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Top 7 Best Music Downloader Apps for Android

Even in the time of Spotify and Apple Music, there are still a good amount of people who don’t subscribe to them and tend to use free music downloading apps. A good music downloader app is one that provides free music with minimal ads. With that said, we’ve compiled that list for you.

best music downloader app
best music downloader app

A lot of people would rather use free apps then pay for one. I used to feel the same way but Spotify was too good of an app to let pass. Although I kept the free apps because I was able to download obscure tracks that weren’t in Spotify. Whatever your reason may be, rest assured that these apps will help you one way or another.

If you want to download music through your phone – without having to pay for anything – then a better way to do it is through these apps. Here’s a list of the best music downloader apps for Android.


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Best music download apps for Android

I tested more than 10 Android music apps for this article, but filtered out the 5 best apps I've mentioned here. 
Best music downloader app for offline listening4Shared
Best free music downloader appMixerBox
Best in torrent downloadingFrostWire
Best in new releasesAudiomack
Best in user interfaceTubeMusic Go
Best music download apps for Android

1. 4shared

4Shared User Interface
Listen to your tracks on the app!

Remember the good old days when music can be easily downloaded from 4shared? Well, 4shared is still active. 4shared is a file-sharing app that lets their users upload and download files, just like how it works on their site.

To be able to use this app, you will need to log in to your account. You can use either your Facebook, Google, or Email.

4Shared User Interface
Log-in with your Facebook Account!

There’s a search icon at the bottom right of the app’s main menu where you can enter your search. You can search for any file type including music, videos, images, and more.

4Shared User Interface
Tap on the “All 4shared” icon.

There are over 30 million files available on 4shared that you can download, including music files. Downloading music on 4shared will automatically save your downloads in your cloud folder, which you can access even when you are offline.

4Shared User Interface
Play your downloaded music!
Google Play

2. MixerBox

MixerBox User Interface
MixerBox’s User-Interface

Wouldn’t you love to be able to play Youtube videos and discover music all in one place? This app lets you do exactly that. Plus, MixerBox is completely free.

MixerBox User Interface
Discover new music!

MixerBox has access to your music files which you can play in the app itself, it can also serve as your alternative music player.

MixerBox User Interface
Integrate your Youtube playlists!

This app lets you download your favorite music without the need to make an account. You can easily log in using your Facebook account.

Google Play

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3. FrostWire

FrostWire User-Interface
FrostWire User-Interface

FrostWire is different from other music downloader apps because it’s actually a torrent downloader app. It lets you download torrent files but works as a music player as well.

FrostWire User-Interface
FrostWire Player

This is the best app you can use if you want to download an entire music album.

FrostWire User-Interface
Search and Download your favorite albums!

If you’re new to torrent downloading, all you have to do is search the .torrent file of the song or album you want, download it, and open it on FrostWire or just copy its magnet link and paste it on FrostWire.

Google Play

4. Audiomack

Audiomack User-Interface
Audiomack User-Interface

If you want to stay on the trend and always be updated about new releases, then Audiomack is the app for you. It’s an app that lets you stream and download your favorite songs or mixtapes and create your own playlist.

Audiomack User-Interface
Listen to playlists!

Before you can play offline music, you will have to create an account first or log in through Facebook.

Audiomack User-Interface
Sign-up with your Facebook Account!

You can also browse through the curated playlists or explore top music on the trending section. This app is free to download but you can also go ad-free for $4.99 per month.

Audiomack User-Interface
Find the right tracks for you!
Google Play

5. TubeMusic Go

TubeMusic Go User-Interface
TubeMusic Go User-Interface

TubeMusic Go is a free mp3 downloader app. It’s an app with a very nice, user-friendly interface and it lets the users download music and save it on their downloads folder as an mp3 file.

TubeMusic Go User-Interface
Will it?

This app has a multi-threaded search engine and an easy-to-use download manager. TubeMusic Go is free but has video ads that you can conveniently skip.

Google Play

6. SoundCloud

Soundcloud is one of the top free music downloader apps. It is considered one of the largest audio and music streaming platforms with 150 million tracks. This app includes a wide range of contemporary music from diverse genres that lets you pause, play, or skip tracks right from your lock screen. Soundcloud is great for checking out friends’ latest updates or downloading MP3 music to your Android.

This music app helps you browse various music genres such as hip-hop, rock, jazz, and more.

This tool shows you the most recently uploaded music on SoundCloud. It can be personalized according to your musical preferences on a daily basis, depending on your mood. You can get track recommendations based on your preferences and listening behavior. The main feature of Soundcloud is that you can listen to songs on offline mode just by clicking the save option.

7. RockMyRun

Are you a health nut? This software is ideal for anyone who enjoys sports or working out. RockMyRun is an MP3 music downloader app with android support.  If you’re looking for an MP3 music downloader app to liven up your training sessions, you can try downloading the RockMyRunapp. With the best DJ mix collections, this app has the power to refresh your mind. 

The advantages of RockMyRun includes the my beat feature, which makes you create a playlist tailored to your fitness style. You can download the tracks and listen to them later. RockMyRun is an app that has been shown to boost motivation and enjoyment. Workout and jogging music is created by talented and experienced DJs to maintain a steady tempo and energy throughout the workout sessions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I download music from Youtube?

Download and install SONGily on your Android phone. Open the app then type the title of the songs you want to download on the search bar. A Youtube video of the song will show up. You’ll have the option to download it as audio in mp3 format or as an mp4 video

How can I download music from Google Play?

If you want to download music from Google Play, you will have to use Google’s official music app called “Google Play Music.” Open the app, tap an album or playlist, and tap Download.

What’s the best music player app for Android?

There are a lot of music player apps available on Play Store and it’s hard to compare which one’s the best as every user has different types of preferences. But, here’s a list of the best music player apps for Android.

Copy What’s Right

You can now download and enjoy your favorite music! But just a quick reminder: some music files are copyrighted. That’s why it’s not easy to find a good music downloader app. Listening to your favorite artists on paid platforms is a great way of supporting them. Paying for a music streaming app doesn’t sound too bad now does it?

That way you’ll not only be able to enjoy the music you want but also support your favorite artist to keep making great music.

If you have any comments or suggestions, let us know in the comments section below!

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