Best Productivity Apps for Android

10 Best Productivity Apps for Android-Top Picks

When elders used to tell us that time is gold, we always made a “yeah right” face but and it turns out they were right. Our list of best productivity apps for Android, it will not only help you in saving precious time but in the long run, money too.

Back in our leisure days, we played all day without worrying about a single thing. Today, we have to work hard and efficiently squeeze an ample amount of time to play some video games.

Fortunately, every app we listed in our productivity apps for Android will surely help anyone in daily digital tasks and save them time for other things.

10 Best Productivity Apps for Android

With these productivity apps, rest assured that you can get more things done. So without further ado, let’s jump right into it.

1. Slack

Productivity Apps for Android

The app’s name may seem counter-productive but that’s the beauty of it. Slack is actually made for slackers who just want a place to communicate effectively and immediately.

Slack - Productivity apps for Android
Talk to the Team-Productivity Apps for Android

Out with the traditional “official” emails and in with Slack. Our development team, testing team, and writing team are all there and it is far easier to communicate with them.

All the files and code can be shared instantly thanks to the robust cloud integration. The only hitch is the long yet necessary signing up procedure, it is cumbersome.

Productivity Apps for Android


  • A seamless and painless interface.
  • Support for multiple teams.
  • Instant syncing across all devices.

Notable Feature:

The app comes with great archiving and a stellar search feature. Usually, with group chats, it is hard to keep track of the conversation, but with the great search, you will never be left out of the loop.

Google play button

Ultimately, if you find slack interesting and wish to learn more about it and its features, then we recommend checking out Getting Started with Slack guide available on

Getting Started with Slack: A Quick Start Guide for Everyone Kindle Edition

Getting Started with Slack: A Quick Start Guide for Everyone Kindle Edition
Productivity Apps for Android

With this book, you will:

  • QUICKLY LEARN THE BASICS that will get you up and running.
  • Master the most POWERFUL FEATURES that will help simplify your workday.
  • Improve your personal workflow and IMPROVE TEAM COMMUNICATION.
  • Learn advanced features to quickly and easily became a Slack POWER USER.

2. Spike: Email, Messenger, Chat & Team Collaboration

Productivity Apps for Android

Another app that also aims to replace the traditional email sort of communication is Spike. Basically, the app is considerably the world’s first conversational email app available for Android.

Spike (formerly Hop) email for Android is designed and developed with productivity & creativity in mind. It is an entirely new way to communicate with your co-worker, team, and friends. Combining the best of both worlds of email and instant messenger apps.

Spike email messenger is designed for anyone tired of dealing with traditional email. We’ve ditched the endless email threads and useless headers, integrated read receipts, simplified your inbox for easier navigation and added powerful file management and a calendar to boot.


  • Real-Time Messaging
  • All Files in One Place
  • Organize all your calendars from multiple email accounts

Notable Features:

The app combines the best of both worlds for email and messaging. It’s an app that doesn’t have the unnecessary and boring parts of traditional email. Furthermore, it has added features that adds fun while promoting productivity.

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3. Buffer: Social Media Manager

Productivity Apps for Android

The best social media manager in this list for best productivity apps for Android is Buffer, a true performer. If you manage multiple social network pages and need to feed constant updates, this is the must-have app for you.

Social Media-Productivity Apps for Android

Buffer makes it easier to post on social networks including fan favorites like Twitter.

Schedule great posts and leave for your vacation without the need to worry about updates. The app will handle the posts and do the work for you.


  • Easy to upload custom content.
  • Can manage multiple accounts easily.
  • Large queues of content supported.

Notable Feature:

The app comes with simple analytics to keep your post-reach in check. It is a handy feature for marketers among us.

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4. IFTTT (if this, then that)

Productivity Apps for Android

IFTTT is the easiest and at the same time powerful app in the best productivity apps for Android list. The name stands for If This Then That and this is exactly what the app does.

For example, if you want to automatically change your profile picture on Facebook when you change it on Twitter, this app can help you do that. That’s right, no more changing apps and uploading again, jumping through loopholes. This is only the fraction of what this app is capable of.


