Although it might seem risky, it is useful for people who are always on the go.

Finding the best lock screen apps for Android is difficult and time-consuming. Using third-party apps to control your lock screen is risky, so you would need to find a secure one.

Don’t worry!

Best Lock screen apps for tweaking your lock screen

We listed the best lock screen apps out there so you can get more information from your phone. With these apps, you can customize your lock screen with beautiful themes and features without sacrificing security. Do check them out or read on for more information.

  1. Super Locker
  2. Solo Locker
  3. Hi Locker
  4. Floatify Lockscreen

1. Super Locker

Best Lock Screen Apps for Getting More Information on Your Phone - Super Lock Logo
Super Locker-Best Lock Screen Apps

If you want a multi-feature lock screen app, Super Locker is the best for you. It offers app locking, a memory cleaner, and a customizable lock screen.

You can choose your method of unlocking your phone from patterns, passwords, and fingerprint scanner. It can also lock your precious apps to more protection from unauthorized people.

This app also offers a notification manager where you can filter and choose which notifications to show. It is an all-around app that also gives you a phone booster, battery saver, and more features.

Free Version

2. Solo Locker

Best Lock Screen Apps for Getting More Information on Your Phone - Solo Locker Logo
Solo Locker-Best Lock Screen Apps

Solo Locker is the first DIY lock screen app. Customize your security with photos and increase the security of your Android phone.

This app provides you with spectacular wallpapers and a unique style of unlocking your phone. With tons of styles to choose from, you can customize and personalize your screen lock without sacrificing security.

Solo Locker also gives tons of functions that you can access from your lock screen. You can view notifications, access music, and tap on apps quickly without unlocking your phone.

Free Version

3. Hi Locker

Best Lock Screen Apps for Getting More Information on Your Phone - Hi Locker Logo
Hi Locker-Best Lock Screen Apps

Based on old lock screens from Android, Hi Locker gives you a familiar, yet new feel with your lock. This app includes a fully customizable lock, and it also shows notifications on it.

With this app, you can view notifications when your Android is locked, and delete them with ease by swiping left or right. With tons of customizable features, including widgets, events, and wallpapers, this app deserves to be on our list.

Improve the security of your phone by choosing between its unlocking modes. It also has a smart unlocking feature, where it automatically disables your screen lock when your device connects to Wi-Fi.

Free Version

4. Floatify Lockscreen

Floatify Lockscreen App icon
Floatify Lockscreen-Best Lock Screen Apps

There are a lot of customization options available on this lock screen and it is truly moldable to your personal choices. You can easily make your lock screen look like iOS 10 with this third-party lock screen app for Android.

You can send messages directly from the notification but also send predefined messages without even typing anything. This feature is perfect for when you are busy but don’t want to worry the other person.

There is also a smart wake feature that will turn on the screen as soon as you pick up the smartphone. There are premium themes available that can be purchased, so you have a lot of customization options available.

However, I’m listing it on the last place because there is not a lot of information on display on the lock screen.

Free Version

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Frequently Asked Questions About Best Lock Screen Apps

What can lock screen apps do?

These apps let you customize the lock screen of your phone through wallpapers, notifications, and other features. It also can improve the security of your phone through different unlocking methods.

Are lock screen apps safe?

Lock screens are relatively safe unless you can bypass them with some methods.

Which lock screen app is the best?

All of the apps we listed above could qualify as the best for you, but we recommend using CM Locker. For us, it is the best lock screen app out there right now.


These were some of the best lock screen apps for getting more information on your phone or tablet. I’m not a big fan of custom lock screen apps simply because I don’t want any information to show up (privacy reasons) but if you crave quick info, these are a timesaver.

If you have suggestions or questions about the apps, feel free to drop a comment below and we can have a great conversation. Until next time, keep your Android secure with the best lock screen apps around.

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