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10 Best Music Visualization Apps for Android in 2021

I’m sure that we can all agree that we can’t live without music.

Couldn’t you agree more?

A lot of us go through our every day lives with music as our source of entertainment and relaxation. Listening to songs amplifies our moods and emotions.

To further enhance those emotions, you should put more senses into action besides your hearing.

Now, let me cut to the chase.

Music visualization apps can help elevate your music listening experience. These apps use music to render animated images.

Imagine this:

Listening to a relaxing tune while waves of colorful lines dance to its soothing melody.

If you’re more into upbeat songs, think of this:

Bars of every hue of the rainbow surrender to the bass every time it rumbles.

Wouldn’t you want to see that? The good news is that you can by using music visualizers.

You won’t need a PC or other devices to experience it. You’ll only need your smartphone.

Don’t know what app to download? Continue reading to know the best music visualization apps for your Android device.

10 Best Music Visualization Apps for Android

Best in personalizationMuviz Edge
Best in built-in MP3 playerMusic Visualizer (TM Digital Entertainment)
Best in music visualization from other appsAudio Glow
Best in microphone compatibilitySpecties
Best in Chromecast connectivityAlien Worlds
Best in high quality renderingprojectM Music Visualizer Pro
Best in satisfying visualizationFractal Tunnels
Best in user interfaceMusic Visualizer (CodePieces)
Best in sound quality adjustmentAudioVision Music Player
Best in radio audio visualizationSpectrolizer
Best music visualization apps for Android

1. Muviz Edge

Muviz Edge Logo - Music Visualization Apps
Muviz Edge

Let’s kick off the list with a simple music visualizer, the Muviz Edge. This app gives a subtle visualization of songs.

Muviz Edge Sample - Music Visualization Apps
Muviz Edge with Muzio Player

You can use Muviz Edge with most offline music players and streaming apps. Customize how the visualizer will react to the music you’re playing.

Download and install it for free. But not all features are available since you need to pay to unlock all of them.

Muviz Edge - Musiv Visualization Apps
Set up and customize your visualizer


  • Includes design packs you can personalize
  • Customizable stock color palettes
  • Options for visualization control
  • Operates with many music apps
Google Play

2. Music Visualizer (TM Digital Entertainment)

Music Visualizer Logo - Music Visualization Apps
Music Visualizer

For a full 3D music visualization, try Music Visualizer by TM Digital Entertainment.

Like Muviz Edge, you can download and install it free of charge. However, other features require payment.

Music Visualizer - Music Visualization Apps
Mesmerizing animation as the music intensifies

This app also doubles as a music player. But the developers recently updated Music Visualizer so you can have the freedom to use other music apps with it.

You can use the sample songs to check out and tweak the animations.

Music Visualizer - Music Visualization Apps
Pick out and personalize the animation


  • Customize the visualizations, color, and sensitivity
  • Built-in MP3 player
  • Works with external music app audio
  • Includes sample songs
Google Play

3. Audio Glow

Audio Glow Logo - Music Visualization Apps
Audio Glow

Let me give you a heads up. To fully appreciate this app, I would suggest that you spend a little.

As you download it for free, you’ll only have 2 visualization styles to use. But I do think the in-app purchases are worth every penny.

Audio Glow - Music Visualization Apps
Visualizations that will make you feel the music

One of the reasons is that Audio Glow provides more stunning visuals compared to other music visualization apps.

Another thing is the detailed settings where you can adjust almost everything. From the style when the song changes to the time intervals, customize and save your settings.

Audio Glow - Music Visualization Apps
Customize your experience with tons of options


  • Visualize music and audio from other apps
  • Song and artist name display
  • Save personal settings
  • Tons of options to customize music visualization
Google Play

4. Specties

Specties Logo - Music Visualization Apps

Specties deserves a spot on the list because they’re just too cute to ignore! Watch adorable and colorful creatures groove to the music.

It’s a simple visualizer app that lets you choose the music that will make your mushroom buddies dance.

Specties - Music Visualization Apps
Watch the mushrooms react to the music

It has a built-in player so you can play your tunes directly from the app. You can also use your microphone and belt out your favorite song to make the cuties dance.

Specties - Music Visualization Apps
Simple user interface


  • Includes a built-in music player
  • Usable with a microphone
  • Different adorable scenes to choose from
Google Play

Match the music visualizing mushrooms with a cute mushroom speaker. Here’s one that’s available in pastel colors.

Mushroom Speaker - Music Visualization Apps
Portable mushroom speaker

5. Alien Worlds

Alien Worlds Logo - Music Visualization Apps
Alien Worlds

For something out-of-this-world, you should try Alien Worlds Music Visualizer.

Transition into another world with amazing visualization for your relaxing or upbeat music.

Alien Worlds - Music Visualization Apps
A universe-like visualization

You can use an external app to play your songs or the built-in player.

The full options aren’t available for free. But you can watch an ad to unlock them until you close the app.