  • An amazingly friendly interface.
  • A surprising amount of apps are supported.
  • Cuts work in almost a clean half.

Notable Feature:

There are hundreds of app combo recipes available in the app but you can create your own personalized one if you want. After that, you can just as easily share it with fellow IFTTT users from within the app.

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5. Evernote

Productivity Apps for Android

Ah the good old trusty Evernote, the one app which has been featured in a number of our article. Evernote is the best note-taking, to-do list making, and reminder apps around.


This app takes everything you know about notes and takes it to the next level. The ease of use, the interface, the social connectivity all are top-notch. This app alone has helped us in planning company parties, staff birthday celebrations, and more!


  • Take notes in an instant.
  • Add photos and doodles to your notes.
  • Send notes in a convenient email.

Notable Feature:

Create a shared notebook which can be edited by other members and you have a nice workplace. This way you can manage a lot of things and always stay up-to-date with the overall progress.

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6. Contacts+

Productivity Apps for Android

Contacts+ is the most comprehensive and effective contact app available on the Play Store. Although it comes with some In-app purchases, it is remarkably well crafted and robust in features.

Contacts +
Call, Text, and Message

We have been using this app since it featured in the top Emoji app list and it has been a real performer. The app takes over your contacts, SMS and even dialer and makes them much better.

The only issue we have with this app is its slight lag when switching to SMS.


  • Transfer is seamless and easy.
  • Contacts look great on the app.
  • Dialer is very responsive.

Notable Feature:

Auto-syncing contacts from Facebook and Google and you have a very populated contact list. Thankfully unlike other apps in the business, Contact + actively searches for duplicated contacts and offer to merge them.

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7. SwiftKey Keyboard

Productivity Apps for Android

A warrior is as good as his weapon and a typist is as good as his keyboard. Same goes for Android and its touch screen keyboards. SwiftKey aims to reduce thumb cramps all the while giving you access to a faster and effective typing style.

Swipe the Sentences

The keyboard is the most crucial app in the 10 best productivity apps list because it can be used in combination of almost all the apps. The interface, the themes, the key sizes all can be modified to make your own.


  • Comes with an assortment of different themes.
  • The un-docking feature is amazing.
  • Comes with one-handed typing for phablets.

Notable Feature:

The app comes with a slightly new feature called swipe typing. Although it was done first by another app, it is still a welcome feature in SwiftKey.

Basically you just swipe your fingers on letter and the app automatically forms words. You have to try it to experience the full potential.

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8. Google Drive – Free with Optional Subscriptions

Productivity Apps for Android

Google Drive is not just cloud storage; it also doubles as a portable word processor and table maker. The app sneaked its way into our cloud storage apps list thanks to its ability to keep your digital goodies safe. But here it made the list due to its stellar word processing.

Google Drive
Process the Words

With Google Drive, it makes it possible to write on our phone by combining the capabilities of Google Drive, an On the Go cable, and a small portable keyboard. This is the very definition of productivity.


  • Always connected to the cloud.
  • Uploads are fast even on slow internet.
  • The file manager is awesome.

Notable Feature:

The ability to export your stored files in MS Word format or Excel format is a huge plus for students and businessmen/women alike. With this great app, there are no limitations on your portability.

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9. Pocket: Save. Read. Grow.

Productivity Apps for Android

One of the best apps out there if you wish to save what you are reading online. The Pocket app is a great app that allows you to save articles in its entirety to your device.

Like it? Keep It

After that, you can read them at your leisure with or without internet. It’s a great way to save battery power for longer battery life and still, enjoy reading quality content.


  • A solid interface which is a treat to use.
  • A built-in web browser to further access the archived site.
  • Can sync across multiple devices.

Notable Feature:

While using any browser or any other app simple find the share button and select pocket. And that’s it; the page will be saved for later viewing. It doesn’t get any simpler than this.

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10. JotForm Mobile Forms

Productivity Apps for Android
Productivity Apps for Android

JotForm Mobile Forms is one of the most effective productivity tools out there. You can keep collecting data even when you are away from your computer, that’ll give you back the precious hours that you lose while traveling back and forth to your office.

