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The Best OnePlus 6 Wallet Cases: Our 12 Favorites

Best OnePlus 6 Wallet Cases
The Best OnePlus 6 Wallet Cases: Our 12 Favorites

OnePlus 6 smartphones are gaining more and more popularity every day and with good reason. They have some of the best features in the market, making it a tough competition for other high-end brands.

If you’re fortunate enough to have this phone or look forward to ordering it, keep in mind that it has a body consisting largely of glass. Drop it once without a case, and the cracks are going to haunt you for the rest of your life. This is different from water-resistant Android phones. A screen protector just isn’t enough here. That’s why your phone needs some extra protection.

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Luckily, there are several unique and useful wallet (or cardholder) cases for this phone. These cases are designed to provide protection for your OnePlus 6 from all angles.

We’ll be looking at the best ones below.


The Best OnePlus 6 Wallet Cases: Our 12 Favorites - Joy of Android
JGOO – The classic wallet case

Our first case, from JGOO, presents an amazing classic design that gives a vintage touch to your phone. This is an especially great choice for bookworms that prefer things a little old-fashioned. There are two card slots inside, along with one slot photos.

There’s also a handy pouch for your cash, receipts, and whatever else you need in a wallet phone case.

This phone case has a compact design that won’t let your things fall out, even if it gets shaken! With the magnetic closure, you can be sure of ultra-security the whole day long. If you’re planning to gift this case to any OnePlus 6 owner, though, keep in mind that it may be more suited to older, more mature users.

Don’t worry, though; there are several more options available for teens and young adults!

2. B BELK Premium

B BELK Premium
B-BELK Premium – A cost-effective leather wallet case

This B BELK case is where things get slim, classy, and completely protected. It’s a PU leather case that doubles as a wallet. It’s perfect for corporate environments and can withstand some serious bumping, shocking, and other risks.

The leather grain for this case is a delicate-looking vintage, but it’s as sturdy as a rock. You get the bill compartment and card slots, but the profile of this case remains slim and compact. The cutouts are precise and accurate, making sure nothing slides around inside.

An excellent additional feature here is that the back cover doubles as a kickstand. This makes for easy viewing when you just want to sit back and relax. The magnetic clasp will keep everything shut tight easily without you having to fumble with buttons or risk everything falling out.

At the end of the day, this case is a highly cost-effective one that fulfills every need of a OnePlus 6 user.

3. Orzly

The Best OnePlus 6 Wallet Cases: Our 12 Favorites - Joy of Android
Want beauty and design? Orzly is the answer!

This Orzly wallet case will keep any OnePlus 6 completely protected with its imitation leather covering. Every side of your phone should be completely free from harm with this case. It should remain firmly fixed inside and be resistant to scratches as well as cracks.

As with all wallet cases, this one also has slots for your cash, debit cards, receipts, and identification. This will ensure that you don’t have to carry a wallet and a phone case around with you. You can travel light and be worry-free at the same time!

With everything streaming and downloadable these days, you may want to use your phone for viewing purposes. To make this super-easy, this case comes with an inbuilt stand so the phone can give you a hands-free view.

4. OPdenk

The Best OnePlus 6 Wallet Cases: Our 12 Favorites - Joy of Android
Looking for your favorite color? Get the OPdenk wallet case!

The OPdenk wallet case offering for the OnePlus 6 phones is a delight to behold. It’s an effective and efficient combination of beautiful colors, designing, and build. The design is so clever so as to make the magnetic clasp almost invisible.

There are a total of nine colors offered by OPdenk so you won’t be hard-pressed for choice. You can go for a neutral shade to go with all your outfits, or choose a bright, funky hue.

This wallet case is also a versatile one, with built-in card slots, a flip cover, and a large slot for cash. You’ll have all you need while going out without taking a purse or bag along.

Though this wallet case is convenient, it’s wise not to consider it the one for rough use. It’s one of the cheapest choices on this list, so this point isn’t surprising. Still, it’s one of the best options for a OnePlus user on a budget who doesn’t take many risks with their phone.

5. TopACE

The Best OnePlus 6 Wallet Cases: Our 12 Favorites - Joy of Android
TopACE – The ultimate protection for OnePlus 6

The name of TopACE is a famous one when it comes to accessories and protection for your smartphone. It’s hence no surprise that this wallet case is specially designed to accommodate the glass-bodied OnePlus 6.

The case itself is constructed from artificial leather of the very best quality. The PC back cover adds a further touch of durability and sturdiness to the mix. The result is a cover that’s conveniently equipped with all the compartments you want in a wallet and a protection from bumps and scratches as well.

The inside of the case has a beautifully soft lining, ensuring a comfy holding experience. The detailed cutout and specific molding make sure that the screen stays in place whether the case is open or closed.

6. B BELK Vintage Book Style

B BELK Vintage Book Style
B-BELK Vintage Book Style – A wallet case that guarantees zero scratches!

