4 Best Personal Assistant Apps for Android

We all have so much going on in our lives that remembering everything is practically impossible. This is where the 4 best personal assistant apps for Android can be of assistance. These apps are designed to remind you of meetings and engagements as well as provide you with the information you require. If you want to find the nearest restaurant, a good personal assistant app for Android should be able to point you in the right direction. Reminding you of things to do as well as assisting you in your day-to-day life is what a personal assistant app does.

1. Amazon Alexa – Free

App Logo

This wonderful personal assistant can do many things, from managing your schedule to reminding you of your grocery list and even create routines for your smart home devices. There’s little it cannot do – and in the long run, it can change your life by making it automatic.

Key Features:

  • Control Alexa-enabled devices
  • Discover Alexa Skills
  • Create routines for smart home devices

Alexa from Amazon is an amazing personal assistant, much like Siri from Apple. However, the Android app itself is only for communicating with devices that have Alexa. However, you can take advantage fully of what Alexa can do if you have an Amazon Fire or Amazon Echo device, like the one presented below, that you can find on Amazon.

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echo dot
Echo Dot
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Google Play

2. Microsoft Cortana – Digital assistant – Free

Cortana Logo
App Logo

This personal assistant is Microsoft’s answer to Siri. Even though it is not perfect yet, it is still in development, so you can bet it will become better soon. It can do a lot of things, from programming your meetings to scheduling groceries and even telling you a joke when you need to smile.

Key Features:

  • Reminders
  • Calendar Management
  • Email Management

If you use Office 35 or Outlook, Cortana can scan your emails and help you remember your events and meetings based on that. Also, it tracks your calendar, notifying you if its time to leave home or if something is coming shortly.

Google Play

3. Robin – AI Voice Assistant – Free

robin ai assistant
App Logo

What’s the name of Batman’s sidekick? And what’s the name of your new personal assistant app for Android? Robin… if Batman thinks Robin is great so do we. The app has some quirks which restrict it a bit but as far as day-to-day business goes, it does a great job. This app is especially designed to be used while driving so it clearly reflects on the design too. The “dashboard” look may not be as impressive as it seems but it does a great job in offering quick access to the most used features.

Key Features:

  • Weather and traffic
  • Voice Commands
  • Navigation

The app comes with a floating icon that is present on the home screen as well as on top of other apps. This makes accessing it extremely easy from anywhere in the phone – just like a true assistant should be.

Google Play

4. Google Assistant – Get things done, hands-free -Free

App Logo

You’ve probably already heard of Google Assistant if you don’t already have it on your device. This is the go-to personal assistant for Android devices so far. It has all the basic features you’d expect, but with a twist. Since Google has an immense amount of information, it uses it to anticipate your needs and suggest content that you might enjoy.

Key Features:

  • Voice commands
  • Search the web
  • Syncronized across devices

With Google Assistant you can control smart home devices that are compatible with Google. This makes Google Assistant a very powerful competitor to Amazon Alexa since they are really similar to each other. There are many devices compatible t Google Assistant, like these Smart Wifi Light Bulbs available on Amazon.

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Smart Wi-fi Light Bulb
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Google Play

Best Personal Assistant App – Organize Your Life

We understand that there are many other competent personal assist apps for Android on the Play Store but these are the ones that ranked above all. We also have listed the best Siri alternatives (some apps may overlap with this list) so be sure to check them out too. Sure, our personal taste has something to do with the list, but factors like UI, reliability, IAPs, responsiveness also helped in creating this list.

As all of the apps on this list are free, it will be unwise not to test them all out before selecting the one which suits your personal needs. Not everyone needs a talking personal assistant, right? Now prepare for the interviews you are going to conduct for the personal assistant post.

Let us know in the comments if you have any questions about personal assistant apps for Android!

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  1. If you need to manage your sms, contacts and other files, Coolmuster Android Assistant could also help.

  2. Of all the apps you’ve listed here, only Dragon Mobile Assistant has a decent user interface.

    While most people would argue it’s not important, in today’s design-heavy world, it now is. If you can also make the app pleasing to the eye, that would make the user experience much better.

    1. Hi There,
      I am glad that you found an assistant that you like. I completely agree, it is always a plus for the app to have a nice UI since that will make using the app a lot more pleasant. What else do you like about Dragon Mobile Assistant? =-)

    2. Hi There,

      Yes I agree completely, a lot of apps just ignore the design aspect these days unfortunately. I’m also using Dragon Voice Assistant on PC and it works wonderfully. Glad you found something to your liking.

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