Productivity Apps for Android

With this neat app, you can collect data wherever you are even when you are offline. JotForm helps you to stop using paper forms and with this app, you can collect and store your data with the comfort of your mobile device.

For instance, a residential roofing company collects safety reports from their workers even when internet access is limited. You can learn more about how many other businesses use JotForm Mobile Forms from their blog post.


  • Offline data collection and sync.
  • Best in class features like kiosk mode, advanced form fields, collaboration with your team members and many more.
  • No coding skills required, drag-and-drop form builder.

Notable Feature:

The users can collect data even when they don’t have an active internet connection, they can fill out the necessary forms and review submissions offline, the app automatically syncs the data once there is an internet connection. This particularly helps the businesses that work on the go and in rural areas.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the productivity app do?

Productivity apps are basically apps that push, encourages, and promote creativity and personal productivity. It’s great for personal or career use. If you’re having trouble getting motivated at work, then you might want to consider installing productivity apps.

What’s the best productivity app for Android?

The best productivity app for Android are those apps that you find encouraging, promotes efficiency, and creativity. The same app may not work for some so the best productivity app depends on individual preference. For us, the best productivity app that really works for us and is still currently used by us is Slack.

What is meant by a productivity app?

Productivity app meant to promote and push individual or team productivity. It aims to enhance self-efficiency whether it is for work or at home.

Conclusion – Pushing Productivity & Creativity To New Heights

Ultimately, the 10 best productivity apps for Android in this list certainly will help you better manage your time and resources. If you have found or made a productivity app and want us to check it out, share it in the comments below and we will oblige.

Have questions, comments, or suggestions? Let us know in the comment section below!

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  1. Hi,

    I had IFTTT and not one of my recipes fired off on my Android. On the main website,I saw that they had tried,but failed. I read everything I could about using the app,and was baffled by the complete failure of my recipes. I had simple stuff,like “if I download a pdf,then save a copy to dropbox,or drive. Its been awhile since I tried it,but recently I was reading about Tasker,and thought maybe my security app had hindered IFTTT from performing properly. Anyone have any thoughts about what I maybe did not do right. Like I said,true log showed they,the recipes,tried to work,but did not translate to any actions on phone.

    Device: HTC Evo 4g LTE on 4.1.1 os

    1. David
      Weird problem! The only reason I can think is if your dropbox or drive are not connected to IFTTT.
      Check that will ya 🙂 I’ll try to get my hands on an EVO 4g to see if I can replicate the problem. Btw is your device rooted? IFTTT might need superuser permissions.

      1. Hi,and thanks for response,

        No,I was not rooted,and had Avast mobile security installed at the time. Not long ago I used Greenify app which requires device administrator privileges,but I was uncomfortable with that,so removed it. But IFTTT never asked for administrator privileges,and I think I remember something about super user but can’t remember for sure. From what I know now,super user is only on root,and IFTTT said that was not necessary. I did have Drive and Dropbox connected,so,as far as my recipes,they should have worked. I deleted my account with IFTTT,otherwise I would look up the rest of my formulas.

        What I’m trying to figure out,is whether I can use tasker when I could not get IFTTT to work. I may end up wasting my time and money. But I think Tasker asks to be device administrator. That I know I can do.

        If I can get IFTTT working though,I would prefer that,as tasker is allot more complicated.

        Thanks again.

        1. Hey man, Sorry to hear your problem. I tested IFTTT on a Nexus 5 it seems any location based recipes are not firing. Works perfectly on my Note 3 except for some reason it uploads two copies to Dropbox. Tasker is a bit advanced but the last time I used it, it didn’t offer deep third party app controls. It is great if you want to perform system functions. IFTTT is working great on HTC One and Xperia Z3 though, so I suggest you wait till the bugs are ironed out. IFTTT is relatively new and it is great if it works. I’ll try to get a warning on the article as well, sorry if it caused you problems.

          1. Hi again,

            Thanks for looking into this for me. You are probably right that waiting in cases like mine for either newer device,or the app software to improve for those that can not get it to work now. There are many of us who have had problems that have commented in playstore,so as always,read reviews on any apps. For the time being,I have found work arounds,but automation would have been nice 🙂

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