Android HD Wallpaper

6 Best Places to Download HD Wallpaper for Your Android 

Android HD Wallpaper

How many times do you see the wallpaper on your phone per day? According to a study conducted by Deloitte and featured in Time Magazine, smartphone users check their phones an average of 35-75 times per day. While you might not see that wallpaper every single time, it probably shows up in at least some of your check-ins. So why not pick a background for Android that makes you happy?

Not all wallpapers are high-quality, though. It helps to know the sites and places that carry wallpapers with the best resolution. Then you can just browse categories, use the search function, and download wallpaper HD. You can even design your own!

1. Highest Rated

Who’s going to be more honest than other users? Ratings and reviews are a great way to find out about what other people have loved and recommend or don’t. One such platform that was made for your Android is Google Play. If you don’t know where to begin to start finding visually stunning wallpaper, search for 3D Parallax.

Any of these backgrounds will keep things interesting on your phone, and you can see ratings and reviews from Google Play users. Many of these are live wallpapers; some are free and some are not. Also, check out the options you get by searching for Make your own wallpaper.

If you are the creative sort, like to do your own thing, or have specific display needs, there are many apps that can assist. Below is a video live wallpaper app and one that will give you a 3D parallax view of the galaxy.

Download: Video Live Wallpaper

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Download: Galaxy Parallax Live Wallpaper

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2. Greatest Number of Choices

If you want lots and lots of wallpaper options, some sites offer more than others. For instance, has 2,256 to choose from. Reddit has many forums for discovering new wallpapers, and you can also return the favor by sharing your finds and wallpapers you’ve made with others.


Similarly, some users of Google + have amassed a wealth of wallpapers. Check out the Absolutely Wallpapers Collection, where there are currently 938 posts. offers 760 pages of images, averaging nine wallpapers apiece. Do the math on that one, and so far, that is our all-time winner when it comes to the sheer number of pictures available.

Download: Wallpapers Home

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3. Best Categorization

A website can have a ton of background for Android options, but if they aren’t organized well it could take forever to find what you need. has 28 categories for you to choose from, and you can also sort by what’s the latest, the most popular, and share your own. Additionally, you can filter by aspect ratio or resolution. There are 6,102 pages with six images each, so the number of individual options is enormous.


The has even more categories than some of the others coming in at 34. If you already know you want wallpaper HD animals, fantasy, food, informational, people, quotes, or sci-fi; you can simply head straight to that category, as well as several more. And although there aren’t quite as many categories, they are well-arranged on You can also specify by color, and select your particular phone and screen size.

4. Newest and Hottest

Want an app that provides new images for you to choose from every day? You can have it, on a simple but great interface, with Premium Wallpapers HD. This app also utilizes a favorite system, so you can revisit what you like and also see others’ favorites. And you don’t have to worry about crappy definition with these images.


Another app loved by millions of people is Backgrounds HD (Wallpapers). The wallpaper selection is updated on a daily basis. The app offers a staggering 6,000 different wallpapers, all of which are watermark-free.

Along with all of the images shown is credit for the artist, as well as a link to their webpage. Then there’s also Wondershare, a company that normally specializes in data recovery, but recently listed its favorite 3D wallpapers for Android of 2016.

Download: Premium Wallpapers HD

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Download: Backgrounds HD (Wallpapers)

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5. Best Live Wallpapers

Are you the practical type? Device Info Ex Live Wallpaper monitors and displays your device information and goes easy on your battery. Looking for a website? As the name suggests, is all about live wallpapers. It also showcases live wallpapers by category in the top menu bar as well as featured write-ups, such as Best Tablet Live Wallpapers.


Our website gives you some examples of free live wallpaper apps, as well as the process for adding them. You can also just imagine yourself in the cutest little paper cut-out landscape world that Paperland Live Wallpaper depicts as it changes to reflect the time of day.

Maybe you don’t want to have to visit websites continually or look through an app to mix up your live background for Android. The Muzei Live Wallpaper app will take care of this for you by rotating through different pieces of art or your personal gallery each day.

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Download: Paperland Live Wallpaper

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Download: Muzei Live Wallpaper

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6. Best Static Wallpapers

Live wallpapers are notorious for dragging down your battery life, and although some just get a bad rap, we understand if you would prefer to keep it safe with static. Anyway, who needs a live wallpaper when you can go to sites like and find plenty of gorgeous images that practically transport you into the scenes.

A static wallpaper HD app worth downloading is Coveroid Wallpapers HD. When the app is carrying around 40,000 wallpapers cherry-picked from an even bigger selection of six times as many, it’s bound to have some of the best static options.

Ever been jealous of your friend’s stock wallpaper that seems unattainable because you have a different manufacturer? The Walloid app carries over 6,000 stock wallpapers from 250 devices, as well as custom ROMs.

Maybe you want a simple, clean wallpaper instead of some of the busier options we’ve previously discussed. Gradient Wallpapers can afford you this option, and it does still give you some variety with a selection of gradients in brilliant colors.

Download: Coveroid Wallpapers HD

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Download: Walloid

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Download: Gradient Wallpapers

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You might have chosen a wallpaper that seems like it should fit your screen resolution size exactly, only to find that the image is distorted, or that you have to crop it. If so, your phone is probably trying to fill multiple home screens, so try a wallpaper size twice the screen resolution width.

Changing your background for Android should be as simple as a long-press on a blank area of the home screen or you can also visit Settings. As we mentioned in Live Wallpapers, not all wallpapers have to be merely for looks, either. Some are quite functional.

Many wallpapers double as a clock and weather app. Launchers and wallpapers often share a close relationship. Don’t forget that you can use wallpapers to remind yourself to accomplish things or to remember information. Or they can be used to forget about all of that and just look at cute animals.

What is your favorite wallpaper? Your favorite wallpaper website? Send us your thoughts.

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