This is a high-quality wallet case that’s made to look like a book even from the back! There’s also a creatively designed groove on the card slot that helps you easily remove and insert cards.

The flip cover of this wallet case is a super-sleek artificial leather that will suit both your humanitarian side and taste for quality. The leather cover makes sure that no scratches get on the screen of your OnePlus. The rest of the case is hard PC, giving your phone protection from all angles.

Perhaps, the only downside here is that there’s just one card slot. This could be an issue, especially if you mean to use this phone case as a replacement or your wallet as well. If you’re just looking to protect your phone and would have a separate wallet anyway, this is one of the best options available.

7. Mangix

The Best OnePlus 6 Wallet Cases: Our 12 Favorites - Joy of Android
Want an accommodating wallet case? Mangis is the right choice.

Mangix’s offering consists of a wallet case that’s stylish, handmade, and equipped with a kickstand for your OnePlus 6. It’s made of the best quality synthetic leather one could hope for and would fit your device perfectly.

You can place your ID card in the clear slot window. There are two inbuilt card slots aside from this, which will make it easy for you to separate your debit cards and business cards. In case you want to carry paper money along with your plastic money, there’s a hidden pocket for that too!

With the myriad of color options available, you can choose whichever shade suits your personality.

8. Poetic

The Best OnePlus 6 Wallet Cases: Our 12 Favorites - Joy of Android
Poetic – A slim wallet case with beauty

The brand, “Poetic” is quite a popular one when it comes to smartphone cases and other accessories. It’s known for its beautiful offerings, and this OnePlus 6 wallet case doesn’t disappoint!

With this case, you get a high-quality TPU back and perforated top-notch PU leather. The result is a highly slim case that can slip into pockets, bags, purses, and clutches. Since it’s a compact design, two cards will be all you can store in the credit card slot.

Fortunately, the case is designed for protecting tempered glass and also accommodating screen protectors.

9. KuGi

The Best OnePlus 6 Wallet Cases: Our 12 Favorites - Joy of Android
KuGi – A light-weight wallet case

This KuGI case is constructed with PU leather. This leather will protect your device from damage such as scratches, cracks, or dents. It will also go easy on your own hand in case you want to perform some extreme scrolling!

Overall, this is an excellent folio case with a flip cover. It comes with separate slots for your identification, cards, and money.

Though it’s sturdy, it’s not going to be easy to carry around. That’s because it’s precisely cut to allow for all the controls, ports, and buttons on your phone without any empty space or extra material. The result is a light-weight, ultra-convenient case.

This flip-folio case combines wallet, ID slots, and credit cards holder. 

10. FugouSell

The Best OnePlus 6 Wallet Cases: Our 12 Favorites - Joy of Android
FugouSell – Welcome to professionalism!

This OnePlus 6 wallet case has a highly refined structure that shows sheer professionalism in its construction, design, and features. It’s supremely elegant for a corporate setting. It may not have many color options, but the neutral shades available are what look best in a serious workplace anyway.

Unlike most of the wallet cases discussed here, this one can absorb shocks and completely protect your phone against everyday slips and drops. It’s shatterproof, shock-proof, and stain-proof—what more could a smartphone user want?

11. Olixar

The Best OnePlus 6 Wallet Cases: Our 12 Favorites - Joy of Android
Olixar – When durability is the key

This is a flip cover wallet case with a magnetic closing point that provides one of the best leather finishes one could desire. It may be quite pricey, but the sheer luxury of its experience is worth it! The leather is soft, supple, yet highly durable and beautiful to look at.

You should also keep in mind that you’re getting a wallet along with a phone case when you place an order for this item. The folio case has slots for credits cards, cash, and even a stand holder for hands-free viewing.

You get just about all the features you could hope for in a wallet case along with a little extra to make it all the more enjoyable! 

12. SLEO

The Best OnePlus 6 Wallet Cases: Our 12 Favorites - Joy of Android
Love the color of lattes? Get hold of SLEO!

This leather wallet case boasts several features that make it worth the cash and effort invested. Place an order now, and you can eagerly await the vintage, retro effect of the coffee-brown leather finish.

The design of this case is stunning, but the diary stand makes it efficient. You can easily prop up your phone on any surface and view whatever you wish without having to hold it up manually. This could make for an enjoyable or productive session of movie-viewing or even study.

The coffee-brown color may be a classic, but you also have your pick of several other colors with this case! These include a classy red, blue, gray, or black. 

Time to grab your favorite OnePlus 6 Wallet Case!

Wallet cases for the OnePlus 6 come in several kinds of materials. These range from leather to rubber, with card slots inside. No matter what, you can be sure of getting a full protection for your powerful but somewhat delicate phone.

With the huge variety of designs, materials, and style, you’d be sure to find something to suit your preferences in the top 12 picks above.

From the funky and colorful to the classy yet unique designs, there’s nothing boring about these cases or the phone they protect. Order one today and carry your OnePlus with pride and peace!

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