5 Best Offline Music Apps for free listening

5 Best Offline Music Apps for free listening

Let’s face it, even if streaming is the best way to listen to the hottest and newest songs, we cannot be connected to the internet 24/7. So offline music apps are a must-have.


Listening to music is one of the few things I do on a daily basis. Whenever I’m happy, sad, or even bored, I put my headphones on. So, having an app that can let me listen to music whenever and wherever I am is a necessity.

Here’s the thing:

There will be dead spots, you will run out of data, or you’ll probably be at a place where Wi-Fi isn’t available. The good thing is, Google Play Store has apps that will let you download and listen to music even if you’re offline, for free.

Nifty, right?

So, are you one of those who downloaded, got dismayed, and uninstalled one music app? Is it because it has promised one thing and delivered another, has too many ads, or is too difficult to navigate? Most of us did.

But, worry no more.

Because we have collated a list of Android offline music apps that stood out among the others. These apps are completely free (although they are ad-supported) and you definitely don’t need to be a premium member to enjoy your music.


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Top Offline Music Apps that for music on the go

These are our top picks of the best offline music apps that let you listen to your favourite songs offline for free.

  1. Audiomack | Download New Music
  2. Free Music Download – Mp3 Music Downloader
  3. My Mixtapez music
  4. DaMixhub
  5. Music Player & MP3 Player

1. Audiomack | Download New Music

Audiomack-Offline Music Apps

Audiomack is a great way to stream, download, and playback trending songs. It has a cool black and orange user interface which doesn’t strain the eyes.

Audiomack has great features for listening to music offline-Offline Music Apps

Audiomack sorts the music by genres, top 20 lists (by country), best of 2018 etc. One of its notable features is that it lets you follow different music genres and alerts you when a song of the same genre gets uploaded.

You can access this on the Feed tab found at the bottom of your screen. Download the song as you play it so you can listen to it simultaneously.

You can select from Audiomack’s many music collections-Offline Music Apps

What we love: The Top 20 list which is sorted by country is rad. The “Best List” of the year lets you discover more songs imaginable down to the underrated ones. Also, you don’t need a premium account to enjoy its versatility.

If you are an artist, you can create a free account at www.audiomnack.com/join and you can showcase your songs for free. It is a great alternative to Soundcloud. You can also use your Android wear to play offline music through this app.

What we don’t: Ads and the recent update make the app crash.

Verdict: If you don’t like seeing ads on your player, Audiomack offers a monthly subscription of $1.99 a month which eliminates them and let you stream on a higher quality. Overall, this app is great for music lovers and artists alike and is one of the best offline music apps out there.

Google Play

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2. Free Music Download – Mp3 Music Downloader

Free Music Download
Free Music Download-Offline Music Apps

One of the most important factors in choosing the best offline music apps is the ease of use. Free Music Download delivers a straight to the point navigation so you can use it the way you downloaded it for.

Search for your favorite song with Free Music Download offline music app for Android

Once you open the app, it will redirect you to the “Popular” tab where you will be able to access the search box (top).  On the bottom part of the screen will be the music player so you can navigate through your songs easily.

Downloading your favorite song is easy with Free Music Download

You can view all your downloaded songs on the “Download” tab. It is arranged by date of download and plays chronologically.

What we love: Users will not have a hard time navigating through this app because it has a simple user interface. Unlike others, it doesn’t confuse nor does it take too much effort to get to know it.

Upon downloading, you can also choose the quality of your music; standard, high audio, and super audio, an ultra-flexible feature especially if you are looking between saving space or having the best audio quality.

What we don’t: The default screen can look a bit messy. Also, it doesn’t have a playlist so you won’t be able to organize your downloads.

Verdict: Although this app doesn’t look as striking as other offline music apps, it downloads swiftly and let you play your music based on the quality that you chose.

Google Play

3. My Mixtapez music

My Mixtapez music-Offline Music Apps

A little something for the swaggers out there. My Mixtapez provides the newest mixes from your favorite DJs and artists. With over 10 million downloads, My Mixtapez is definitely the biggest spot for hip-hop lovers.

You can stream online, make your own playlist, favorite a music album, favorite certain music, and download mixtapes for offline use.

My Mixtapez has a modern and sophisticated interface where you can access trending and upcoming albums. You can also browse featured albums and listen to it via online streaming or download the whole album for a full listening experience.

You can change your download and streaming quality on the Settings tab or opt to upgrade to a premium subscription to remove video ads.

