Top 4 Best Portrait Mode Camera App for Android

Are you looking for ways to upgrade your photos? If so, well, you’ve landed on the right page! Even if your smartphone is not a high-end device, your photos could still look stunning and professional using the best portrait camera apps for Android.

Don’t even try to deny it…

One of the features that users are looking for when buying a smartphone is its camera. Some brands even focus their ads on their product’s specifications for the camera.

Now, we all know this:

Every year, there’s always an upgrade to smartphones’ hardware, especially the camera. The latest upgrade that we know today is the triple camera feature of some smartphone models like Huawei P20 Pro and Samsung Galaxy A50.

Who would’ve ever thought you needed 3 rear cameras for your phone right? It’s crazy, I know.

But, before anything else, you might be asking…

“What does portrait mean?”

A portrait is a photograph or representation of a person or an object that is deliberately on focus with a blurred or plain background.

Note: This list is for portrait camera photography only. So, if you’re looking for the best photo editing apps for Android, you may want to check this link.

Given all that, let’s dig into the list!

1. Insta Bokeh

From the name of the app itself, Insta Bokeh lets users edit their photos with an instant out-of-focus result that can be blended with other fun effects.

Instah Bokeh is a simple and light app. It has four categories for different effects- romantic sky, tender night, dream world, and favorite text.

This app is completely free and easy-to-use. Therefore, this is a very good app for beginners. Plus, this app also lets users share their photos on Instagram and other social networks.

2. Snapseed

This app has gained a lot of good reviews. Snapseed has an Editor’s Choice badge, not because it’s developed by Google, but it does work amazing.

A lot of Instagram models use this app to transform their photos into stunning portrait images. It lets you edit your photos like a pro just using your smartphone. Although, you can’t capture images within the app. You will have to use saved images to edit.

Although this app may not be difficult for beginners, a lot of video tutorials are available on Youtube and they also have in-app blogs that’ll teach you how to use this app to turn your photos into stunning images like what Instagram models have in their profiles.

3. AfterFocus

AfterFocus boasts about its before-and-after effects on edited photos through the app. If you want to achieve a DSLR-like result of your photos, then that’s what this app offer.

Users can choose between smart and manual method to select the focus area.

This app lets users select a focus area precisely and turn the whole photo into a more professional image. Generally, this app has four features- smart focus selection, background blur effect, filter effect, and easy-share.

4. LightX

Compared to other apps, LightX also has something unique to bring to the table. This app lets users crop their photo freely and combine it with another photo.

LightX has a lot of features to offer too. It has a background photo changer, color splash effects, photo merging, pro image editing tools, blur photo editor, text-on-photo and many more.


Can I enable portrait mode on my phone?

Yes. If you don’t have a portrait mode available on your phone, you can still do this by installing Google Camera HDR+.

Which phones support portrait mode?

Generally, smartphones that have at least two paired lenses like Galaxy S9+ and Galaxy Note9 can produce portrait pictures.

Can I use an external accessory to achieve a portrait mode?

Yes. There are phone camera lenses available in the market that lets your smartphone produce portrait images if it doesn’t have a built-in dual lens.

1-2-3, Smile!

These apps are fun to use and would really give you the instant bokeh effect. But there are still a lot of available options to achieve amazing portrait photos using a smartphone. One of which is to enable portrait mode on your smartphone.

What are you waiting for? Grab your phone and try these apps now!

Do you know other apps that let you turn your photos into amazing portraits? Let us know in the comment section below!

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