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8 Best Pokémon Games for Android

Gotta catch ‘em all! Every Pokémon fans and even casual gamers are familiar with this famous phrase. This does not come as a surprise because Pokémon is one of the most popular cartoon and game franchises out there. But there’s more to Pokemon games for Android than just catching them all.

There are now various games about this cartoon that are available on Google Play. And the list is growing. Who would forget the craze about Pokémon Go back in 2016? Even those who weren’t exactly fans and who did not grow up watching the original cartoon joined in the fun.

Now there are other games, and each of them is not of the same kind as the others. Every game gives you a different experience. Each game is another adventure to enjoy and treasure.

Followers of the original series will have a trip down memory lane, while at the same time creating new memories and taking on new adventures. Casual gamers will also enjoy the variety of games that this franchise now offers.

And who would not be attracted to these cute and adorable Pokémonsters? At the back of our minds, we secretly wish they were true. For now, let’s fulfill our dreams of becoming a Pokémon master by playing these Pokemon games for Android.

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8 Best Pokémon Games for Android

There are plenty of Pokemon games for Android devices to choose from. But some of them are of the same kind, which means that you will get more or less the same gaming experience. This is why we decided to create a more varied list.

There’s a game included here that’s hard to miss and is an easy pick. Some are chosen based on reviews and the number of users. Some are fairly new, while others date a few years back but whose magic and appeal have still not wavered. Rest assured that none of the games here is the same as the other. And while you’re at it, you can also check out games that are similar to Pokemon games.

Let’s take a look at these Pokemon games for Android, which we highly recommend for fans and casual gamers alike:

1. Pokémon Go

pokemon-go - pokemon games for android
Pokemon Go

This is easily the most popular among the games on this list. It hit the world by storm back in 2016 and everybody seemed to be anywhere looking for a Pokémon to catch.

It was a craze. But like all crazes, it also quickly died down. Still, it remains to be one of the best Pokémon games for Android you can find. It’s the closest you can get to experience what it’s like to be in the Pokémon world. Because in this game, you actually have to walk around and find virtual Pokémon in the real world.

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The reason why this is still a highly recommended game, despite the fact that the fad has died down, is that the game has undergone some updates. There are no new mechanics, Pokémon, and trainer battles. Plus, you can now enjoy cross-platform fun because this game has been integrated with some Pokémon games for Android on Nintendo Switch.

2. Pokémon Masters EX

Pokemon Masters EX- pokemon games for android

For Pokemon fans, this is like a dream come true moment. Pokemon battles in these games are more interesting if you like playing Pokemon Go back then. In this game, you simultaneously play battles in 3v3 arenas with your team and trainers. Collect Pokemon and trainers to join one team and take on evildoers in the villain arc. There are more chapters and updates expected to come up in the future! 

In Pokemon Master EX, you will be teamed with trainers from past games and interact with them to deepen your bonds to enjoy playing co-op with friends in multiplayer or player vs. player (PVP) mode.

There’s only one issue we found in Pokemon games for Android, which seems to be longevity. Once you have beaten the story, you can’t be able to sync the pairs you collected and get your favorite character. While there will be new updates, chapters, and events will be added repeatedly. It’s one of the best experiences playing this Pokemon game and battling to the top.

3. Pokémon Unite

Pokémon Unite

Pokemon Unite is free-to-play MOBA play on mobile devices. It is a great option for those playing games like League of Legends. The Pokemon franchise proves to be perfect. With each Pokemon character, trainers face 5-on-5 battles to see who gets the most points within the allotted time. 

This game is significantly different from other Pokemon games for Android as they are termed Pokemon Unite. In this game, trainers open level extending out their Pokemon in various holographic outfits with new style updates. Unleash the true power of Pokemon with unique moves, which are only possible while Unite Battles. Participate in ranked matches, and earn points as you reach the top player in the global leaderboard. 

Most probably, every year choose to celebrate the annual Pokemon Day, announcing they have conducted a new in-house tournament to earn valuable rewards. Recently they conducted one, and it is available to participate until March 26, 2023. This event happened over a month.

4. Pokémon Duel

IMAGE SOURCE: Pokemon Duel

Another popular choice is the Pokémon Duel. If you are not familiar with this game, think of a traditional card game with a board game twist. Unlike other Pokémon games for Android, this one is more strategic. Board game lovers will surely dig this one.

This is how this game works. Think of your Pokémon as chess pieces. You line them up and move them across the board. You need to be strategic and extra careful about your every move. You can play against another player or an AI.

