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5 Best Logic Games for Android to Work Your Thinking Muscles

Every once in a while you may want to test run your brain at a different frequency. For that special occasion, these great logic games for Android will come in handy. After having a steady job, you will find that you are not using different aspects of your brain that much as you used to do in school. For example, if you’re a chemist you may find that you haven’t used those physics 101 lessons in almost a decade. While these apps may not deliver history lessons to you, they will surely rattle the gears inside your head.

The best logic games for Android will not only help you hone your focusing skills but also keep the good old brain working at desirable efficiency. If you have a very monotonous job or the lectures in school are just not doing it for you, these games will surely help you achieve a higher level of focus and concentration. These logic games are not as elaborate as the brain training apps for Android, but they do come close in terms of attention and concentration.

Note: The 5 Best Logic Games for Android were tested on a Sony Xperia Z1 smartphone. There were no problems faced during the testing and the apps performed really well. Some of the games may require an active Internet connection to offer a full array of functions but it is not mandatory in all of them.

1. What’s My IQ

I’m not impressed by IQ counting quizzes lately, probably because of that dumb Facebook quizzes we all see posted on our timelines. However, after playing with this game it is safe to say that contains some great logical puzzles and it. I highly recommend that you completely ignore the IQ aspect of the game and simply enjoy it as a puzzle game.

There are almost 50 greatly designed questions in this app, and you’ll have fun solving most of them. One of the best things about this app is that it contains solutions that are not obvious at all. These highly unusual questions and the solutions provide good entertainment and will force you to think out-of-the-box.

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2. Flow Free

Flow Free is one of those addictive games that you simply cannot put down after starting. The game tasks you with connecting matching colors with pipes on a board. Think of them as electrical wires and you are placing them on a circuit board. You will only see dots on the board, and you have to match them by dragging your finger in a certain path.

This may seem simple enough, but if the different colored wires cross or overlap each other, they will break. This makes the game highly logical, and you will have to concentrate to solve the puzzles. Right now there are over 1500 free puzzles available on the app, and that is a lot if you ask me. The game also comes with free play as well as time trial modes to challenge further.

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3. Brain It On!

Brain It On! Is the only physics based logic game for Android on this list. The idea is pretty simple; you have to draw on the screen and whatever you draw will take physical form. This means anything you draw will have weight and will react in an almost physically accurate way.

You are tasked with solving different brain teasing physics puzzles by drawing on the screen and letting the elements mix. For example, one puzzle tasks you with dropping balls into different colored jars; you can do that by drawing anything on the screen. The open nature of the game makes it highly interactive and entertaining experience.

If you have a tablet and a bunch of kids, I would highly recommend this game for them. Taking turns in drawing different physical objects on the screen and trying to solve the problem makes this game one amazing ride.

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4. That level again 2

This is yet another unique idea executed in a well-managed manner.That level again 2 tasks you with freeing the main protagonist from a single room. While the level maybe the same, the ways to escape it are not. There are 64 levels in the game, and you’ll have to figure out a way to get out of the room differently each time.

It may seem easy on paper but in actuality, it is a lot harder than it looks. It’s one of those games where sometimes if your brain doesn’t strike, you will be stranded in the particular level for a long time. Whereas, one fresh pair of eyes will points out the obvious. I highly recommend the game for party play because it will not only be easier but more entertaining.

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5. Roll the Ball

Roll the Ball is an old idea made simple and accessible on the touchscreen interface of Android devices. This game is one of the most popular logic games for Android, and it shows in the design as well as gameplay. If you like sliding puzzles, find out the way puzzles as well as logic-based challenges then this is a game made for you. You have to slide blocks across the screen to make the ball roll through the pipes.

The idea is pretty simple, but puzzles get gradually harder the further you go. There are a lot of levels that you can enjoy throughout the game, and I really like that there is no time limit. The game even offers offline play so that you can enjoy solving puzzles regardless of Internet connectivity. This is easily one of the best puzzle games for Android I have tested in a long time.

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These were some of the best logic games for Android available on the Google Play Store right now. I highly recommend that you check out each game in the list and give them a go. I’m pretty sure that you will love every game on the list and have a great time teaching your brain with these puzzles. If you are looking for more adult-oriented logic games for Android, we have also made a list about them.

Like always, if you are any questions or suggestions about these games, feel free to type in the comments below.

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