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8 Great Private Browsers for Android Devices

In this technological era, cyber crimes such as hacking, online scams and fraud, and identity theft seem unavoidable. Reports have given us evidence that several sneaky companies are using our data for their own selfish purposes. Of course, these situations are extremely alarming. Web users are understandably worried about our privacy. What if we fall victim to these cyber criminals’ antics?

Enter private browsing. This technology has been long used by users to remain anonymous when they’re surfing through the web. With the help of the best privacy browsers for Android, you can avoid leaving a digital breadcrumb trail that others can use to their own advantage.

Every smartphone comes with a default browser like Chrome, Firefox, etc., which offer privacy mode or incognito mode claimed to keep your online activities hidden from others. But if you’re still seeking to improve your cybersecurity even more (and doesn’t feel safe in the default browser’s privacy mode), here are 8 of the best privacy browsers for Android.

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Epic Browser for Android

Epic Browser
Epic Browser

The Epic Browser for Android boasts a very powerful web security feature courtesy of its comprehensive, always-on private browsing mode. It basically means that once you exit the browser, all of your cache, cookies, and history will be automatically deleted. You don’t have to worry about Google tracking you or your browsing history leaking via your ISP, employer, and even the government thanks to Epic Browser’s proxy encryption feature.

Notable Features

  • Always-on, private browsing mode
  • Blocks ad and tracking agents
  • Private and protected searches
  • Encrypted proxy

Firefox Focus Privacy Browser for Android

Firefox Focus Privacy Browser
Firefox Focus Privacy Browser

Created by Mozilla itself, the Firefox-based Focus Privacy Browser was initially a tracker-blocking application before it became a full-pledged privacy-centric web browser.

It erases all your web activities upon exiting the browser, including your history, cache, cookies, and passwords. It also blocks online trackers and annoying advertisers off your lawn, resulting in a faster and more efficient browsing experience. Plus, it sends you push notifications to alert you whenever you still have a web session open.

The only downside is that Mozilla collects your data when you use the Firefox Focus.

Notable Features:

  • Effective tracker-blocking feature
  • Blocks advertisers
  • Fast browsing
  • Sends push notifications

Dolphin Browser for Android

Dolphin Browser
Dolphin Browser

The Dolphin Browser has a lot in common with the animal itself. It imitates the dolphin’s sonar by enabling the user to search the web just by using his/her voice. It can also decipher certain gestures and browse accordingly. Pre-fitted with an ad-blocker software, it removes adverts and pop-ups so you can browse without any problem. You can also opt to sync information from a browser or device to another.  In addition to user experience, it keeps privacy as the top priority.

Notable Features:

  • Top-notch privacy feature
  • Voice search and gesture browsing support
  • Fast and ad-free browsing
  • Sync between multiple browsers and devices

Ghostery Privacy Browser for Android

Ghostery Privacy Browser
Ghostery Privacy Browser

Ghostery Privacy Browser boasts a very large tracker database covering over 2,200 trackers as well as 4,500 scripts. When you’re browsing on a certain site, Ghostery will immediately send you page alerts containing the information regarding the number of trackers present, giving you an option to either allow or block them.

There are also some extra privacy settings for users involving cache and history deletion. With such a simple interface, Ghostery offers a remarkably fast browsing experience while keeping everything in private.

Notable Features:

  • Huge tracker database
  • Gives status of trackers present on a site
  • Clear cache and history in a matter of seconds
  • Fast and simple interface

Orbot Browser for Android

Orbot Browser
Orbot Browser

Orbot is a TOR-based extension which is effective in keeping you anonymous and encrypting your web traffic, hiding information even from the government and third-party companies that might be monitoring the online sessions of the user. In order to do this, Orbot runs like a VPN and through multiple desktops around the globe. Even your mobile connection remains private when you use Orbot.

Notable Features:

  • Encrypts user’s web traffic
  • Effectively hides information from monitoring third-party companies
  • Connects to a TOR network
  • Acts like a VPN service

InBrowser Incognito Browser for Android

InBrowser Incognito Browser
InBrowser Incognito Browser

InBrowser is an incognito browser that has an always-on privacy mode. After you exit the browser, all data is erased in just a matter of seconds. It also supports TOR just like Orbot, has a built-in video player, and allows you to switch between tabs easily. InBrowser can also save your passwords securely and without any sort of trouble via LastPass, a password storing program.

Notable Features:

  • Deletes all data in seconds
  • Easy switch between tabs
  • Always-on privacy mode
  • Deep integration with LastPass

Frost Incognito Browser for Android

Frost Incognito Browser
Frost Incognito Browser

One of the most popular privacy browsers, the Front Incognito Browser uses a tabbed approach to make the switch between tabs speedy. It is always on the incognito mode and sports an in-app ad-blocker for a swift web browsing. You can also bypass blocked sites over Wi-Fi, courtesy of the Frost Incognito’s encrypted proxy. To top it all off, the browser features a beautiful and easy-to-use interface.

Notable Features:

  • Speedy switch between tabs
  • Always-on incognito mode
  • Bypass blocked sites
  • User-friendly interface

CM Browser for Android

CM Browser
CM Browser

Although not a very popular privacy browser, the CM Browser from Cheetah Mobile packs a slew of helpful, privacy-oriented features.

Due to a very simple interface, the CM Browser consumes less than 5MB on your phone. There’s an in-app technology which speeds up your browsing and a file scanner for your recent downloads. It can distinguish secure and dangerous websites, warn users about security threats, and prevent damage accordingly. It also blocks trackers and deletes your history, cache, and cookies when you exit the browser.

Notable Features:

  • Packed with privacy-focused features
  • Simple interface and lightweight app
  • Scans files for malware
  • Warns against malicious websites

The Best Privacy Browsers for Android

While the best privacy browsers for Android offer a high level of security, they don’t completely protect you from cyber criminals and monitoring by third-party companies. If you’re still worried about your privacy, you can try installing a custom ROM like CyanogenMod.

Have you tried any of those the best privacy browsers for Android? Do you know of any other effective privacy-focused apps for Android to add to this list? If so, tell us in the comments.

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  1. Shows 2 comments, even though I have left total of 4. Imagine what other people left, pertaining to this ridiculous suggestions for PRIVATE browser? Epic India owned and still lie about making it open source. Dolphin caught storing data sending it to server is another country. CM browser nothing more than a spying gadget for China. PROVEN! Sad, just Completely Sad….

    1. Hi Adder! I’ve seen that the article hasn’t been updated in a while. While some of the apps used to be reliable for some, most are now “not-so-private” and unreliable. Thanks for this Adder, I’ll make sure that we update this article with the latest content.

      1. Sorry for slamming the article. It’s just that I been looking for a private browser for months and when I read about one and think, Finally, only to find out its been compromised. And how everyone keeps writing about the same browsers. What about others? Ex: Bromite, Smart cookie web browser, Armored,Ice Cat, Lightning browser and so on. Finally settled on Anka browser for everyday use, Brave browser for more privacy and Smart cookie web browser for”Stealthy Ninja” stuff. Much Apologies

        1. Hi Adder! No need to apologize! I would say the same if I were the one reading the article only to see terrible entries. If you’re looking for safe private browsers, try the Tor browser on the Play Store. It’s made by the same people who made the Tor browser for PCs. It’s actually what I use from time to time.

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