Since this is a Pokémon game, a specific Pokémon has special moves, strengths, and weaknesses. This gives a different level of fun and difficulty in this game. Just take note that this is a freemium game.

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5. Pokémon Quest


Pokémon Quest is a newer game. What sets it apart from the others is that it’s a cross-platform game; meaning, you can play it either on your smartphone or your Nintendo Switch.

Cube-Shaped Pokemon World

How this game works is exactly patterned from the Pokémon world. You catch some Pokémon. You train them, then battle them. This is a full game, so you can enjoy it better. There’s even a campground where you can customize the space and make it your own. Recommended for adults and older kids.

6. Pokémon: Magikarp Jump

 Pokémon magikarp-jump

Despite the simplicity of this game, Magikarp Jump is actually one of the highly played Pokemon games for Android today. It’s one of the newest in the market.

In this game, you’ll have one Pokémon only. And that is no other than Magikarp. The goal is simple: to make your Magikarp jump higher than your opponent’s Magikarp. Hence, the title of the game. Sounds simple, right? But this game is still pretty enjoyable.

Make your Magikarp stronger by feeding it, training it, and having it compete with the others. Other Pokémon may also appear, but only as cameos. Because of its simple mechanics, this game is not for hardcore fans. It’s basically for casual gamers.

7. Pokémon Shuffle Mobile


Another casual game you can enjoy playing is the Pokémon Shuffle Mobile. Essentially, this is a classic match-three game. This means that you will have to match at least three shapes in order to attack and defeat your foe. The more shapes you match at once, the larger and stronger your attack is.

Packed with added combat mechanics, this game is not difficult to play at all. It’s a great game for biding your time or for simply enjoying a casual game with a Pokémon twist. Definitely for casual gamers.

8. Pokémon Playhouse

Pokémon Playhouse

To make the list more varied, we included something that kids would enjoy. Pokémon Playhouse is for kids who are fans of Pokémon. In this game, there’s a large playhouse with lots of Pokémon and in-game elements.

Pet Your Pokemon

There’s nothing complicated about this game. Rightfully so, because it is intended for kids aged 3 to 5. Hence, the simple controls, the sounds, and the colors that kids are attracted to. But nothing can stop older kids from playing and actually enjoying this one.

Bonus Item: Pokemon Go Gotcha Wrist Band

IMAGE SOURCE: Amazon.com

Looking down at your smartphone while walking around looking for a Pokemon can be quite a hassle, unsafe even. The good news is that you can now play your favorite Pokemon Go even when you’re not always looking at your phone. Just wear this Gotcha Wrist Band like a true-blooded Pokemon master.

DATEL Pokemon Go Gotcha Wrist Band gives you vibration feedback and an on-screen alert whenever there’s a Pokemon or Pokestop nearby. There’s even an “auto-catch” so you will still be able to catch a Pokemon even when you’re too busy to respond. Just simply run the app on your phone.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which Pokemon game is best on Android?

The best Pokemon games for your Android phones are: 

Pokémon GO
Pokémon Masters EX
Pokémon Unite
Pokémon Duel
Pokémon Quest
Pokémon Magikarp Jump
Pokémon Shuffle Mobile
Pokémon Playhouse

How to download free Pokemon Games for Android devices?

Pokemon games are available to download free of cost on both the App Store and Google Play Store.

Can I play Pokemon Go on WiFi only?

No, you can still play Pokemon Go even if you’re not connected to WiFi. However, you will still need mobile data in order to play. In short, you can’t play this game offline.

Does Pokemon Quest have multiplayer?

Unfortunately, no. Pokemon Quest is only a single-player game. There is no way for you to battle other players and there’s no PvP implementation.

What devices can you play Pokemon games on?

You can play most of the Pokemon games for Android devices. Most of these games are compatible with most phones and tablets. Just free up some space if your device is too full so you can download these games and enjoy them.

Catch ‘Em All

Catch all these games on Google Play. Whether you’re a hardcore fan or a casual gamer, there’s something for you to play and enjoy here. Want something interactive? Or some classic Pokémon action? How about something fun and simple? It’s all here. Just take your pick.

New Pokemon games for Android have just been announced to come out soon. But for now, we’ll just have to wait and see. And while waiting, why don’t you just enjoy playing these games and have a blast like you’re actually in the Pokémon world?

We hope you’ll find a game from our list that you’ll enjoy playing. Feel free to tell us your experience with the game or any suggestions you’d like to share with us.

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