Nintendo 64 Emulators for Android so You and Your Friends Can Play Bond Again (Other Games Too)

3 Nostalgic Nintendo 64 emulators for Android

One of the best things about the Android platform is its ability to run virtually anything. So it was no surprise that genuine emulators started showing up on the platform as well. 

These emulators will enable you to play almost any videogame released for the Nintendo 64 gaming console and enjoy the gems released by Nintendo. The Nintendo 64 games are a little bit heavier on the graphics side and take a lot of resources when compared to earlier versions of consoles, so make sure you have a capable device to run these games.

Back when Nintendo 64 was first released, I used to be a poor preteen boy.  It was on the latter that my friend introduced me to the console and the incredible games that came with it.

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I have fond memories of the split-screen when playing Goldeneye 007 with my buddies during the summer vacations. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Super Mario 64 were some of the highlights of the console.

 I also loved Banjo-Kazooie on the console as well as Mario kart 64. Now thanks to Android, I was able to revisit those great games and truly enjoy them without the need to hog the family TV.


There are tons of N64 Emulators for Android out there, but to be honest, not all of them work well. To help you, we listed the best N64 Emulators for Android out there!

I’m pretty sure that you will be able to run games on any of these emulators. I also highly recommend that you use a controller with the Nintendo 64 games so that you can play the games properly.

1. Mupen64+AE

Mupen64 may not have the perfect rating on the Google Play Store but it still manages to run a lot of games on my smartphones. A point to be noted here is that some games require a lot of extra resources and may not run on budget devices.

That being said, this emulator is very straightforward and allows you to customize the experience to your liking as well. You’ll need to get the game ROMs yourself but after that, you can leave everything on this emulator for Nintendo 64.

Put the ROM on your device, located through the emulator and you are almost there. Now all you need to do is press the play button and play the game, which is all there is to this app.

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2. RetroArch

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RetroArch is an open-source app that lets you play N64 games using their “cores.” You don’t need external files as games are downloadable from inside the app.

This app also offers full customization of its controls and settings. What’s fascinating with this app is their game “cores,” which enables you to download games online.

RetroArch also looks simplistic and easy to use. It is also a multi-console emulator that supports other platforms and games.

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3. Mupen64Plus FZ

Mupen64Plus FZ - Logo
The Mupen64Plus is one of the newer N64 emulators out there. This app also has all the necessary cores and plugins to let you play your favorite games easily.

Although this app is not easy to use, there is a guide that can teach you to use this properly. Although there are specific issues for their games and not all of them work, most of them work smoothly with the proper plugins.

This app also includes the GLideN64 games that let you play most of their games as long as your device can handle them. The Mupen64Plus FZ is also a free app, but there are optional donations if you choose to support its developers.

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Related Questions

What is Emulator ROMs?

ROM means read-only memory, and emulators use it for games from different consoles so that you can play them on your PC.

Are emulators illegal?

Emulators are legal, but distributing ROMS with copyrights is illegal.

What is the best N64 emulator for Android?

There are a few N64 emulators that could qualify as the best, but for us, we recommend using the MupenN64Plus FZ.


These were a few great Nintendo 64 emulators for Android. I tested around seven emulators available on the Google Play Store, but only these three were able to run on four different devices. Apart from the last one that failed to run on a Sony smartphone, all of them ran games almost smoothly on multiple devices.

I had to cut the list short to accommodate only the emulators that worked perfectly fine. This is not a very thorough device testing, simply because I have a very limited amount of devices available at hand but I’m pretty sure that these emulators will run fine on your devices.

If you have any kind of questions or concerns about these emulators, feel free to comment below and will be sure to answer back soon.

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