The 7 Best Nutrition Apps for Android in 2023

Eat Right.

Tracking your daily nutrition can be challenging without the right tools. The best nutrition apps for Androids can make the process much easier by providing features to log meals, count calories, analyze nutrients, set goals, and ultimately improve your diet.

But, with so many apps available, how do you choose the best nutrition apps that rightly fit your needs? Will the app actually help improve your eating habits or integrate them into your lifestyle? This article likely has the answers. From popular calorie counters to micronutrient analyzers, this article has a list of the top 7 options. Read on to find the one that caters to your needs.

The Best Nutrition Apps for Android

Here are the best nutrition apps that can help you take control of your diet and eating habits in 2023.

  1. MyFitnessPal
  2. Lose It!
  3. LifeSum
  4. FatSecret
  5. Cronometer
  6. MyNetDiary
  7. MacroFactor

1. MyFitnessPal

Best Nutritiona Apps - MyFitnessPal
Image Source: Google Play Store

MyFitnessPal is one of the most popular calorie counter and food diary apps available. It has a massive database of over 6 million foods, so you can easily log meals and find nutritional information. You can set calorie and macronutrient goals and track your intake against those goals. Some key features include:

  • A huge database of over 6 million foods
  • Barcode scanning for quick logging
  • Syncing with apps, like Google Fit and Fitbit
  • Tracking calories, macros, and vitamins
  • Social features to connect with friends
  • A free version has robust tracking

MyFitnessPal has free and premium versions available. The premium version unlocks additional features, like customized macros and goal settings.

Download MyFitnessPal from Google Play Store

2. Lose It!

Best Nutrition Apps - Lose It!
Image Source: Google Play Store

Lose It! is a high-rated weight loss and calorie counter app. It uses your height, weight goals, and activity levels to calculate a daily calorie budget to help you lose weight. Features include:

  • Setting a calorie budget based on weight goals
  • Tracking food, exercise, and weight, as well as targets
  • A large database of branded and restaurant foods
  • Integrating with wearables and exercise apps
  • Scanning barcodes to log foods quickly
  • Premium unlocks coaching features

Lose It! offers a very user-friendly interface, and integrates with many popular apps and devices. The free version provides robust tracking abilities while the paid subscription gives extra customization.

Download Lose It! from Google Play Store

3. Lifesum

Best Nutrition Apps - Lifesum
Image Source: Google Play Store

Lifesum aims to be more than just a calorie counter, by providing personalized nutrition advice and meal plans. It analyzes your diet and makes food suggestions tailored to your body and nutrition goals. Key features include:

  • Generating personalized nutrition recommendations
  • Tracking calories, macros, vitamins in-depth
  • A database of packaged and homemade foods
  • The ability to browse recipes and meal plans
  • Intuitive logging with barcode scans
  • Premium provides diet analysis and coaching

Lifesum offers a uniquely personalized approach to nutrition tracking. While the free version has limited functionality, the premium plans unlock meal plans, analysis of diet quality, and health coaching.

Download Lifesum from Google Play Store

4. FatSecret

Best Nutrition Apps - Fatsecret
Image Source: Google Play Store

FatSecret claims to have one of the world’s largest food databases with over 2 million items. This huge database allows for extensive logging of meals and easy barcode scanning. Features include:

  • Crowdsourced database with 2+ million foods
  • Quick barcode scanning for easy logging
  • Syncing across mobile and desktop devices
  • Tracking macros, vitamins, and detailed nutrition
  • Social features to connect with others
  • 100% free app with no paid upgrade

FatSecret is one of the most robust best nutrition apps with no paid upgrades. It can sync seamlessly across all devices and makes logging meals very simple. The social features also set it apart.

Download FatSecret from Google Play Store

5. Cronometer

Best Nutrition Apps - Cronometer
Image Source: Google Play Store

Unlike apps focused on calorie counting for weight loss, Cronometer is more targeted towards overall health and getting adequate nutrition. It tracks over 85 nutrients and focuses on ratios and accuracy. Features include:

  • Tracking extensive micronutrients
  • Analyzing overall nutritional quality
  • Visualizing nutrient ratios and diet scores
  • Graphs showing nutrition trends over time
  • Calculating nutrition data for recipes
  • Fully available on mobile and desktop
  • An Oracle upgrade that unlocks extra features

If you are looking for micronutrient tracking, and an analysis of diet quality, rather than just calories, Cronometer can provide robust data-driven insight. The free version is very comprehensive and useful on its own.

Download Cronometer from Google Play Store

6. MyNetDiary

Best Nutrition Apps - MyNetDiary
Image Source; Google Play Store

Unlike apps focused on generic diet tracking, MyNetDiary provides customized nutrition and weight loss plans tailored to your specific calorie needs, diet preferences, and health goals. Features Include:

  • Creating personalized diet plans based on your stats
  • Adjusting your calorie budget as you lose weight
  • Having a huge database of branded and restaurant foods
  • Tracking over 40 macro and micronutrients
  • Syncing with wearables, like Fitbit and Garmin
  • Social support through messaging
  • The paid subscription adds more customization

For those seeking a highly tailored calorie and nutrition plan, MyNetDiary generates customized diet guidance, as well as adjustable calorie limits as you progress. The free version offers robust food and nutrition tracking.

Download MyNetDiary from Google Play Store

7. MacroFactor

Best Nutrition Apps - MacroFactor
Image Source: Google Play Store

Unlike other apps focused on static goals, MacroFactor provides dynamic and customizable nutrition coaching that responds and adjusts to your unique body and needs. Features include:

  • Generating tailored calorie and macro goals
  • Adjusting weekly plans based on weight loss data
  • Focusing on building habits over restriction
  • Building custom meal plans with your foods
  • Allowing flexible macro customization
  • Syncing with Apple Health and Google Fit
  • Nutrition education guides
  • A paid version that unlocks full customization

For a structured yet flexible approach to nutrition coaching that customizes to your body’s needs, MacroFactor provides dynamic nutrition and macro guidance that evolves as you do.

Download MacroFactor from Google Play Store

Which app is best for customized meal plans?

MyNetDiary and Lifesum both generate personalized meal plans suited to your dietary preferences and nutrition goals.

What are the main features I should look for in the best nutrition apps?

Some key features to look for include a large food database, barcode scanning, comprehensive nutrition tracking (calories, macros, and micros), the ability to sync with wearables and apps, meal planning tools, nutrition insights, as well as a free and paid option.

Will a nutrition app help me lose weight?

Weight loss comes down to calorie deficit. Apps that set calorie budgets tailored to your goals and weight can aid weight loss, but nutrition apps alone won’t make you lose weight.

Final Bytes

Nutrition tracking can help to improve eating habits. The best nutrition apps for Android make it simple to log foods, count calories, analyze diet quality, and meet your goals. 

As this article outlines, there are free options, like MyFitnessPal, Cronometer, and FatSecret. You can also explore premium apps, like Lose It! and MacroFactor for personalized coaching. Consider your specific nutrition needs and lifestyle to pick the best app.

Download the app that best interests you and commit to consistent food logging and nutrition tracking!

Like always, if you have some interesting nutritional recipes or apps to share, leave a comment below.

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