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These Are the Best Looking Android Games You Can Download

Android is getting more powerful day by day. It’s no surprise that the games it offers are also growing both in scope as well as graphics. There are some of the best looking Android games available to prove that too.

I have been gaming for almost 20 years now. When I was younger, I watched my father play Doom on his PC. Now, years later, I can game across multiple platforms.

I’m a huge fan of portable gaming as well. I remember losing countless hours playing on my PSP when I was supposed to study. Naturally, this is one of the main reasons I am attracted to Android was gaming.

Fortunately, Android has filled my portable gaming needs well. I can’t imagine my life without a few good gaming titles. You can usually spot me leaning down playing a video game at a public gathering.

The best looking games for Android are selected not according to their 3G graphics, but their wow factor. Sure you must have gotten used to games looking amazing if you have been gaming on Android for a while. But occasionally you will stop and say, “Wow this game looks beautiful!”

Note: The best looking games for Android were tested on a Samsung Galaxy Note III smartphone. The games performed fine, and no problems were faced during the testing. Some of the games will require an internet connection to work fully.

1. Leo’s Fortune

I adore well-crafted games with a great atmosphere. Leo’s Fortune came out of nowhere and struck a chord with me. The fluffy protagonist with a handlebar mustache is easy to control and move around the screen.

But that is not why I consider this one of the best looking Android games, it’s because of the background and foreground art. The grass looks almost real here, and the backgrounds are painted with exquisite care. You will need to see the game in motion to truly judge the graphical quality.

Paid Version

2. Modern Combat 5

As far as military shooting games go, Modern Combat 5 is one of the best out there. Don’t let the free price tag put you off from enjoying a truly great game. While it is indeed free, the game comes with some of the best looking visuals on an Android game.

The game has some amazing looking particle effects and gorgeous scenes. Even the start of the game shows a ruined building that has a serene beauty to it.

However, it is hard to notice when you are pumping guys full of lead, though. Modern Combat 5 features in our best shooting games for Android.

Free Version

3. Lara Croft: Relic Run

The Tomb Raider is finally on Android and boy o boy! And she is looking mighty fine!

This endless runner for Android features our favorite explorer, Lara Croft. The game uses the full power of your Android device to deliver some of the best looking visuals I have seen in an Android game.

I played the first Tomb Raider game on PC after playing the Android version and I was astonished how far we have come. The waterfalls, the animations, the action and even the slides are amazing in this game.

Free Version

4. Badland

Badland is another 2D platform game for Android. If you’ve played Flappy Bird, you will instantly recognize the same control scheme used here. But this game is much more than a simple challenge reported on a loop.

The levels are handcrafted and not randomly generated. There are puzzles to be solved with wit and intelligence. And the art style is strikingly beautiful. Take a screenshot and it will look like a well-made wallpaper.

Free Version

5. Machinarium

This one is my personal favorite. I played it on PC back when it was released, and now I have played it on Android as well. This game simply put, is the best looking 2D game on Android.

The art style is marvelous, and the animations are extremely well done. The mobile port of this stellar award-winning game comes with some good features.

You can pinch to zoom that makes the game easier to play on a small screen. The app also supports tablets as well as smartphones. The graphics were made even better in some places that make this version the definitive one.

Paid Version

6. Dead Trigger 2

Back when the first trailer of Dead Trigger 2 was released, I was astounded to see the game running on Android. At first I thought that this was just a marketing gimmick and the game cannot look this great. But when I played it…

…Man, it was amazing.

The zombie game for Android provides you with visually stunning graphics and effects. I would have stared at the floor textures for a long while if the zombies were not so keen on eating me.

I would love to see this engine implemented in an adventure game. It’s no wonder that this game made its way to our best 3D games for Android as well.

Free Version

7. Injustice: Gods Among Us

I never thought that a fighting game which features Batman and The Joker on one team could exist. Injustice makes it all possible, though.

Injustice is an arcade fighting game that is based on a console game of same name and an amazing comic by DC Comics. I have read the comic, which you should also read when you get the time. And the action translates well to this Android game.

The highlight of this game is the character models for the iconic DC Comic heroes and villains.  Almost every DC Comic character is rendered in accuracy and detail. From Wonder Woman to The Flash, from Bane to Green Lantern, all the characters are fully animated.

Free Version

8. Six-Guns

Ok, I’ll be honest here, this game is not that visually amazing. What is amazing is that even though the graphics are not up to the mark, the game sometimes presents beautiful looking scenes.

I was riding my horse down an empty road, and the sun was setting. It struck me how beautiful the game looked even with some of the worse character models I have seen.

This one may not be a visually amazing game, it certainly makes up for that with a stellar atmosphere. Also, not many games allow you to be a cowboy these days.

Free Version

9. Real Racing 3

I just can’t make a list of best looking Android games and leave out Real Racing 3. To be honest, this is my favorite game to test out a new smartphone. This game pushes the mobile graphics to their limits, and it clearly pays off. The result is amazing looking cars with authentic models and real life tracks.

The cars look astounding and drive well too. The gameplay can be made as challenging as you want. There is nothing that can beat the feeling of a close win and Real Racing 3 provides these moments aplenty. This game made it to our best racing games as well as best free racing games lists.

Free Version


Well, this ends the best looking Android games list. I know I’ve missed some titles on the list, but please be sure to let me know what they are. I would love to play new and great looking games that I may have been overlooked.

So what game have you found to look incredible?

Share that with the rest of us in the comments below. I’m going to play a little bit of Spider-Man now and chalk it up as work-related research.

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