Alien Worlds - Music Visualization Apps
Purchase the full version or watch an ad to unlock full options


  • Customize your visualizations
  • Includes visuals with alien animations
  • Chromecast-enabled
  • Radio channel included
Google Play

6. projectM Music Visualizer Pro

projectM Logo - Music Visualization Apps

If you have some cash to spare, why not purchase projectM Music Visualizer Pro?

This app features surreal visualization that will make you feel like you’re in an art gallery.

projectM - Music Visualization Apps
projectM transitions to another visualization

Enjoy the full version of projectM that includes many features such as adjustable visual quality and more than 200 animated effects.

Use your music apps and microphone to begin the visualization.

Another factor that separates this app from others is its minimal battery usage.

projectM - Music Visualization Apps
Choose from a wide array of presents and effects


  • Chromecast-supported
  • 60 FPS rendering
  • Preset search and browser
  • Can be used as a live wallpaper
Google Play

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7. Fractal Tunnels

Fractal Tunnels Logo - Music Visualization Apps
Fractal Tunnels

From the same developers of Alien Worlds, Fractal Tunnels is another satisfying music visualizer app for Android.

Instead of extraterrestrial animations, choose from a broad selection of vibrant tunnel visualizations.

Fractal Tunnels - Music Visualization Apps
The walls of the tunnel react to the music

Each visualization style would appear as if you’re going to a different world and the end of the tunnel.

Most of its features are similar to Alien Worlds. One difference would be the number of available visual animations.

Fractal Tunnels - Music Visualization Apps
Double-tap on your screen to make the options appear

There are less than 50 tunnels available, but you have over 100 customizable settings to change things up. You can even create unique tunnels of your own.


  • Set tunnels to go on loop
  • Design one-of-a-kind tunnels
  • Chromecast-enabled
Google Play

8. Music Visualizer (CodePieces)

Codepieces Logo - Music Visualizer Apps
Music Visualizer

Don’t be confused with TM Digital Entertainment’s app. Though they have the same name, Music Visualizer by CodePieces has a different interface.

If you love the idea of nostalgia while listening to feel-good songs, this is the app for you.

Codepieces - Music Visualization Apps
Accurate visualization of Sublime’s Santeria

Texts are pixelated similar to video games you used to play when you were a kid. But the visualized animation is as mesmerizing as other visualizer apps.

It also has a music player which you can view as the current song is playing.

Codepieces - Music VIsualization Apps
Personalize your visual animations

Another great thing about this visualization app is the customization options. You can change up the animation any way you like — make lines thicker, change the colors, and many more.


  • Includes a music player
  • Customize animations
  • Simple and user-friendly interface
Google Play

A vintage Bluetooth speaker might be a perfect match for this app. It will complete your whole retro visualization experience.

Vintage Bluetooth Speaker - Music Visualization Apps
Vintage Bluetooth Speaker

9. AudioVision Music Player

AudioVision Logo - Music Visualization Apps

If you’re looking for an all-in-one app, check out AudioVision Music Player.

It has a reliable MP3 player that runs as a background app. It means you can listen to songs while browsing or gaming.

AudioVision - Music Visualization Apps
Enjoy a sleek music player with a visualizer

There are great animation visuals that are crisp and simple. To make it more personal, you can add background images to your player.

Customize the visualizations and use the audio equalizer to adjust the sound quality to your liking.

AudioVision -Music Visualization Apps
Personalize your experience by tweaking the settings


  • Music player included
  • Personalize your background image and visuals
  • Enhance sound quality
Google Play

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10. Spectrolizer

Spectrolizer Logo - Music Visualization Apps

The last item on the list is another visualizer music player app. Spectrolizer.

It has multiple color and layout presets that you can customize. In addition to that, you can choose from an array of modes.

Spectrolizer - Music Visualization Apps
Hypnotics and beautiful visualization

The music player is such a versatile tool with sound effects and a sleep timer. You can also use the app to visualize microphone-captured audio.

Spectrolizer - Music Visualization Apps
Choose the mode and adjust the settings

If you want smooth music visualization, you would love this app. The animation illuminates beautiful images for your eyes’ pleasure.


  • Music visualizer customization options
  • Versatile music player
  • Microphone and radio audio visualization
Google Play


Can I use a music visualization app with an Android tablet?

You might be able to use most music visualizer apps with an Android tablet. But some apps might only be available on smartphones.

Do music visualizers cause damage to the eyes?

There are studies about flashing or bright lights causing eye damage and sleeping problems. You just need to be careful with the brightness of your screen and discontinue using the visualizer if you’re experiencing discomfort.

Are all music players compatible with music visualizer apps?

Check the developers’ detailed description of the app. They usually mention the type of music players that you can use with their apps.

Which is the best radio audio visualization app for Android?

Spectrolizer app is the best microphone and radio audio visualization app on Android. The music player is such a versatile tool with sound effects and a sleep timer.


I hope you were able to find a music visualization app from the list that you can use.

You may need to purchase the full versions of some visualizer apps to appreciate them more. But it’s not necessary since you can still enjoy beautiful animations with limited access.

What are you waiting for?

Download and install a music visualizer app on your Android device to heighten your listening experience.

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