Create your own music library with MixTapez

What we love: We definitely love the fact that you can view the artist’s album and download certain songs from there. We also like the “Favorite” feature which you can easily access on your Playlist tab. The audio quality of the songs is also great.

What we don’t: Users are required to sign-up/log-in before using this app. Also, it takes a while for it to respond and it has loads of ads. If you fancy listening to some throwback mixes, My Mixtapez collections are mostly new so it will be hard to find the classics.

Verdict: Backed by user reviews, there is no doubt that this app is a great choice for unlimited mixtape streaming and downloading. You might get a little disappointed with the ads, though, but aside from that, this app is lit.

Google Play

4. DaMixhub

DaMixhub-Offline Music Apps

Another good streaming and downloading platform for hip-hop music is DaMixhub. It has a large collection of throwback songs and mixes from the best DJs and artists.

It has a neat user interface where you can browse what’s trending, the new releases, or browse by artist.

Discover new music with DaMixHub music app for Android

You can also check your Favorites and your Playlist in a single tab (My Music). It provides fast downloading speed, so you don’t need to wait forever to save your music.

You can edit your preferences in the Settings where you can either turn your music/news notifications on or off. You can also opt to buy in-app purchases at USD 0.94 or subscribe to premium services.

DaMixhub has a nice, minimalist user interface

What we love: Unlike My Mixtapez, you don’t necessarily need to be signed up to use this app. We also dig the large collections of throwback and new mixtapes.

What we don’t: Ads pop-up too often.

Verdict: DaMixhub is another great app if you are a big fan of urban music. With more than 1 million installs and rates 4.5-stars on Google Playstore, this app speaks for itself.

Google Play

5. Music Player & MP3 Player

Music Player & MP3 Player- Offline Music Apps

Now if you want all options in one place, the Music Player & MP3 Player is the best offline music app. Currently, listening to music makes it hassle-free. One feature that makes this app stand out among its competitors is the equalizer. You can mix and match the sound of your favorite song. If you are a bass head, you can optimize the song with a single click, get all the bass you need, and elevate. Another thing to note is the support for all music formats. Some of the popular designs, MP3,  MIDI, WAV, FLAC, AAC, and APE, are supported with this app. 

With this app, you can repeatedly play songs in the shuffle or even loop your newfound favorite song. 

Now, once you download the song, you don’t need to manually place the music in a particular folder. The app automatically scans for new songs and includes them in your playlist. Even you customize your playlist however you see it. Apart from that, you can search songs using the search bar, navigate the app with the help of the app notification on the lock screen, and set your favorite song as your caller ringtone. 

But unlike other apps, it is a music player (offline), not a music downloader.

Intrigued? Then click on the below Google Play to download the app and start playing your favorite songs now!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I download these offline music apps for free?

Yes. All of the apps on this list can be installed for free. No need to pay for offline music if you download any of these apps, so check them out.

Where can I download offline music apps?

All the apps listed in this article can be downloaded in the play store. You just have to open the Google Play Store app on your Android device and search for the apps on this list. Then click the app you want and install it. Easy, right?

How can I download free songs online?

There are numerous ways to download free songs online, and one of the best ways to download your favorite songs legally is using the Internet Archive. Internet Archive is one of the best places to access millions of songs, books, movies, and websites. And it is entirely free!

Which is the best free music downloader app in 2023?

For downloading songs, the best online app is SoundCloud. With more than 300 million songs in its library, it is a good option for any streaming service. And the audio quality is better. The best offline app for music player is Music Player & MP3 Player, thanks to their variety of play options.

Your Thoughts

There are a lot of free streaming apps like iHeartRadio and Spotify but unfortunately, you need to be connected or be a premium subscriber for you to enjoy its full features. Android offline music apps take your music with you wherever you go, connected or not.

Do you know any other alternatives to the offline music apps listed above? Do you have a personal favourite? Share them on the comment section below.

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  1. Hello. My biggest frustration over the years has been losing all the music I’ve spent years creating, simply by switching devices. Which app would be best for long term downloading and listening across devices. I’m fine with signing up, if it requires such in order to keep the long lists I’ve created. Thanks for your time. Cheers!

    1. Hi Sunny! Honestly? The best one would definitely be Spotify. You can easily switch devices with all of your playlists still intact. Its music database, as well as all its other features, make it the best for me even for offline use. Although there’s a monthly fee, I believe it’s worth it since I’ve been paying for it for a few years now! Cheers! 🙂

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