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5 Best Micro USB Cable for Android – Keep Your Gadgets Going

Today, manufacturers are making the USB Type-C cables the standard for data transfers and charging. But, the use of micro USB cables is still prevalent. There are still devices that rely on high quality micro USB cables. These cables are cheaper yet still durable, even their high-end variants. Thus, get the best micro USB cable for Android from a well-known brand.

Best Micro USB Cable for Android

Best Over AllAnker PowerLine Micro USB
Highly RecommendedSmart&Cool Gen4
Best ValueCable Matters
Runner UpsAmazonBasics Double Braided Nylon USB
Best Micro USB Cable for Android


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5 Best Micro USB Cable for Android

1. Cable Matters

Best Micro USB Cable for Android - Cable Matters
Cable Matters Retractable USB Cable

We all want to tame the clutter on our desk or inside our bags, with Cable Matters, they have a retractable micro USB cable. It is the perfect solution for those who always use a cable everywhere they go. You can connect the micro USB cable on a wall or car charger. Moreover, it has the ability to transfer files from your computer to your device. It supports Hi-Speed USB 2.0 to transfer data and rates up to 480 Mbps.

It is best to remind yourself that this high quality micro USB cable is only compatible with Android devices. Also, to retract or extend the cable, you have to pull it on both ends. These retractable micro USB cables are beneficial to travelers. It is fully retractable to 33 inches to 2 inches.

Product Specifications:

  • Universal Compatibility
  • Durable
  • Cost-effective
  • Tangle-free

For those who are looking for one of the best micro USB cables for Android, the Cable Matters is an Amazon’s Choice. Get it at Amazon for $7.99 (as of 11/4/19).


2. Anker PowerLine Micro USB

Best Micro USB Cable for Android - Anker PowerLine Micro USB
Anker PowerLine Micro USB

The Anker PowerLine Micro USB is the cable you need. Fast in charging and data syncing, and it is durable and affordable. You can say that it is durable as it is supported by Kevlar on its stress points, bend the cable as many times as you want but it will surely survive the knocks.

Aside from the durability of the cable, it is efficient for its function. You can fast charge several devices with this cable, including speakers, battery packs, and the like. Lastly, the Anker PowerLine Micro USB is available in a variety of lengths that can provide the needs of the users. It makes charging easier for everyone.

Product Specification:

  • Reinforced stress points
  • Fast charging
  • Universal compatibility

Buy the Anker PowerLine Micro USB as it costs cheaper than the other micro USB cable in the market. Also, it is durable and efficient to use.

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3. Smart&Cool Gen4

Best Micro USB Cable for Android - Smart&Cool Gen4
Smart&Cool Gen4

The Smart&Cool Gen4 is compatible with almost all devices, may it be an Apple device or Android product. But, you have to remember that it does not work with Oculus Go and Motorola devices. Its magnetic connector makes it all easier, it easily snaps without the need of watching it.

Those who use Apple products, both ends support a maximum of 2.1 A for faster data syncing and charging. Meanwhile, those who only use the micro USB connector, only one side supports fast charging, while the other side supports both fast data syncing and fast charging.

Product Description:

  • Universal Compatibility: but does not work with Oculus Go and Motorola devices
  • Convenient
  • Fast Charging

As of 11/4/19, there are several stocks for the product at Amazon, and you can have it for only $14.99. A little reminder after you bought the product, do not use it in an environment full of metal as it is a magnetic cable. It might cause a short circuit. Be careful!

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4. iSeekerkit

Best Micro USB Cable for Android - iSeekerKit

When you need a durable micro USB cable yet you want to cut down your budget, iSeekerkit can give you what you need. It has a double-braided nylon exterior that provides a secure and tough connector. You do not have to worry as the micro connector is securely and perfectly tight that it can even accommodate phones with protective cases.

It has a thick wiring gauge and the cable resistance is reduced which enables it to provide the fastest syncing and charging. When you use this cable to sync your device, it provides a data transfer speed up to 480 Mbps. Meanwhile, charging your device with iSeekerkit helps your device charge up 50% faster.

Product Description:

  • High Speed Charge and Sync
  • Customizable Design
  • Durable
  • Compatible with Android devices

When you purchase the iSeekerkit as of 11/4/19, you will get three packs of 1-feet cables of Nylon Braided Micro USB. You even have a lifetime warranty and inquiries are entertained by their friendly customer service.

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5. AmazonBasics Double Braided Nylon USB

Best Micro USB Cable for Android - AmazonBasics Double Braided Nylon
AmazonBasics Double Braided Nylon

Double braided nylon gives you the most durable option for a micro USB cable for Android. You can bend the cable a thousand times yet it will not still break. Its cable strap is adjustable to its length and prevents tangling.

Other than the durability it provides, the AmazonBasics is the ideal cable for charging Android devices. It has a fast-charging ability, it is capable of delivering up to 2100 mA. But, you have to ensure that your device has a micro USB B port.

Product Specifications:

  • Compatible with Android devices
  • Supports up to 480 Mbps speed for data transmission
  • Extra protection from double-braided nylon fiber cloth

It is best to purchase the AmazonBasics double-braided nylon USB as it has a one-year warranty. Other than that, you can also acquire it at a budget-friendly price.

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People May Ask

Are all micro USB cables the same?

There are 2 types of micro USB, micro Type-A and micro Type-B. Additionally, not all Micro USB Type-B are the same, some support faster charging while others don’t.

Are USB Type-C and Micro USB the same?

No, USB-C is reversible, it provides a faster charging and data syncing rate than the ordinary micro USB. USB-Type C can provide larger watts at a larger volt, it can power up large devices such as tablets or laptops.

Do cables matter for fast charging?

Yes, some cables are designed to simply be used for transferring data while others don’t support fast charging. You need to check the specification of the cable to ensure if the cable supports fast charging.

Which is the best micro USB cable for Xbox One controller?

Micro USB cables are often replaced because of the abusive use of cables, such as sharp bending that causes frays and extracting the cord by the cable length instead of the connector end which often breaks the cord. As a replacement, you must consider a micro USB cable with ribbed ends or with braided or woven wiring which are generally much stronger than the regular ones.


The above mentioned micro USB cable for Android is a great help in deciding which one to purchase. Even if all of the mentioned are the best, our personal preference will decide which one to buy.

We hope that the article has greatly helped you in choosing the best and the perfect micro USB cable for your needs. If you have friends and family who are looking for a micro USB cable for their Android device, feel free to share the article with them.

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