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4 Best Medical Dictionary App To Know All Terminology

You are exposed to complicated terminologies when you work in a medical field. You need to have the knowledge of these terminologies to have the right and complete information. In this way, you can provide the best medical treatment to your clients. Fortunately, you can download the best medical dictionary app. This app will help you search quickly what confusing medical terminologies mean. Moreover, if you want to stay fit, there are medical apps for Android that can help you live a healthy lifestyle.

  1. Medical Terminology Dictionary: Search & Vocabulary — FREE
  2. Oxford Medical Dictionary — FREE
  3. Dorland’s Illustrated Medical Dictionary — FREE
  4. Medical Dictionary by Farlex — FREE

What are the Best Medical Dictionary Apps?

1. Medical Terminology Dictionary: Search & Vocabulary — FREE

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The Medical Terminology Dictionary is ideal for most medical students or medical practitioners. Its simplicity provides various information from medical books in a mobile app. You can quickly look up for the definitions of medical phrases, terms, and abbreviations.

It also offers common medical terminologies of procedures, diseases, and symptoms. What makes it amazing is it is an offline app, that makes it more helpful for medical students, physicians, pharmacists, and other healthcare professionals.

Features of Medical Terminology Dictionary:

  • Quick search word
  • Complete offline dictionary
  • Abbreviations
  • Email terms
  • Unlimited bookmark and history

Download it so you can have an offline medical dictionary app which contains helpful information.

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2. Oxford Medical Dictionary — FREE

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The Oxford Medical Dictionary is a trusted app for medical students and other healthcare professionals. It is written by experts in the medical field, definitions are even accompanied by diagrams and illustrations.

You do not have to worry because the app is up to date. The definition and information of equipment, treatment, procedures are reviewed and updated when necessary. Moreover, it has improved with the terminologies it caters, it expands with pharmacology, psychiatry, ethics, pediatrics, and other special and specific areas in the medical field.

Furthermore, it has search tools and learning tools that can help the user quickly search the term and its definition. The camera search is a bonus! You can look for terms  Other than that, it provides a way where the person can understand and retain the words they have searched.

Features of the Oxford Medical Dictionary:

  • Search Tools (Auto-Complete Search, Camera Search, Voice Search)
  • Learning Tools
  • Homescreen Widget

If you are looking for the best selling and market-leading medical dictionary app, then the Oxford Medical Dictionary will not disappoint you.

Google Play

3. Dorland’s Illustrated Medical Dictionary — FREE

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When you want to enhance your vocabulary in medical terminologies, you have to download Dorland’s Illustrated Medical Dictionary. It contains every word in medicine from its first to the last coined word for almost 110 years.

It allows every healthcare professional to grasp the definition of terms, you would be able to understand and use correctly the terms at work. There is an available audio pronunciation for your convenience. Moreover, the illustrations provided by this medical dictionary app gives you a comprehensive understanding of the medical term.

Features of Dorland’s Illustrated Medical Dictionary:

  • Well-defined terms and clear illustration
  • Search Tools (Auto-complete Search, Camera Search, Voice Search)
  • Learning Tools (Favorites, Recent, Word of the Day)
  • Homescreen Widget
  • Supports Split Screen
Google Play

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4. Medical Dictionary by Farlex — FREE

Medical Dictionary by Farlex - App Logo - Best Medical Dictionary App
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The Medical Dictionary by Farlex is a combination of definitions and illustrations from its reliable sources like McGraw-Hill, Elsevier, Mosby, Dorland, and more. You may be a medical practitioner or a student who wants to know more about the terminologies of the medical field, you can download this medical dictionary app.

This medical dictionary app provides an in-depth definition of the human anatomy, different types of diseases, its symptoms, procedures, and more. You will have a hassle-free experience with the app as it is user-friendly and comprehensive to your needs.

Features of Medical Dictionary by Farlex:

  • Audio pronunciation
  • Search suggestions
  • Voice Search
  • Unlimited bookmarks
Google Play
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What People Asks about the Best Medical Dictionary App

What is the best medical app?

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Final Thoughts

In the medical field, every second is valuable and it would be a problem if you do not know some important medical terminologies. Luckily, there is the best medical dictionary app that can guide you with the definition and illustration of some medical terminologies. Download the app that best suits your needs.

Did you find this article helpful? Share it with your colleagues and friends who are also in the medical field. Moreover, if you have questions and suggestions about medical dictionary apps, you can leave it in the comment section below.

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