3 Best Android POS System –– worth the buy!

The 3 Best POS Systems –– easy, smart, & worth the buy!

The digital age. It has completely changed how things are done!

From the way we communicate to how we make each event a treasure using our cameras. And one thing that has greatly changed now: the way we pay and accept payments online.

I have been an entrepreneur for most of my adult life. I have sold and bartered a lot of things in my life, and even if I wanted to, I couldn’t list them all. Some attempts were successful, some were not. But in the long run, I realized it is what business is all about.

When you are in the business of selling different sorts of things, you must be fully aware of how much the world has changed and why you need to go with the flow.

Unfortunately, those old-fashioned ways of selling are not going to give you more profit–unlike what worked before. Being in the loop of new trends and practices is a must if you want to keep your company rolling.

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What does it take to be a great businessperson?

When it comes to being successful in a business, is it the skill of conversation in which you can convince any potential customer to buy from you? Does it have anything to do with how you present yourself?

Well, here are some of the guidelines I follow for my business to excel.

Characteristics of a great businessman
Characteristics of a great businessman
  1. Be an inspiration – When you are a boss, a CEO, or someone with authority, people will look up to you. Your people will listen to your words because they know it will be for the company’s best. So be someone who inspires people. Show them how professional you are. Always come to the office on time, dress appropriately, treat everyone with respect. Your colleagues will surely respect you and your authority–not because they are afraid of you, but because you are a great inspiration to them.
  2. Appreciate long-time business partnerships – Finding a business client who is as passionate as you is very rare. So appreciate your business partners. Always make them feel that they are a very valuable part of your company. In that way, mutual trust will be the foundation of your partnership.
  3. Learn from the best in the business – When we were young, we looked up to our teachers and professors. We saw them as people who knew everything and that we could be like them someday if we wanted to succeed. This same thing goes for if you want to be a successful entrepreneur. There will always be mentors you can for advice, especially those who are more experienced than you. They can give you valuable insights that you can use to further grow your company.

Since we are talking about being successful, there are important things you also have to have to be on a par with the current market.

When you are in business, you must have a POS system. Why? The system is not only easy to use but also will have a great benefit for your company. Choosing one that will be the best for your market is essential, therefore, learn more on what and how to choose.

What is a POS system?

Regardless of whether you’re new or not to business, not everyone knows what a POS system is. Before going into detail, let me first break it down for you.

What is a POS system?
What is a POS system?

A point of sale or POS system is the place where the customer makes the payment for goods and services received from a store or company. It also allows business transactions between a store and customer to be completed.

The computerized network involves a principal computer that is linked with various checkout terminals. Usually, these checkout terminals are barcode supported.

It’s simple –– the store scans the code while the customer can see the item and the price. Then, the customer ends the transaction by paying either with cash or card (which is also supported by the terminals).

A POS system that is very common in stores worldwide
A POS system that is very common in stores worldwide

And in a world where mobility is key, there are also POS systems that are perfect for your Android phones. I have listed the three best Android POS systems that are worth every penny!

3 Best Android POS systems

1. Sapaad

Sapaad POS system
Sapaad POS system

If you own a restaurant or a cafe, this is the perfect POS for you!

The software they use is very easy to understand and you will be up and running in minutes. All you need is an internet connection since it is cloud-based. Once connected, you can start those sales in no time.

One of its best features is the offline mode. This means that if the internet connection gets cut-off, the software will still be operational. And all updates with your sales will automatically be synched once the internet comes back on.

It’s pretty easy, useful, and straightforward!

Key features:

  • Versatile system (from small cafes to multi-chain restaurants)
  • User-friendly
  • Cheaper than its competitors
  • Plug-n-play deployment
  • Has master control over your branches for centralized data

Sapaad offers a 14-day trial, after that, you will have to subscribe to its base plan that starts at $54 a month. From there, you can select add-ons at a corresponding price too.

2. ShopKeep by Lightspeed

ShopKeep by Lightspeed
ShopKeep by Lightspeed

Shopkeep by Lightspeed is an application that is compatible with your Android device. It makes payment transactions easy and makes the process simple so that you don’t have to go through the hassle of keeping your sales.

This all-in-one software will help you manage your operation from transactions with customers to inventory. It can even give you the benefit of managing your employees with its built-in management program.

The best part about this POS is that it has an e-commerce integration, which gives you the power to expand your business online and know the movement of your products even if you are just in one central location –– be it at your home or in your main branch.

With just a few clicks, you can send your products and have it synched in your online or offline inventory.

Key features:

  • e-Commerce integration
  • Simple and easy process
  • Built-in management program

ShopKeep offers a basic plan for $49 a month. Basically, it already has the essentials features needed in a business except that you only get to have one license which will be a problem if you have multiple stores.

3. Clover

Clover POS system
Clover POS system

Because of the digital age, it is most likely that your customers will use debit cards or credit cards for their purchases.

If you are still using a primitive form of sale, then unfortunately that will not work and may end up with customers choosing not to buy since they go cashless. Fortunately, this POS is the answer to that problem!

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Clover is perfect for restaurants, retail companies, customer service industries, and many more!

You can customize its software based on your current needs and it will automatically be ready for use with its fundamental build-in POS features.

Also, since it is web-based, all your transactions are recorded in real-time making it easier for you to assess your financial data, gains, or losses in just a matter of a few clicks!

Key features:

  • Buildable POS system
  • Completely mobile
  • Web-based so data can be accessed anytime/anywhere

Clover offers a lot of services that fit your needs. Whether you own a small-time business or a big chain of stores –– name the POS system you need and they have it!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I analyze customer data with a POS?

Yes. Most POS organize the information into reports that include customized categories for comparisons and you can apply those data in your future planning.

What if the server stops working, will I still be able to process a sale?

There are POS software that can work offline and even with a severe interruption. When the connection is back on, all offline data will automatically be uploaded and processed in the memory or cloud.

Will I be able to transfer my data from a current to a new POS system?

If your old POS is capable of exporting customer and inventory data then it is possible to transfer the details into your new POS. You just have to make sure to evaluate each case individually to see whether all details are accurate.

Final Thoughts

When you have a business and you want to be successful, you have to have the proper tools that will keep track of your financial data. Otherwise, you will not be able to see if your company is growing or if there are things that need to be changed.

Having the right POS will make a big difference since it will be the application that will give you accurate information on your business. And growing your market is what’s important if you want to keep your business going. So, choose wisely and make sure the POS system you invest in fits your daily business needs.

Are you planning on starting up your own business? Which of the best POS system above will you get? Let us know in the comment section below!

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