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5 Best Motorcycle Phone Mount (Travel at Ease)

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If you are fond of motorcycle rides, having easy access to your smartphone while driving is a must.

Riders need a motorcycle phone mount to make them check whether there are calls, texts, or view the map on the GPS navigator. Motorcycle phone mounts are designed not to compromise the rider’s safety.

There are different phone mounts available in the market. But, the best motorcycle phone mount will keep your phone secured even on rough terrain.

Phone mounts have been a great companion for riders on their regular rides. The sturdy mount allows the riders to see the navigation map on the GPS app. Moreover, the mount can be adjusted making travels at ease. Let us discover some of the best motorcycle phone mounts available in the market.

Best Phone Motorcycle Phone Mount

Best Over AllQuad Lock
Most RecommendedRoam Universal Premium
Best QualityNelson Rigg Strap Mount
Best LookingTackform Phone Holder
CheapestArkon Handlebar Phone Mount

Best Deals for Motorcycle Phone Mount

1. Quad Lock

Best Motorcycle Phone Mount - Quad Lock
Quad Lock

Quad Lock aims to secure an active lifestyle for the users. It is a clutter-free design allowing the mount to be placed on the mirror stem of the motorcycle. It is proven to be one of the best motorcycle phone mounts as it has a patented dual-lock. Thus, the lock can be securely attached to the motorcycle even if you are at the roughest terrain.

Best Motorcycle Phone Mount -Sample of Quad Lock attached to stem
Sample of Quad Lock attached to stem

Nonetheless, you can have Quad Lock on different configurations to mount it in every location. The configuration comes from stem sizes 10 to 16mm. Each lock configuration is easy to attach and detach. Thus, accessibility is never a problem.

Product Specifications:

  • Patented dual-stage lock
  • Easy attach and detach system
  • Multiple mount configurations
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2. Roam Universal Premium

Best Motorcycle Phone Mount - Roam Universal Premium
Roam Universal Premium

The roam universal premium boasts its roam co-pilot mount that is perfect for any motorcycle or bicycle enthusiasts. The phone mount allows the users to view messages, answer calls, change music, or navigate the map. It can securely fit any phone, may it be an Apple or Android phone. The mount has a six-point grip that is compatible and adjustable to most handlebars.

Best Motorcycle Phone Mount - Sample of Roam Universal Premium on Mount
Sample of Roam Universal Premium on Mount

Moreover, while you are riding your motorcycle you can adjust the mount on any angle. The roam co-pilot mount uses its two-point contact, while it is securely wrapped on the handlebar. It has a premium hard plastic grip with a silicone net that holds the phone in every corner. With Roam Universal Premium, you have your phone in sight during your rides.

Product Specifications:

  • Compatible for all phones
  • Compatible to most handlebar sizes
  • Large clamps to provide the most secure grip
  • Sturdy
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3. Nelson Rigg Strap Mount

Best Motorcycle Phone Mount - Nelson-Rigg Strap Mount
Nelson-Rigg Strap Mount

The Nelson Rigg Strap Mount is a multipurpose motorcycle mount making it one of the best! It is different from most phone mount you know, it uses a strap mount. You need to attach the strap on the tank to securely mount it. You do not have to worry about slipcases as the strap is made out of protective base material that prevents marks and slips.

Best Motorcycle Phone Mount - Sample of Nelson-Rigg Strap Mount
Sample of Nelson-Rigg Strap Mount

The strap mount has three pockets, where two of them are clear and touch-friendly pouches. The larger pouch is comfortable for GPS devices. You can roam around with your motorcycle without getting lost. Meanwhile, the second clear pouch is best for smartphones. You can check on messages or calls during the ride. Lastly, the third pouch is an additional pouch where you can store your essentials.

If you are worried about your devices getting exposed from the sun and rain, the pouch is designed for outdoor use. It is treated with a high-quality UV Trimax ballistic nylon. The Nelson Rigg Strap Mount makes a convenient option for riders.

Product Specification:

  • Strap mounts with a protective base material
  • Clear pouch
  • Touch-friendly pouch
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4. Tackform Phone Holder

Best Motorcycle Phone Mount - Tackform Phone Holder
Tackform Phone Holder

Tackform phone holder is one of the best motorcycle phone mounts for newly launched smartphones. It can securely mount any smartphones that do not exceed 6 inches in length. The design of Tackform is purely for rough terrain, which makes rider seamlessly go for rough rides. Moreover, its design is also compatible with GoPro. Isn’t amazing? You can record your rides with this phone mount! There are countless ways you can use the phone mount. Furthermore, you can mount it on handlebars and stems with diameters up to 2 inches wide.

Best Motorcycle Phone Mount - Tackform Phone Holder Additional Feature
Tackform Phone Holder Additional Feature

Product Specifications:

  • Built for rough terrain
  • Compatible with all smartphones and GoPro
  • Compatible for handlebars and stem
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5. Arkon Handlebar Phone Mount

Best Motorcycle Phone Mount - Arkon Handlebar Phone Mount
Arkon Handlebar Phone Mount

The Arkon Handlebar Phone Mount is designed to accommodate smartphones with screen dimensions up to 8 inches. You may have an Android phone or an Apple device, it can surely hold your phone. The phone mount can securely mount on handlebars with diameters up to 33mm. Whether it is a motorcycle or a bike, you can mount your phone with Arkon!

Best Motorcycle Phone Mount - Sample Arkon Handlebar Phone Mount
Sample Arkon Handlebar Phone Mount

Moreover, the elastic wrap of the phone mount is nothing to worry about, it cannot scratch or dent your expensive smartphone. The elastic wraps are soft to cradle the smartphone while it is securely mounted on your motorcycle.

Product Specifications:

  • Compatible with handlebar diameter up to 33mm
  • Spring-loaded holder
  • Elastic wrap
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There are several phone mounts in different variations to choose from, it all just depends on the biker’s preference. It may be overwhelming to choose the right phone mount.

Thus, it is best to read reviews before buying to know which one perfectly fits for your motorcycle.

We already narrowed down the best motorcycle phone mount for you. All of the phone mounts are designed to keep your phones securely protected no matter where you are.

Do you find the article helpful? Share it with your friends. We want to know where your next destination! Tell us about it and your experience with the best phone mount. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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